Talking Nerdtacular, ELR, Snorb, Shmerp, Geekfood, Big Foot Diaries, and more in today’s Diary.

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  1. Dane Barnes (Mario Chief)

    Hey Scott, had an hour between classes and Weber today, so i listed to this. I was exctied to hear more about how N’11 will be. N’10 was wayyy fun. Wouldent stress that the attendees wont have fun. I was the guy who was talkin to you about art schools, if you remember. Me and my friends are all fans of your work and you are doing great. Keep up Scott and ill see you in June!

  2. Darrell

    How about a tip-giving panel? That would be weird. In a good way. LOL!

    • torticoli

      Scott and Turpster are already doing a tip-giving SHOW, what else do you want ? : D

  3. torticoli

    Regarding ELR, I’m sure a new version would find its audience. I mean, I only listened to The Instance and ELR for a pretty long time before actually discovering FrogPants as a whole, and since then, I found maybe 6 or 7 shows that appealed to me and cover various subjects, from video games to old movies to new movies to world news. I’m sure lots of people discovered those shows the same way I did. And I’m definitely looking forward to ELR coming back one way or another, and I’m not the only one here either.

    The only worry I have is that you could be stretching yourself to thin. With more and more shows and stuff to attend / cover, it feels like you could end up not finding the time to do everything, or worse, end up doing everything in a “meh” kind of mood. I know you’ve got all the support you need around you and I know specific people will tell you if you ever go “to far” with your network empire, but hey, there you go.

    Just my two cents. Oh, and Nerdtacular is awesome. I could come if wasn’t living in Europe. And having exams in June. And if I knew English well enough.

  4. Fang14

    Awesome, I’m excited about N’11 because it’ll be my first Nerdtacular. So I hope its fun… though i’m sure it will be. ;P

  5. Joshua S. Hill

    w00t – a new Diary!

  6. paulbd

    I actually was thinking about ELR the other day and had an idea of how it would work in a new way. The way that I had in mind was that it would be kind of like the old show, but with a rotating panel kind of like TWiT. Also a couple months ago I was starting to feel like that Current Geek Weekly was kind of like the new ELR.

    Anyway before it went off the air ELR was my favorite show on the Frogpants network, and any version of it coming back will make me very excited!

  7. Barry

    Thanks for the new diary Scott!

  8. Melanie1001

    I LOVE the idea of a filmsack room – definitely rifftrax like dealy – great! makes me really want to go for sure heh, maybe have to drag my butt out there this time!

  9. MXC

    I have one question: with PAX, it grew to a level where most people never meet Gabe and Tycho when they visit, because it was too large. Will this happen to the Nerdtacular?

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