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The CD: Symphonic Fantasies - music from Square Enix

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Concert enjoyment in highest quality: The CD-album of the concert will be released on 17th of September 2010 and can be ordered as of now at the MAZ Shop at the price of 18.95 Euro. We support different payment options and deliver worldwide. Shipping costs are 5 Euro (Europe) and 6 Euro (outside of Europe). As a preorderer you'll get the CD at the earliest possible date.

In order to capture the impressive dynamics of the 120 performing musicians in best quality, the multitrack-recordings of the concert were edited and mixed at the WDR Studios. For the final touch the material passed the mastering process at the famous London Abbey Road Studios. The CD comes with an elaborately designed 16-pages booklet.

CD tracklist (about 73 minutes runtime)

01 - Fanfare Overture
(Jonne Valtonen)
02 - Fantasy I: Kingdom Hearts
(Yoko Shimomura)
Dearly Beloved, The Other Promise, A Fight to the Death, Hand in Hand etc.
03 - Fantasy II: Secret of Mana
(Hiroki Kikuta)
Fear of the Heavens, Into the Thick of it, The Oracle, Prophecy etc.
04 - Fantasy III: Chrono Trigger/Cross
(Yasunori Mitsuda)
Chrono Trigger, Scars of Time, Battle with Magus, Prisoners of Fate etc.
05 - Fantasy IV: Final Fantasy
(Nobuo Uematsu)
Prelude, Bombing Mission, Battle at the Big Bridge, Phantom Forest etc.

Technical Data

UPC/EAN 0028947640424       Release date 17th of September 2010
Label Universal Music (DECCA)       Format Audio-CD
Website       Runtime about 73 minutes