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Bianca Scott

Played by Lisa Gormley

Bianca Scott played by Lisa Gormley - five

Bianca Scott

- Bianca shares the same Aussie mum as half-sister April, but her dad is Italian.

- She teaches French, English and Italian.

- Her mother and half-sister help keep her "princess" tendencies in check.

- Opinionated Bianca is more than just a pretty face. She doesn't let compliments on her appearance go to her head, and she values intelligence above anything else.

- She knows how to catch a man's eye, and has dated doctors, captains of industry and even a prince.

- She came to Summer Bay after splitting up with her fiance, and is nursing a broken heart, but you wouldn't know it to look at her.

- Bianca trusts very few men, but took a shine to Liam shortly after arriving in Summer Bay. And the feeling was mutual.

Lisa Gormley

- An only child, she was born in the north of England on September 24 1984.

- She moved to Australia at the age of three, and was brought up on a farm in Tasmania from the age of 12.

- She broke into acting through youth community theatre, with a role in Oliver her first foray onto the stage.

- After high school she went travelling and worked as a flight attendant for Qantas. She said it helped her learn a lot about people and their behaviour.

- After returning to Australia, she studied at NIDA and graduated at the end of 2009. She won the role of Bianca the following March.

Memorable moment

She made an impression straight away, arriving on a moped and in a racy red dress.

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