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Roger Ebert and PBS bring back 'At the Movies'

September 10, 2010 | 12:11 pm

Film world: Prepare to embrace the thumbs again.

Roger Ebert announced Friday the return of “At the Movies” to PBS stations.

Produced by Ebert and his wife, the weekly half-hour film review program —revamped as “Roger Ebert Presents At the Movies” — will continue the analysis format first made famous by Ebert and Gene Siskel three decades ago.

The announcement comes less than a month after the final episode of the long-running "At the Movies" film review show, which had gone into syndication and was most recently hosted by Michael Phillips of the Chicago Tribune and A.O. Scott of the New York Times.

“I believe that by returning to its public roots, our new show will win better and more consistent time slots in more markets,” Ebert said on his site. “American television is swamped by mindless gossip about celebrities, and I'm happy this show will continue to tell viewers honestly if the critics think a new movie is worth seeing.”

The new version will be produced at the original series’ birthplace, WTTW Chicago, and broadcast on PBS stations nationwide beginning in January. Film critics Christy Lemire of the Associated Press and Elvis Mitchell of NPR will serve as its hosts. The show will also feature contributions from film bloggers Kim Morgan and Omar Moore.

— Yvonne Villarreal

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Comments (16)

Great news! Let me be the first to congratulate Roger on this 'rebooting' of At The Movies.

Two Thumbs up!

Can't wait, please give new info nearer the time so we don't miss it!!!

Thank God it's going back to PBS. I, along with many other movie fans will be thrilled. The movie industry has become a mindless, nauseating joke. Great art is slowly dying. I hope this show reflects the will of us who are craving great movies again...... I'm sure it will. Thank you Roger Ebert!

PS... I hope Richard Roeper is a frequent guest.

i hope ebert can chime in via live blogging, otherwise i may not be that into it.

Great! It will e refreshing to have people with brains discuss movies. Mr. Ebert's input will be immeasurable because he's seen probably every movie that's ever been made.

Thank you Roger and PBS, Two thumbs up, definitely!!!!

I'm glad it's back but too bad they didn't keep Michael Philips and the other guy they ended with. They were my favorites.

Good for you, Roger! I used to watch the original series with you and Gene - can't wait to see this new version. And, congrats on bringing some diversity with Elvis! Love that guy.

Love that 'At the Movies' is coming back. Maybe the new show will redeem Ebert's legacy after making ridiculous comments about video games not being a form of art.

Phillips and Scott did a great job. What a shame they're not doing this show. They indicated on the last broadcast that something was afoot, so perhaps there will be two shows?

Elvis Mitchell will be fine, though. Great news.

Great that it is back on PBS but the selection of Mitchell is all wrong. He already appeared with Ebert before in some guest spots and was awful.

Phillips and Scott were arguably the best team of them all, and I've been watching since the "Sneak Previews" days. Why not bring them back?

Glad to see there's going to be a movie review show without all the glitz-
Also very happy to see Kim Morgan will be involved. Anybody who has ever read her blogs knows that she has an encyclopedic knowledge of film.


I know the show will be successful. For those people looking for an in-depth look at new music, watch episodes of the great Music Worth Buying show with co-hosts TJR and Robert Kinsler. You can watch the weekly show at

I really enjoy that show and look forward to the new At The Movies too!

Best news this month.

Christy Lemire? Seriously? Good lord.


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