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This is a Troper Tales entry. These are just personal anecdotes from people who have access to the Internet.
The wiki doesn't have opinions. These people might.
Troper Tales: Rape Is Love

  • My best friend was repeteadely ass-raped in prison, but the guy who did this to him (his cellmate) also gave him protection, friendship... they are living together now.
  • This troper and his wife thoroughly enjoy roleplaying rape fantasies, though when you come down to it, it is consensual. Also, she asks him to give her love bites and bruises so she can show them off...
  • My cats are like this, the male would try to forcefully mate with the female one, then overtime they stopped hissing at each other and now sleep together and cuddle and clean each other etc.
    • This is kind of standard for cats actually. The male cat's penis is barbed, so a lot of females aren't exactly willing.
  • Happened frequently with my pet ducks. I know rape isn't unusual in those birds, but the fun thing is, regardless of how much my mallard forced himself on the domestic ducks, they all enjoyed each other's company. Of course, the other ducks were much bigger than the mallard, so...
  • This Troper managed to successfully avoid this trope for the decade or so she was involved with fandom, only to have it backhand her in a fic in a way that was all the bigger on the Squick because the rapist sincerely thought he was doing something positive for both himself and the victim. Somewhat subverted in that, while the aggressor certainly doesn't think of what he did as rape (or at least, he won't admit it if he does), the other party sure as hell isn't falling in love with him because of it. Said Other Party does eventually fall for the rapist, but there's redemption and mind-control involved, it's a long story. And it's Slash Fic, so some might say I-the-reader was asking for it.
  • This male troper's friends seem to really enjoy randomly groping each other him, usually by surprise and without consent. Hell, if there's alcohol involved it can sometimes go as far as dry-humping very forcefully in a corner. We tell each other to take it as an act of love.
  • This troper tried to avert it in an iCarly fan fiction. The basic plot: Sam abuses Freddie once too many, he snaps and punches her, she goes into Tranquil Fury and rapes him to assert her dominance. Somehow, a Seddie fan interprets it as supporting the ship.
    • That's Seddie shippers for you.
    • Ah, shippers. .......But why were you doing a Rapefic about a kids show anyway?
      • Why does anyone do an fic about any show anyway? Not that I'd ever write one.. just that people have different tastes.. but I'd hope in this case it's one of the 5% or 10% or whatever the "good" fanfics are.
    • Oh. Oh my. Link, please.
    • I have never felt stronger Bile Fascination. Link me...NAO.
      • Keep in mind, this was one of my earliest stories, so... yeah, the narrative isn't great, and the ending isn't quite what it should be. But here's the link.

No, please! Don't take me to Rape Is Love! Well, okay.