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Bengal riot victims live in fear, anxiety
September 13, 2010   4:53:09 AM

Saugar Sengupta | Deganga

BJP delegation for action against Trinamool MP

Nights have never been so cruel for the residents of Deganga village in North 24 Parganas, which has seen one community’s members perpetrate terror on another for days together. To make matters worse, the violence - taking place just 45 km from Kolkata -- is backed by local MP Nurul Islam.

“Either kill us or give us a reason to live with dignity. They have torched our houses and shops, looted everything we had,” cried Uttam Saha of Saha Communications, who lost goods worth Rs 4.5 lakh to the bedlam on Monday.

Niranjan Sarkar of Kartickpur said, “I myself saw Nurul Islam shouting at his men, who came in trucks from Beliaghata, Sashan and Basirhat, to ravage the temple.” Overcome with rage and humiliation, he added, “They smashed the Kali and Shani idols after desecrating them.” Nurul, the local Trinamool Congress MP from Basirhaat, had defeated CPI’s Ajoy Chakrabarty in the 2009 general election.

Sandhya (name changed), a B Sc final-year student of Barasat Government College, was one of the few brave girls who dared the sustained onslaught. “We fled from Bangladesh to Barasat. Now where do they want us to go? You do something for us or tell us a way to finish ourselves,” she pleaded with Dr Chandan Mitra and Uday Singh, the BJP MPs who visited the area on Thursday to share the victims’ plight and take stock of the situation.

In the area, fear and angst was fast giving way to outrage. “Incidentally, things would not have come to such a pass had the administration moved earlier. The culprits earlier belonged to the CPI(M), which had some kind of control over them. But after 2009, they have joined the Trinamool and the party, on account of its communal politics, has given them the licence to riot,” claimed Anadi Pradhan. “They would return on Id,” he said.

Meanwhile, Dr Mitra and Singh, who had a meeting with the police administration brass, demanded that the culprits be brought to book. “The local MP is being accused by all the residents. They say he was the one who led the attack,” Dr Mitra said. Saying that the issue would be raised nationally, the two BJP MPs demanded speedy rehabilitation for those affected in the attacks.

Earlier, the row reached a flashpoint when members of one community dug up the pathway leading to a Durga temple at Chattal Pally village, barely 100 metres from the Deganga police station. They attacked the other community members, when they were requested to stop the digging.

The land, which originally belonged to Rani Rashmani of Kolkata, is now disputed. Part of it is used as a graveyard and another part by the Durga Puja committee for the past 40 years. A narrow road slices the two pieces of land. “This is the biggest of the 40-odd Pujas that take place in the area. We have even been awarded by the police station for conducting peaceful Puja,” said Arun Sadhukhan.

The rioters looted at least 250 shops, torched 50 houses and desecrated five temples since Monday afternoon as punishment for raising objections to digging the pathway leading to the Durga Puja pandal. “They did not only burn the Kakra Mirza Nagar Kali temple, but also desecrated the Mother goddess,” complained another resident.

While the feud came to a flashpoint at Chattal Pally, it had its genesis in two earlier incidents. The earlier issue was blaring of loudspeakers from a mosque at Deganga Bazar. The issue is sub judice following the Calcutta High Court’s order for a status quo against the blaring loudspeaker. The community members approached Nurul in 2009, who reportedly promised them that he would help them use the loudspeaker if they voted for him. Incidentally, this was one of the reasons the other community members voted against the sitting MP.

“Now he is taking revenge on us for voting against him. In doing so, he is also fulfilling the promise he made to his community members,” complained a local. “They brought people in trucks, created a mayhem by digging the temple path and attacked the villagers. In the melee, they hoisted a loudspeaker on top of the mosque,” he added.

IGP (Northern Range) Sanjoy Mukherjee, however, said, “The attack was a more spontaneous and less planned.” Police had taken action and things were “cooling down fast”, he added.

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Bullet I think this Hindu miss Modi
By Jay on 9/10/2010 8:24:49 PM

Lack of Modi in that state led to ethnic cleansing of Hindus. I think Chandan Mitra should have invited Modi as fact finding team member.

Not a single BJP MLA and MP's now Hindus realized their mistake. They only have to retaliate no one will come to their help.

Don't follow non-violence

Bullet Where is the BJP?
By Anurag on 9/10/2010 5:58:13 PM

Why is the BJP silent on this? Remember how the Congress, Communists and their Leftist brigade cried hoarse over Gujarat - and still continue to do so after a decade! Why are Sushma Swaraj and Advani not calling a major press conference over this?

Bullet Anybody for a protest
By Sanjai on 9/10/2010 3:37:39 PM

We should hold peacefull protest marches in major cities. If a mosque is even touched, there is so much fanatiscm. Here Hindu temples were descreated and no response - sad

Bullet There is nothing in the 24x7 channels
By KSV SUBRAMANIAN on 9/10/2010 12:37:37 PM

Oh, the victims are hindus.

Bullet Myopic Newsmedia
By ramuk on 9/10/2010 11:53:42 AM

Donot these people deserve some space in National news. Our national news is filled with news of Pakistan and Anjelina Jolie receiving Quran. It is time Delhi looks on India or it would be too late....

Bullet This horror and terror now will spread all over the nation
By Raamachandra on 9/10/2010 11:06:06 AM

And our future generations will pay a heavy price in this regard. Let them get foreign passports so that when the time comes for them to run in terror, they can directly shift residence to the foreign country by virtue of having the PPs. Else, they will be reduced to the status of refugees, hosted in sqalid camps and be treated like stray dogs.

Bullet Stop this Talibanism
By Indain on 9/10/2010 9:48:29 AM

This is fascism. This is more outragious than 9/11. There should be a nation wide movement to stop this pogrom. Our nation is being ruled by the Islamo-fascists.

Bullet Where are the Jihadi Secularists
By Observer on 9/10/2010 9:42:33 AM

Down with communal Cong., communal CPM and commuanl TC.

Bullet End this muslim fundamentalist violence
By Anand on 9/10/2010 9:32:52 AM

Time to impose president's rule in Bengal and order army battalions to clear out these illegal settlers from bangladeshi muslim fundamentalists from that area, Once they are removed peace will return to the area. Fundamentalist Nurul Islam should be tried in a fast track court to awarded the death sentence and Trinamool should remove him from their party

Bullet Ethnic cleansing by the Islamists in West Bengal
By Prokash on 9/10/2010 7:42:41 AM

Now it is gaining momentum. Sadly, nobody is branding Trinamul, CPM and Congress as communal parties. When the Hindus are victim, none of them come to protect them, not even the police. What Gujrat? This is 10 times worse than Gujrat. What a irony for CPM, it is going to be kicked by the same people who were let in from BanglaDesh for vote bank. Where are the Maoist? Do they have the guts to resist the Islamic fanatics?

Bullet Bengal riot victims live in fear, anxiety
By anil on 9/10/2010 1:51:46 AM

Is Bengal getting what it has been planning to get so far?

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