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Water Colors by Anne Collins



From the Dragon (Winged Lion)

and Hippopotamus Kingdoms

The Dragon (Lion) Kingdom and Hippopotamus Kingdoms through Karen Danrich “Lilliya”

December 17, 2007


Blessings for Releasing the Destructive Paradigm and

Entering Tao Based Time and Cycles



Dear Beloved Ascending Human,


It is the Dragon (Winged Lion) and Hippo Kingdoms that speak forth today.  Our kingdoms hold the Bearer of Peace sign in the New Astrology for ascension.  Winged Lions are a form of dragon that remains incarnate upon your solar sun and as a fifth dimensional form.  The Lion Kingdom today is also related although they have lost their capacity to fly due to the density of the third dimension.  (See “A New Astrology for a New Millennia” for more information.)


Dragons were once a large species incarnate within the Great Central Sun and cast by humans.  All kingdoms are coming to understand that it was not until humans and human consciousness entered this region of domain that other kingdoms came to be.  Humans entered the Great Central Sun and all 144 Suns in this region of domain to aid it in returning “home to the Tao” after 12 cycles of failing to do so.  Humans are a vastly capable species that was cast by the Tao to aid troubled creations and creators in finding their way home when distortion hits in any cycle.  This particular cycle has left the Tao in vast distortion itself, and so it needs all the help it can get to understand what has gone wrong so that it can be self healed and all may return to where it originated from.


As human consciousness entered the dream of the Great Central Sun, they assessed that they required support in many shapes and forms.  And so humans cast kingdoms that were very large such as the dolphins and whales in the water and dragons to fly about the air to help create the necessary energy flow for homecoming.  Humans also cast plant, animal and minerals kingdoms.  Alas humans cast so many kingdoms out of the joy of being the creator that they lost consciousness, and in the loss they fell out of communication with the Tao.  This was a vast travesty as in so being, we all lost our way and fell into devastating patterning that has become an inherent part of this region of domain.


The travesty from our point of view has to do more with the thought-form of destruction than anything else.  Destruction is not a thought-form of creators and creations within the Tao.  However there is a thought-form between creations that sustains boundaries that the Tao also cast.  This thought-form is siLilliyar to destruction but was never meant to hold consciousness and so the Tao allowed this thought-form for the purposes of separating creations.  When what separates creations holds not consciousness, then destruction does not occur, and the thought-form states that this is where one creation begins and another ends.  The beginnings and endings support the boundaries between creations.


Everything is cyclic within the Tao and therefore there are no beginnings or endings as there is only ongoing out-breath cycles followed by in-breath cycles that are endless in nature.  So beginnings and endings are not associated with the Tao cycles as the cycles are ever moving, ever growing, ever expanding in understanding and in love.  Even in the midst of a contraction cycle where all has been gathered up, there is continued lessons that are learned and consciousness of the Tao continues to expand into greater depths of love; and so even in the in-breath there is a continuation of the cycle that then leads to the next expansion of the Tao.


When consciousness is added to the thought-form of beginnings and endings it leads to the dance of destruction.  Destruction is a form of ending that has no continued cycle ahead.  The physical has been polarized over time to experience endings in the form of death.  The nonphysical knows not death and so experiences a continued cycle from time period to time period; however the nonphysical has also forgotten to go home to the Tao; and so is caught in an endless cycle without purpose.  Cycles without purpose leads to yet other strange attributes of thought-form that Lilliya and those ascending in their association have widely explored.  The strange attributes involve manipulating thought-form by blending dissonant variations causing something else to occur than otherwise would occur.  Out of boredom and no direction “home”, the nonphysical fell into manipulating thought-form and cause and effect.


This is problematic as cause and effect are designed to allow for the lessons necessary to go “home” to the Tao.  If lessons cannot be learned due to manipulation of thought-form that alters cause and effect, then it is also difficult to settle the dance and go home.  This is what the Tao is coming to understand in working with the Earth Mother; that cause and effect are so manipulated that they do not align.  If what is caused has effect deferred to another, then there is nothing learned in terms of what one has caused, nor is there the capacity to learn as the effect appears elsewhere.  This is the problem for Terra.  She is experiencing the effect of destruction that 144 other creations have caused, and she is not the original source of the problem or pattern.


So this is also so for human map carvers.  Humans have often created causes that they have never experienced the effect of; and yet others experience the effects that they did not cause.  This is what underlies suffering in our experience of it; as suffering can be defined as experiencing effect after effect of what one has never caused, and as such, cannot forgive the effect, and then suffers in the experience.  Most diseases today that humans experience are not entirely their own cause; and as a result they suffer until they die.  Those ascending are learning to return the cause that they have absorbed for others that leads to the effect of suffering, and then one can transcend disease as well as other life travesties that are not one’s karma to experience.


Lilliya discovered that over 500 others had given her their cause for uterus cancer.  She had absorbed this and developed ongoing problems in this region of her body, until how the karma was transferred or mirrored upon her was uncovered, and then she could mirror it back and cease to struggle in her ascension.  This was many years ago now, but she deeply came to understand the difficulties of having much effect of something that one and one’s inheritance has not all legitimately caused, and how it creates an endless cycle of struggle.


