This is not a year for politics-as-usual

Albany has let us down time and again, but we have had one bright spot in our state government: the Attorney General’s office. Our outstanding Attorneys General have done incredible work for the people of New York and, in this election year, we need to make sure our next Attorney General is ready and able to continue the fight for New Yorkers. In the race for Attorney General, that candidate is Eric Dinallo.

Eric put violent criminals behind bars as a prosecutor in Robert Morgenthau’s office, held Wall Street accountable as Assistant Attorney General under Eliot Spitzer, stood up to health insurance companies and won health care for 400,000 kids as our state’s top insurance regulator, and protected average investors as an internal watchdog in private financial firms.  As Attorney General Eric will do what he has done throughout his career: take on the biggest fights on behalf of everyday New Yorkers.

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My Record

Bottom line: Dinallo got the job done...


"...his platform is comprehensive, and his qualifications to be attorney general are unmatched. Democratic voters should make Eric Dinallo their nominee."


"Eric Dinallo as a 'Hero of Reform' for signing the three New York Uprising pledges. This year voters are counting on candidates to commit to specific reforms in advance, as Eric has done." - ED KOCH

“Eric Dinallo has proven that he will do more than take on the tough fights – he will win.”

- BILL BARRY, Oneida Democratic
Committee Chairman

“As the NY Superintendent of Insurance, I ordered insurance companies in NY to recognize marriages of same-sex couples who were legally wed elsewhere."


“One of the major causes of the financial crisis was that we chose not to regulate. We modernized ourselves into this ice age.”

“As head of the AG's IPB, he prosecuted Merrill Lynch employees who were marketing worthless stocks they were privately labeling as ‘Pieces of Sh_t.’"


"Others can tell you what they will do in the Attorney General's office, I can tell you what I have done in the Attorney General's office."

"I'd definitely give him an 'A' for his performance.... "

"Bravo, Dinallo."


"A regulator not stymied by red tape."


"If Congress doesn't pass the right laws to protect consumers of financial products, then that's where law enforcement and others must step in and make sure it happens."

Featured News

Go with Dinallo: He's the class of the Democratic field for state attorney general
September 13, 2010,

The longer the Democratic primary for attorney general goes on, the clearer it becomes that Eric Dinallo is far and away the class of the field.

Dinallo Wins Debate – Scores Highest In Analysts’ Post-Debate Reviews
September 7, 2010,

Eric Dinallo trumped his opponents tonight in a televised debate among the Attorney General candidates. In a show of his unmatched abilities, Dinallo made clear that his rivals cannot compete with his record. NY1’s panelists graded Dinallo first in the forum, with an average score of 3.5 for Dinallo. Assemblyman Brodsky earned 3.1, a 3.45 went to Mr. Coffey, 2.825 for District Attorney Rice, and 3.075 for State Senator Schneiderman.

City Hall: Formative Experiences - Eric Dinallo, Manhattan Assistant District Attorney
August 27, 2010,

Through interviews and research in New York, London and Hong Kong to meet with the defrauded people, Dinallo helped build an investigation over the next year and a half that produced a 3/4-inch thick, 174-count indictment of the company and 13 of its employees for cheating investors, filing false reports with regulators and promoting bad stocks.

Everyone pled guilty except for the chief financial officer, John McAndris, who was ultimately sentenced to five to 15 years after losing his trial.