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May 7, 2008


Utah's under-the-covers cover-up:

Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff cowers in bed with polygamists


On February 5, 2007 we sent a letter to Senator Reid encouraging him to

request a federal task force to investigate child-abuse and polygamy.

We continue to support Senator Reid's courage in speaking the truth

about what's NOT happening in Utah and Arizona. We encourage

federal intervention to focus on polygamy/bigamy, trafficking of women

and children and federal monies across state lines and international borders. We

also applaud Texas for the intrepid example they are setting.


There should be no apologizes when it comes to praising Texas

and criticizing Utah and Arizona for polygamy crimes moving to Texas.

The roots of Mormon polygamy and its abuses having stemmed

within Utah have prospered throughout our nation because

public officials, such as Attorney General Mark Shurtleff, refuse to

investigate and prosecute crimes within his own jurisdiction of the state.


Tapestry Against Polygamy gave Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff

a silver platter of testimonies and evidence, including the

stories of eighteen women, who escaped polygamy in the book,

God's Brothel, by Andrea Moore Emmett. John Llewellyn, T.A.P.

Advisor, handed the AG's office the case of Rachael Strong, a young

mother who grew up in polygamy and was systematically seduced to

become the seventeenth wife of her step-father. Shurtleff refused to

investigate and prosecute these polygamy abuse cases and presently

condones a lifestyle that is inherently abusive.


"In the 21st century we should not be debating whether or not slavery

should exist. Polygamy is another form of slavery where children are

at risk every day because they are conditioned to embrace a life of

servitude," says Rowenna Erickson, T.A.P. Co-founder. Not only are

young men discarded because they are competition for older men, young girls are often

child-brides, forced into arranged marriages, trafficked across state lines

and international borders, as well as, becoming victims of statutory

rape, sexual abuse, and incest.


As Shurtleff admitted, his office prepared 80 subpoenas for DNA testing

relating to an incest investigation. Not one arrest was ever

made, nor were charges ever brought against the violators. While this

non-FLDS polygamist group is worth hundreds of millions of dollars

with over 200 businesses, Shurtleff decided he did not want to be

"confrontational". Utah Attorney Generals goal is "building bridges and breaking down

barriers" with polygamists, yet we ask: "While investigating organized

crime who would consider building bridges with criminals?!"


"Utah Attorney General is practicing social work without a license and

taking credit for things he hasn't done.  If his training is the law that's where

his focus should be," says Victoria Prunty, Tapestry Against Polygamy, Co-founder.

"If the state of Utah and Arizona had been vigilant about prosecuting crimes within polygamy perhaps a federal task force would not be needed. Yet, there is no indication

in the past or future that this pattern of behavior in Utah will change."


If we are to measure Mark Shurtleff's success for running the polygamists out of Utah to Texas does he also deserve credit for another well-known large polygamist group that recently purchased nearly 900 acres in Mt. Pleasant, Utah. Thanks, Mark.


Polygamy is nothing less than a business where male leaders profit from

merchandising children and women. Attorney General Mark Shurtleff

would like to do away with the felony of polygamy in Utah. Yet, when

the Attorney General's office asked Tapestry not to use the word

"cult" and if we would support decriminalizing polygamy, we vehemently

said, "No!" to both.


It is now time to end the insidious poisonous practice of polygamy in

the United States of America.


 Read the letter to Senator Harry Reid in 2007

Contact Tapestry Against Polygamy Co-founders

Rowenna Erickson

Victoria Prunty

John Llewellyn, author of Polygamy's Rape of Rachael Strong

Andrea Moore Emmett, author of God's Brothel


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