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A recent MSNBC news item discusses the Aqua Sciences machine in Haiti and its positive effect on the lives of patients at the main hospital in Port-au-Prince.

Aqua Sciences Inc is proud to have joined forces with the US Government's relief efforts in Haiti, serving as the primary source for clean, fresh water being used at the University Hospital Compound in Port-Au-Prince.

It is hopeful to know that amidst the tragic situation in Haiti, this machine has been able to meet its mission-saving lives by providing clean, safe water to those who need it most.

An Aqua Sciences Emergency Water Generator (which generates pure drinking water from the atmosphere) was deployed to Haiti on Thursday, January 28. Operated by the troops from the 2/82nd Airborne and three Aqua Sciences employees the machine has produced thousands of gallons of clean, potable water, distributed throughout the compound for drinking, wound cleansing and surgical scrubbing.

Sources on the ground have told me that the Doctors, Nurses, patients and soldiers have dubbed our system the "miracle machine." I'm pleased that we seem to be satisfying the need for fresh water at the University Hospital. In fact, doctors have now asked us to produce a more highly chlorinated supply for other emergency medical uses.

I wanted to share with you the first photos I've received back from our team in Haiti.  I am very proud of our team and honored that we could play a part in this life saving mission!

I will keep you posted with developments.

--Abe M. Sher, CEO Aqua Sciences, Inc.

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