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How The Shak found its home at WhiteWater World

Back in 2007 one of Curio's experiments went horribly wrong, and our Shaksters were momentarily left Shak-less! That was until they went on a quest to find a new clubhouse at Dreamworld's WhiteWater World!

The friends hung out at the cubby for over two years and now Nitro, Willow and Curio have moved out. Their clubhouse still remains in WhiteWater World for people to visit, and as for the Shaksters they are living in a mystery home somewhere very close by, but won't tell us where!

The three best friends can be spotted hanging out in Dreamworld and WhiteWater World all the time, answering kids questions and attempting their challenges. Some of the most popular challenges are for the Dare Nitro segment where fans of the show can send in a dare for Nitro, just like the time he had to go on the Dreamworld train wearing a tutu and ladies stocking and wave to the people around the park or the time he had to go to Dreamworld and ride The Claw, then The Wipeout, then The Claw, then The Wipeout again without getting sick!

If you would like to send in a dare for Nitro, or a question for any of the other Shaksters, or simply just learn more about The Shak, Australia's number one children's program visit the Official Shak site here!

Come visit the Shak's Clubhouse at WhiteWater World

The Shak clubhouse is located between WhiteWater World's Cave of Waves and The Green Room.

With it's dynamic team of Curio, Nitro and Willow the show will continue to explore a host of exciting and engaging stories in and around Dreamworld and WhiteWater World, for example at the brand new AVPX Alien Vs. Predator Vs. You attraction, V8 Supercars RedLine experience, Tiger Island, the Australian Wildlife Experience, Nick Central, FlowRider & Wiggles World.

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