Take control, adjust your controls that is

Want to make your ATV experience more enjoyable?  Want to increase your ability to go those long rides with less fatigue in your arms?  Want to do all this for free?  Of course you do!  Adjust your controls my friend. It seems so elementary but many people fail to do this after buying their machine. ... [Read more]

Product spotlight, Tie Down Strap Sack

The strap sack installs in minutes and keeps the "tails" of the straps from blowing in the wind. Once in a while a product comes along that is so simple yet so practical, it makes you wonder why it took so long for someone to develop it and bring it to market. The product I am am talking about... [Read more]

Ride with the Junkman, Webster Pass

Webster Pass offers some challenge without being too tough for beginning intermediate riders. The trail can be run in either direction (south to north or north to south). The trail takes you up and over the pass to essentially make highway 285 and highway 6 connect. Webster Pass trail also connects... [Read more]

Ride with TheJunkMan, Slaughter House Gulch

If your looking for an easy trail to get your feet wet into Rocky Mountain trail riding you may want to check out Slaughter House Gulch.  Located just southwest of the Denver Metro area, the trail is a out and back looping 11.5 mile 4×4 trail with varied mountain terrain. Depending on the season... [Read more]

Responsibility of the trail leader

Riding season is upon us and of course we are all going to either participate in a group ride or organize a group ride ourselves.  For the latter it is important to be a responsible trail or group leader.  Leading riders into unfamiliar areas can be fun and rewarding.  What follows are some helpful... [Read more]

350cc Race Quad, Will It Happen? Should It Happen?

After Mike Alessi’s exciting holeshots and moto win on KTM’s new 350SXF motocross bike, in my mind it begs the question. Should the quad world 350cc production race machines? Before you answer consider this. I have always wondered for years now if there should be 250cc production race machines.... [Read more]

Cedar Run OHV trail at Harlan County Lake

With the grand opening come and gone the new trail system is now fully open. Me and my team had a rare opportunity to help fund, organize and participate in the grand opening (May 1, 2010) of this expanded trail system. The trail now encompasses 470 acres of US Army Corp. of Engineer ground just south... [Read more]

Bringing new riders into the sport

From time to time we all run into or meet new people that are eager to get into the sport, and because most of us are thrilled to share the joys of the sport we all know and love, we are more than happy to introduce and teach the “new blood” all there is to know about riding ATV and motorcycles. ... [Read more]

Grand Opening of Nebraska’s Cedar Run Offroad Trail

Harlan County Lake Republican City, NE Date: Saturday May 1, 2010 Courtesy of ATVMagBlog.com’s Jon Rhodig and the Harlan County Tourism Board comes word of the grand opening of the Cedar Run ATV/Motorcycle Trail in south central Nebraska. Come join in on the days festivities for the grand opening of... [Read more]

Chain gang, does it need replaced?

As spring rolls around and the weather for most of us starts showing signs of becoming moderate, we start getting the itch to ride more frequently it is time to get that machine out of storage.  Now if you have followed my previous tips on how to put your machine away for those winter months, you probably... [Read more]

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