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Miss November 2004 Tammy Plante

By Staff | November 1st, 2004

Not only is Tammy Plante Miss November 2004 at, she is one of Canada’s hottest models, a talented promotional model, a high achieving college student, and a natural beauty. Tammy gained popularity as a dancer and event host for Electric Circus and Much Music (Canada’s version of MTV). She’s in high demand as a spokesmodel and is currently appearing in several Playboy Special Editions, including Playboy College Girls (see below for more). Tammy had a lot to say which is a quality we love to see in the Diva of the Month interview. proudly presents Miss November, Tammy Plante. Enjoy…

Citynet Magazine: Enlighten us to your younger years.

Tammy Plante: I always played sports, skipped, danced, guitar lessons, skating. Boys loved me and girls hated me. I had only a few close girlfriends. Boys started teasing me when I was young and then they would cat-call me as I got older. I didn’t like it much. It made me upset because I didn’t understand.

How did you get into modeling?tammy-plante-1

I was always an actress in front of a camera. Whereever there was a lens I was sure to be in front of it. As a little girl I would always play with my two older cousins who I looked up to. They would do my makeup with blue eyeshadow and bright red lipstick , lol. It was always a dream for me. My first shoot was when I was in seventh grade for a gallery in Toronto. I had done dance photos before and sears catologue. But this was my first real shot at it. I loved it instantly…

How did you get into dancing?

I was dancing before I was walking. Haha. My mom saw me dancing all the time – I couldn’t sit still. So she decided to put me into dancing to keep me busy and to expend all the energy that I had. Good idea if you ask me. Now I still can’t sit still.

What was it like dancing for Electric Circus?

[Editor's note: Electric Circus (EC) was a popular, long running show on Much Music - Canada's MTV, which recently stopped airing]
EC was a dream come true for me. I had wanted to be on that show since I can remember. Guys were mostly homosexual haha. So there wasn’t much hittin’ on us. I made the best friends of my life there. There was always a common misconception about drug and alcohol usage there which is a total myth. All we had was Tim Hortons donuts and punch. I lived in a small town far away so I never stayed after the show to go out with the rest of the crowd. I had an amazing dance partner who designed clothing and costumes with me . We both had the same dream of fame. It took a long time to drive home so we were never able to go out in Toronto. Now that the show is off the air we are all sad. I didn’t get the chance to be on the first episode but I was on the last. 6 years of heaven!!

Describe your Muchmusic experience in general as well.tammy-plante-2

Being in the Much Music environment was incredible. I had a behind the scenes look at production . We got to meet and greet all of the celebs who came into the CHUM building. Such as Denzel Washington, Lenny Kravitz, Britney Spears, NSYNC, 98′ , Puff Daddy, Many live DJ’s and more. The Much Music Video Awards were the best!! So many people and parties. Great times. All VIP style. Winterlude and Wonderland were the best times ever also. Who gets to Party on TV?? We did!! I miss it very much. [Editor's note: Winterlude is a winter festival in and around Ottawa and Wonderland is an amusement park near Toronto, both in Ontario, Canada]

Tell us about being featured in Playboy.

Miss November Tammy Plante Playboy I saw my first playboy when I was about 10 in my dad’s friends’ garage. My dad never had those kind of magazines but his friend had all kinds of posters in his garage. I used to love how pretty the women looked. I always wanted to be a bunny. There is no other magazine that makes women look so stunning. It’s the cadillac of nude magazines… what an honor. I shot in NYC for four days and will be featured in four magazines: Playboy’s College Girls, Playboy’s Sexy 100, Playboy’s Book of Lingerie and Playboy’s Natural Beauties!! Yes, that last one is true. It was the most positive experience and I can’t wait to go to the mansion.

Describe your wildest experiences. Are you a party girl?

Not really. I am not hardcore but I do love to dance and have a great time. I will clear dancefloors if I get going. So watch out. lol. jk. Wildest experiences… a real lady never tells.
Miss November Tammy Plante
What do you think of the current club scene? (Getting better, worse, still rocks?)
I feel like the scene gets the same after awhile. As you experience more and more it all meshes together. I imagine for those who are just coming of age the club scene is exciting and fresh. I would like to check out the scene in Europe or southern US. A change of pace is always nice.

What has been the best experience in your job?tammy-plante-3

All of the wonderful people you get to meet and network with. It is almost like a closely knit family that helps you out. I feel fortunate to be where I am today. Coming from a country home it is quite a rush to have achieved so much at such a young age. If I quit everything today I could still be proud and tell my grandkids all that I did back in the day . haha

What has been the worst experience in your job?

FAKE PEOPLE!!!! It is very hard to know who is trying to take advantage of you and who isn’t. You live and learn and we all make mistakes but I think that it is unfair that those people have to put on a huge front and ruin it for others. Girls and girls don’t go to well. Either you do or don’t. It’s that instant chemistry or cattiness. You just have to have tough skin and keep pushing through.

What do you do when not models/pics/acting?