It is not just the karma and cause and effect that has been manipulated by the nonphysical, but also time itself.  Time does not flow in a cyclic fashion as it does in all other parts of the Tao.  Time does flow in cycles within the Great Central Sun; however the homecoming cycle or in-breath had been edited out of time even in this region of domain, and so all that has occurred is out-breath after out-breath, that led to falls down the dimensions on the part of suns and planets existing in this region of domain.  Now who would edit the in-breath cycle out of the cycle?  This appears to be a group of souls within the Tao that used this region of domain to hide something; and have created a barrier of sorts with it and use the failed ascension here to mask what they are hiding.  This was finally uncovered and now the Tao is retrieving what was hidden, which is a load of destructive cause from yet other creators within the Tao that are deferring their effect as a result of burying karma elsewhere.


So the pattern of burying karma or moving karma about is a part of what is hidden behind this region of domain, and then became a part of the operating system or thought-form here as well as a result.  We now perceive that creations went into manipulating thought-form within the Great Central Sun as well, causing some creations to absorb the expansion cycle for others and be pressed down in vibration while other creations sustained their vibration over time.  This then deferred the out-breath on to so few creations that they sank and sank down the dimensions until they exited the boundaries of the Great Central Sun dream altogether.  This was Terra’s (earth’s) fate, along with each kingdom incarnate upon her 24 million years ago (96 million years as human’s measure time).


Exiting the Great Central Sun dream caused consciousness to enter the region of domain cast in beginning and ending thought-form to hold boundaries between creations.  Alas as we and each kingdom entered such thought-form, we began to become destructive in nature in the physical.  The nonphysical did not like the destructive thought-form and polarized it fully into physicality.  This perhaps is the greatest travesty of all, as the physical became so destructive that it went into extinction patterning.  This is non supportive of the nonphysical, for even they rely upon the physical as a source of chi to sustain itself. 


Nothing was designed to exist without the other; and physical shapes and forms are designed in the Tao to work with nonphysical consciousness that directs the dance of evolution home.  As the nonphysical became more preoccupied with manipulating thought-form, and cause and effect than going home, they contributed to the sad dance of destruction that befell the physical realms.  The destruction caught upon the human species leading to falls in consciousness and such dissonance that one group warred upon another, leading to nuclear annihilation of entire creations outside the Great Central Sun.  Perhaps if the nonphysical had not pressed its destructive thought-form upon the physical, nuclear annihilations would never have occurred, and Terra would have not fallen beneath the 24th dimension.  This would be a far easier dimension to ascend home to the Tao from.  And so the nonphysical now has to take responsibility for their cause in the dance of destruction that has plagued Terra for 24 million years.


At this time, most of the nonphysical that has participated in Terra’s dance in the form of angels are leaving earth.  The reason for this was a vast travesty that hit in October of this year in which Terra’s field was ripped a part and divided between other creations by angels vying to force her to extinction.  Terra is still piecing herself back together and recovering what was lost.  As each piece is recovered and examined, the angels are clearly perceived at cause of her demise.  Although this is sad, Terra is choosing to remove angels she has relied upon in some cases since she fell to the third dimension of thought-form, and is learning to cast her own angelic blueprints with the support of the Tao.


The Tao is guiding Terra home.  The Tao is guiding Terra as to how to release her karma for destructive cycles and learn new algorithms and energy movements that sustain ascension.  One of the gifts of this entire experience is the anchoring of the Heart of the Tao into Terra’s aurora and now within all major global chakra centers.  It is the heart of the Tao that is providing the love necessary for Terra to self heal.  It was the anchoring of the Heart of the Tao that the angels that are destructive vied to prevent in shattering Terra’s field so extensively.  Now in Terra’s recovery, it is not earth that shall be left behind; it is the angels themselves that are being expelled and are to be left behind as earth chooses to go “home” this cycle.


In choosing to go home, there are new algorithms for time that are now being anchored upon Terra.  Tao Time is being anchored upon Terra.  Tao Time allows earth to align with time in the Tao and this contraction cycle that is now underway.  Each reading these materials can choose to begin to anchor into Tao Time rather than time as you know it.  The Dragon and Hippopotamus Kingdoms will support each that chooses to enter Tao Time in learning the necessary algorithms to do so.  As one enters Tao Time, one will leave the past behind; and so one must be ready for a vast change in the life that will occur as you complete and choose to move forward into a new future that will take you and your future ancestry “home to the Tao”.


Current time is very difficult to ascend within as Lilliya attest to.  Current time often runs backwards, stops, or skips and jumps ahead or back.  Time in particular became the most fragmented due to the nuclear fallout of the Anu some 30,000 years ago as Terra measures time.  Since this point in history, time has been very uneven and inconsistent.  Although humans measure time by the clicking of the clock, this is not how time actually runs.  It is for this reason that some may discover that the clock stops as one’s body sits in time that is stuck; or that the clock races ahead suddenly shortening one’s day; or that the clock seems to move so slow that the day drags on.  The body responds to earth time and not clock time in the day to day life.


