AIP Style Manual

Fourth Edition
Copyright © 1990-1997 American Institute of Physics

(This publication, from 1990, is out of print.)

For guidance in writing, editing, and preparing physics manuscripts for publication.
Prepared under the direction of the AIP Publication Board.

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Preface (1 page)

I. Summary information for journal contributors (2 pages)

A. Manuscript preparation
B. Procedures and correspondence

II. Preparing a scientific paper for publication (9 pages)

A. Writing the paper
B. Writing the abstract
C. Preparing the manuscript
D. Submission of text in digitized form
E. Proofreading the paper

III. General style (8 pages)

A. Grammar and punctuation
B. Symbols and units

IV. Mathematical expressions (6 pages)

A. Availability of characters for typesetting
B. Marking of mathematical material
C. Displayed equations
D. Recommended notation

V. Figures (5 pages) [See 1997 Addendum Section V (4 pages).]

A. General instructions
B. Line drawings
C. Continuous-tone photographs
D. Combination figures


A. Statements of Editorial Policy for AIP and Member Society Journals (4 pages)
       [See 1997 Addendum Section A (4 pages).]

B. Correct or Preferred Spellings of Frequently Occurring Words (3 pages)

C. Units of Measure (3 pages)

D. Standard Abbreviations (2 pages)

E. Alphabets Available for Typesetting (1 page)

F. Special Symbols Available for Typesetting (2 pages)

G. Journal Title Abbreviations (9 pages)

H. Symbols Used in Correcting Proof (1 page)

I. Physics and Astronomy Classification Scheme

J. Physics Auxiliary Publication Service

K. AIP Transfer of Copyright Agreement

Bibliography (1 page)

Index (2 pages)

1997 Addendum (4 pages)