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Actors and Artists for 9/11 TruthNEW: Actors and Artists for 9/11 Truth

What do Woody Harrelson, John Heard, Thomas B. Sawyer, Gore Vidal, Gina Belafonte, Willie Nelson, Rosie O’Donnell and Ed Asner have in common?

They are all signatories of the new petition by the new 9/11 group called Actors and Artists for 9/11 Truth.

We salute their courage and efforts and hope all the actors and artists around the world who support a new 9/11 investigation will sign this petition.

If you are an artist or an actor, please visit to add your important voice to this new petition.

Please forward this article to any artist or actor you know. Encourage them to learn about Building 7 and the other important 9/11 truth topics and to support a new investigation.

If you are an artist or an actor and don’t know why you should support a new investigation, we recommend you start with this website: and learn about Building 7.

Actors and Artists for 9/11 Truth Joins the 9/11 Truth Movement

Support the Building What? campaign

8 Comments For This Post

  1. world for 9-11 truth comment John Says:

    Fortunatly, people step up right now, and dare to ask questions, we’re sick of always blaming it on terrorists, the first one who should be interrogated has to be georges w. bush. i am sure he got some things in his head that he won’t like sharing it with anybody.

  2. world for 9-11 truth comment Trent Balzer Says:

    **9/11/2001** – This was the day a U.S. President & his administration attacked his own country and people, in order to invade a country for oil and ultimate power over all other nations. It is time for an independent investigation, and conviction for this HANUS CRIME. May GOD above grant the victims, their families, …and the truth seekers this prayer on this somber day. ~GOD BLESS THOSE TOUCHED BY SEPTEMBER 11th.~

  3. world for 9-11 truth comment diamond Says:

    Wow! Is this website for real? Bush & Cheney may have lied us into Iraq and done some other things but they actually conspired to cause 9/11?! That’s insane!

    You have video of planes flying into the buildings, TV film of the hijackers getting on the planes, records of people on the planes saying we’ve been hijacked, voices in Arabic from the planes and zero hard evidence of any of the nutty alternative theories – controlled demolitions, a missile (!!!!) flying into the Pentagon – to back up what this website puts out.

    Our guys are dying & getting limbs blown off in Afghanistan right now guys – all so u lot don’t suffer another 9/11. Remember who gave al-Qaeda the room & support to allow them to plan 9/11 – the Taliban??? We’re not lily- white but there’s alot more serious stuff out there to vent about than this paranoid garbage.

    My 2 cents.

  4. world for 9-11 truth comment JF Ranger Says:

    @diamond, I suggest you to watch this documentary called New American Century. You’ll see where Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and many others come from and why they needed, in their own words, “a catalyzing event like a New Pearl Harbor.”

    Regarding the Pentagon, there are different theories, of course. Two reasons for this is 1- the pilot wasn’t even able to fly a Cesna plane but did an incredible 360 degrees maneuver with a 767 to hit the Pentagon at ground level and 2- there are some 80 tapes that would show what hit the Pentagon by they were never released. The US government keeps you and I in the dark, so of course people will speculate.

    Yes, troops – and civilians – suffer in Afghanistan, but Afghanistan had nothing to do with 9/11. Learn about Unocal, the plans for pipelines on Afghan soil and look at where the military bases are. Hamid Karzai was a Unocal consultant before being put on “charge” of Afghanistan by the CIA. It’s too bad that troops are used like this. Many of them know. You’ll find a new group called “U.S. Military Officers for 9/11 Truth” here:

  5. world for 9-11 truth comment tired of sheep Says:

    Hey Diamond, pull hard…no harder…maybe you’ll may have an easier time pulling your head out of your ass if you pin your ears back. 911 truly is a litmus test and you have failed…miserably.

  6. world for 9-11 truth comment liz Says:

    I hope the truth will come up someday. it’s hard to keep the lies to so many people forever…

  7. world for 9-11 truth comment Montrealmoors Says:

    Diamond. After you pull it out, get a cold shower and some fresh black coffee to sober up. The fire of the Planes crashing into the towers melted the steel and the cement but NOT THE HIJACKERS PASSPORTS, ONLY THE HIJACKERS PASSPORTS. If it makes any sense to you, then you need some help pulling your head out of your A………………..

  8. world for 9-11 truth comment arietty Says:

    Hahaha ,well said tired of sheep.We´ve all got to wake up to the reality of what the powers that be are capable of.They patently don´t give a damn about the citizens of the usa or the planet.They are hoping all the first responders will conveniently die so they won´t have to pay their health bills.Soldiers are cannon fodder sent to secure their resources.The world is in the hands of power addicted heartless oilmen.

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