Finally! We have all of the records in and have been assembling like mad men for the past couple of days. The first orders will start shipping tomorrow morning, so keep an eye out for a package in the coming week or so. I just took some pictures of each color of the LP, you can check them out below.

Thank you!

180 gram solid black:

Half pink/half green:

Pink/white swirl:

Pink/green swirl:

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  1. These look great guys…well worth the wait!

  2. Finally!!! I am sure orchestrating something of this magnitude takes a lot of dedication, patience (on your part and those who bought it) and attention to detail to get everything right. Thanks for your hard work.

  3. Thank you! I really appreciate you’re support for what we’re doing! You rule.

  4. These look amazing! Sucks that I live in the UK so I couldn’t actually get one but still think they’re pretty cool, well done :)

  5. Nice!! They look pretty amazing.

  6. These all look fantastic! The packaging and inserts look awesome as well! The wait has been worth it, can’t wait to get it!

  7. one word. BADASS

  8. Oh, man, what a long wait! But it’s been great following the progress on this blog (thank you for not leaving us in the dark) and seeing the album pieces come together. From the looks of it, great job; A big hug to those who worked hard on this project. Now I anxiously await its arrival in the mail. :) I <3 vinyl.

  9. Has anyone in Georgia received their record yet?

  10. I haven’t gotten mine yet and I’m in PA.

  11. anyone in tennessee gotten it???

  12. I’m in California and still haven’t received it yet. Still waiting patiently though!!

  13. I live in Atlanta and I haven’t seen mine yet. I’m getting extremely anxious!

  14. It’s been 2wks since this was posted and I still haven’t received mine, has anyone in California received there’s yet??

  15. I’m shipping orders out daily, about 300-400 per day, as quickly as I can! I appreciate you patience, these will be in your hands shortly!

  16. Im in Cali too and haven’t received mine either.. Long wait for this LP- I ordered it in July..

  17. Yep, shipping these out as quickly as I (just myself) can. Don’t be disappointed, this record will blow your mind!

  18. has anyone from Illinois gotten theres yet?

  19. Okay, glad to know that I’m not the only one.

  20. If this one skips like the other two did I’m gonna be pissed.

  21. I apologize for being blunt there. I know you’re doing everything by yourself and I appreciate everything you’ve done, I just get a bit irritable with this type if stuff

  22. Do you still have the copies that skip? Which album(s) are you talking about? Please e-mail me and I can send you replacements! rj@mtsrecords.com

  23. just got mine today

  24. i’m in Illinois…haven’t gotten mine yet either….*rocking back and forth looking out the window*

  25. mine came in today, looks great

  26. great, enjoy!