I am a full time university student in my fourth year of Health Sciences, I will graduate from university in April and then I apply for my Master’s in Health Sciences or write my medical entrance exam. Either way I am continuing to be a doctor. Either I’ll be famous as an actress or as a physician. lol. I am also a certified personal trainer and fitness instrucor. I teach at my university gym- spinning and kick boxing. I love it. To be able to help others and see the results makes it worthwhile. Plus i get my own workout.

Favorite music to dance to?

As a musician I love all music from Led Zepplin, to Janis Joplin, Pearl Jam, STP and RnB- R Kelly, MJ Blige, Janet Jackson, Lauryn Hill and more. I love dance music when I am dancing tho…… Live DJ”S : Tall Paul, DJ Tiesto, Sasha, Satoshi Tomi, Chemical Bros. and the list goes on. Nothing gets my heart jumpin like house music.

Have people recognized you on the street based on your ‘celebrity status’? What changes in your life would you say are due to your ‘fame’?

Ha ha! Not until recently. I have been pursuing this career for awhile… In high school people were jealous. Now that I am in university people are much better. They stop me in the halls and say “Hey! Aren’t you Tammy P? OMG you were on EC and now in Playboy and weren’t you supposed to host a show??” It’s exciting for me. Especially here and now. It was hard growing up because girls can be evil. I used to come home crying everyday because girls used to threaten to cut my hair off. It’s true! Now it’s a great feeling when people stop me and want an autograph. I love it!!! It makes me feel like you can rise above any opposition. Just keep focused and be happy. I have had to change my phone number and install an alarm on the house. Haha! People from a small town talk like crazy so it is hard to go out with PJs and messy bedhead anymore. But it is all worth it. There’s nothing I would ever change about my life…

What’s the most common question that people ask you?tammy-plante-4

How did you get started into all of this from such a remote area? All I tell them is that if you sit back and wait for things to come to you it won’t happen. It takes lotsa hard work and an ability to deal with rejection . Having perserverance is super important and also self-discipline. Just go out and get it.

What’s your greatest talent?

My ability to learn fast.

Favorite place on the planet?

ALGONQUIN PARK!!!!!!!! The most beautiful place in Canada that I have seen so far. Especially in the fall.

Favorite vacation spot?

Never been anywhere south or east. Only from Thunder Bay (Ontario) to Cincinnati. Hull, Quebec to Windsor, Ontario. I would love to see the Mayan Ruins and the Acropolis in Greece. Mykonos just off of Greece I hear is stunning. I would also love to go to Hawaii. [Editor's note: I've been to Mykonos and the Greek Islands twice... it is AMAZING]

Pet peeves?

Bad teeth, pessimism, rude fake people. laziness and arrogance.

What do you want the world to know about you?

I am real and honest and intelligent. An artist and a human being.

What’s the greatest risk you have ever taken?

I almost quit school to pursue a record deal that fell through. My parents kept my mind strait. I love to extreme hike… there’s been many close calls and brushes with death. I am an adrenaline junkie . Also, telling my straightedge family that I was nude in a magazine. I thought that I would be disowned but they were awesome!!

Choose any 3 words to describe yourself.tammy-plante-playboy


If you could have anything in the world, what would it be?

A cure for AIDS and cancer.

It’s 12:01am. What are you doing?

On MSN or at a bar busting a groove. Reading textbooks on off days.

Thong vs. regular undies?

All of the above. Depends on my mood. I don’t wear Bum-der wear. I wear g-strings b/c u can’t feel ‘em and they don’t give u a perma wedge and I looooove boy shorts b/c they are perfect and Comfy!!

Favorite body part on men? on your own body?

Men – Chest and arms. Eyes first though. On me: My smile and eyes and maybe my bum too! lol.

What kind of guys do you go for?

Real down to earth, hard working , affectionate, adventurous funny guys. I don’t like those guys who flaunt their bling bling in your face. I don’t need that. I like surfers, nature lovers and extreme sports guys. Singers too. lol.

What’s the most ego-boosting thing you have said to a guy?

You are just the kind of guy that I could wake up everyday and see and would never get bored… will you marry me?

A day spa, a flight in a F-15 fighter jet. or passionate animal-like sex?

F-15 flight for sure!!! Did I mention that I am an extremist when it comes to adventure?! Go big or go home!

What’s your policy on one night stands?

If you want to do it go ahead but that’s not my cup of tea. I don’t like to feel like something is a waste of my time. When I search for someone, it is for the long term.

Any secret pleasures?

Chocolate, haagen daz, champagne.

Were you ever interested in women?

Love women. Too much maybe… can’t tell you any more…

Would you describe yourself as more dominant or submissive in bed?

Depends on the situation – both are good. Variety is the spice of life….

Favorite upcoming projects?,,, TSN off the record with Michael Landsberg.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

As a pediatrician or a reconstructive surgeon. And an oscar winning actress on the side. Think it’s possible?? Anything is possible! A nice man would be a bonus too.

Where are you from/live now?


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