In the past two decades, time has been compressed and moves more rapidly than it did in the past century.  The compression of time is a part of Terra’s global ascension and causes her to meet up with Tao Time.  Terra has been racing to meet Tao time for the past century, as the Tree Kingdom perceived a possible dream ahead for this goal.  At last Tao Time has been anchored upon earth; even in spite of Terra’s recent shattering.  Tao Time shall begin to change everything as each dream begins to align with the cycles of in-breath within the Tao.


Tao Time is cyclic and does not know minutes, hours or even days weeks or months; Lilliya who have sat in Tao Time for four years experience days feeling like months, and weeks feeling like years.  Tao Time stretches the time upon the clock to meet the needs of the ascending human.  Sometimes much more time is required to release patterns over night in Lilliya or Oa’s ascent; these may be long nights in which months and years worth of karma is cleared.  Lilliya may awaken many times to consciously focus upon the patterns that are up to be cleared.  Yet other nights are rapid and soon dawn comes; these are nights with less to clear and perhaps in moments that they are in greater balance within. 


Tao Time may be experienced in siLilliyar manners for those entering the Tao cycle of homecoming at this time.  The Tao has rung the “End of Time Bell”.  The end of time bell is a vibration that the Tao sends into all sectors of creation to allow the contraction cycle to begin.  This too the dark vying to prevent from occurring; however they were unable to as Terra is going home.  The end of time bell of vibration tells every cell within the body and every cell upon earth that it is time to ascend and return “home” to the Tao.  For those reading these materials and upon request, the Dragon and Hippo Kingdoms will provide you with the End of Time vibrations so that each and every cell within your body may begin its journey of ascension, or ascend on to the next level possible ahead.


The End of Time Bell will also cause those who are to retract and move back to other creations to recall this truth in the unconscious.  You may share the End of Time vibrations with all around you to foster the ascent of those who have lineages and genealogies to return to this Great Central Sun; and also for those who are to retract and move on to other experiences in other creations that they ultimately came to earth from.  The times of cleansing have officially begun, and a new day and new dream shall be born ahead beloved.


The End of Time also means that the time is up for the dark that have plagued earth since she left the Great Central Sun dream 24 million years ago.  The End of Time means that time as all have known it in this region of domain officially ceases; and that a new time begins under the direction of the Tao.  Within the new time or Tao Time, only that which can return with Terra home to the Tao shall remain; as this is the law of any contraction cycle.  We now enter the contraction cycle after a long era of seeming unending expansion cycles and in so being, everything that was completes and a new day ahead begins.  For the dark, their time is up and over; and they must leave earth.  That which remains will return home to the Tao with Terra in the cycle ahead.


How does one return home to the Tao?  The Tao is an internal connection that one discovers within one’s own hologram.  If the holographic nature that you inherited is from this creation, you will find a connection to the Tao within your own heart for this return cycle.  If not now, you will find this connection ahead in this lifetime in your continued ascension; or in your future ancestors who will take ascension to another level ahead.  We are going home to the Tao within.  Those with foreign holograms will find a connection to the Tao; but the pathway of homecoming cannot come to be in this cycle and to this Great Central Sun as they did not originate here.  Those of foreign holograms will return to their creation of origin as ancestors and carry on, going home to the Tao wherever their genealogies came from.


For those that wish to connect to the Tao within, our kingdoms will attempt to create the space and vibration for you to do so.  Connecting to the Tao within requires a certain threshold of ascension and opening of the heart enough to hold the human hologram therein.  If this has been accomplished in your ascension to date, we will assist you in the vibrations necessary to open you to the Tao within.  If you have yet to open the heart enough, we will bless you with vibrations to aid you in opening your heart more fully.  It is only as the heart opens that one can access holographic information; and the Tao within is a part of the hologram and not something that exists outside of oneself.


Homecoming for Terra is being guided from her own Tao within and from her own consensus based hologram.  Each kingdom also has its own hologram related to this Great Central Sun, and we too are creating guidance from our own Tao within.  Not all kingdoms come from this Sun however, and those that are not will either go extinct or evolve into a format that is capable of connecting to the Tao within.  This is a vast time of cleansing; and it is so for all kingdoms.  Do not be in fear; all is as it should be; and all are going home.


And so what does the Dragon and Hippo Kingdoms wish to close with?  Open your heart beloved and allow your holographic information to begin to flow.  Find your way back to the Tao within.  Long ago all humans had connection to the Tao within, and this was what was to guide humans home.  As the connection was lost, all that has transpired that has been so difficult in this region of domain has come to be.  In finding our connection back home to the Tao within, we will fulfill upon why we entered this region of domain.  As we each return "home" to the Tao within, so will each kingdom and so will Terra, and all shall be fulfilled upon as originally planned; and all one day shall return in full to the Tao in the contraction cycle ahead.


We leave you with these thoughts


The Dragon (Lion) and Hippo Kingdoms



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