O'GRADY (No. 1)

Chiefs of Cinel Dunghaile.

Arms: Per pale gu. and sa. three lions pass. per pale ar. and or.  Crest: A horse's head erased ar.  Motto: Vulneratus non victus.

EOCHA (or Eochaidh), a younger brother of Carthann, who is No. 93 on the "Macnamara" pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Gradhaighe or O'Gradha; anglicised O'Grady, MacGrade, and O'Brady.

93. Eocha: son of Caisin.
94. Breannan: his son.
95. Finan: his son.
96. Foranan: his son.
97. Tiobraid: his son.
98. Dungal: his son; a quo Cineal Donghaile.
99. Fodalbha: his son.
100. Rodgus: his son.
101. Flaithreach: his son.
102. Seachnadhseach: his son.
103. Cormac: his son.
104. Collachtach: his son.
105. Conn: his son.
106. Conn Oge: his son.
107. Art: his son.
108. Treassach: his son; had a brother named Artagan (meaning "little Art,") a quo O'h-Artagain, which has been anglicised Hartigan and Hartan.
109. Gradhach (also called Bradach): his son; a quo O'Gradhaighe.
110. Maolmaith: his son.
111. Edrocht: his son.
112. Mortach: his son.
113. Aneisleis: his son.
114. Moroch: his son.
115. Dermod: his son.
116. Ceanfaola: his son.
117. Moroch (2): his son.
118. Dermod (2): his son.
119. Moroch (3): his son.
120*. John O'Grady, alias O'Brady: his son; died, 1332.  Had a brother named Donal.
121*. John: his son; d., 1372.
122*. John: his son; d., 1417.
123. John O'Grady, alias O'Brady, of Fassaghmore, county Clare: his son.
124. Sir Denis, of Fassaghmore: his son. Sir Denis O'Grady, alias O'Brady, had a grant from Kingh Henry the Eighth, by Patent, in 1543, of Tomgrany, Finnagh, Kilbechullybeg, Kilbechullymor, Seanboy, Cronayn, Killokennedy, Clony, Killchomurryn, Enochem, Tarchayne, and Killula, in the county Clare; he died in 1569.  This Sir Denis had four sons - 1. Edmond, who died without issue, in 1576; 2. Donal, who also died without issue; 3. John, who surrendered his estates to Queen Elizabeth, and had a regrant by Patent, in 1582; and 4. Hugh, to whom his brother John conveyed Tomgrany and other lands.
125. Most Rev. Hugh Brady, lord bishop of Meath: son of Sir Denis.  This Hugh was the first of the family who omitted the sirname of "O'Grady;" his descendants have since called themselves Brady.
126. Luke: his son; d., 1621; had two brothers - 1. Nichloas, and 2. Gerald.
127. Luke Brady, of Tomgrany: son of Luke; alienated Scariff by license, in 1634.

* Of the above three persons, thus (*) marked, No. 120 was archbishop of Cashel; No. 121, archbishop of Tuam; and No. 122, bishop of Elphin.

'Irish Pedigrees' by O'Hart, Volume 1, Page 206, dated 1892, reprinted 1989.

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