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July 12, 2010


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Placido is evidently better luck than Mick Jagger.


The Dutch played a really dirty game, and they deserved to lose.


I felt like I was playing Where's Waldo! There he is!

El Cajon

The hooligans were the Dutch players such as De Jong, who should have been given a red card. The ref let the Dutch thugs take control of the game, when he could have put a stop to it by tossing De Jong. This wasn't soccer; it was a mugging and if The Netherlands had won, it would have sent a terrible message, i.e., bullying is what wins championships. This is soccer, not ice hockey.

Viva Espana y La Furia Roja, los campeones del mundial!

And heartfelt sympathies to those in Uganda and their families, as peoples' lives were cut short or altered because of the bombings, while they were peacefully watching yesterday's match on video screens. In the U.S., at least, this story has supplanted Spain's victory as the lead World Cup news, which is probably what the terrorists hoped would happen.


I anticipated you posted something like this today, OC;) But your phrases on Placidone...we coincide completely. I only wanted to say something like "Don Placidone and madame Montserrat would be much happy;)"... Are you clairvoyant?;))))


Yes, have private jet and lots of money will travel everywhere to get my face in a picture.
The man is obviously a sick man and needs to be treated.
Maybe he forgot something like...
He's Mexican.


Yep, the slightly less brutal team won the cup, so that's all right. And they'd better, having beaten the Germans. Also, the Octopus Oracle said so. ;-)


Where's PLacido? That'd be a great book for uptight opera fans to give their kids! He's in Barcelona, he's in Cologne, he's in London...


If England won, Jenkins would have been in the photograph.


How silly of him! He is after every chance of being photographed.
What a publicity fan! The man is sick.


Oh, come on, Nick. Placido was born Spanish, raised Mexican. Just one big happy family.

El Cajon

Hey, let's be fair to PD on this. He used to play "sandlot" futball, as does Jonas Kaufmann, and who knows how many other European singers. If Germany plays in the 2014 World Cup finals, there will be some German artists flying down to Rio.


To those who have "not a clue"- the much beloved PD is unbelievably hard working and giving. He has always loved soccer since a child.
He deserves to be there up front with the team, he deserves to reap some reward after all he has given.


@El Cajon

The Dutch (an inform side, probably the second best in the world over the last couple of years and thus quite appropriately in the final) did what they believed they had to do to win. The De Jong incident could certainly have resulted in a Red Card but some of the yellows were a little soft. (We are not saying the game was poorly officiated. The referee had a difficult task and generally did a very good job). In general the Dutch strategy resulted in an accumulation of yellow cards (as they must have known if would) and as the pressure of having to defend and to do so with the risk of getting sent of allowed Spain to progressively assert itself and in the overtime resulted ultimately in the sending of (not an absurd but arguably the softest Yellow of the evening and one helped not a little by Inonesta's resultant "agony"). The tired Dutch then were unable to make the relatively easy clearance resulting in the winning goal. Some harm, some fouls and ultimately the better team prevailed. No reason to get excited.

Its worth noting that while Spain were the better team and deserved to win they were hardly a memorable champion, accumulating an all time low (for a winner) 8 goals. They are not to be confused with Brazil 1970 or even the great Dutch (finalist) sides from 1974 and 1978. In fact they are a superb defensive team with an infield extremely adapt at the short passing game and no doubt aided by their having played together at Barca for a number of years. Still, people talk about the U.S. having never had anyone resembling a world class striker but its startling that the justly crowned best team in the world had only one such and that its offensive output was virtually ground to a halt by the poor form of Torres. This by contrast with Argentina whose very mediocre (by their standards) team was positively inundated with hyper-prolific Europe-based strikers.

Oh well. At least the season at the DNO looks better than that at the Real or Liceu. Plus no Spanish orchestra can hope to match the Concertgebouw (whose eponymous home was visible at the top of the Museumplein shots yestreday).


And of course a Brazil/Germany final in 2014 is as close to a sure bet as these things get. Germany can always be relied to to play up to their talent level and just now they have a very talented, very young team that finished third and should only get better for 2014 (and the core could remain formidable up to 2018). Brazil, even when their sh#&$* are a top 5 team and would have to be considered favorites at home. Lets hope for some more exciting games than we had here.


I think I see Rafael Nadal in that picture!


Placidone is everywhere. I wonder that he did not play with the spanish team. After all he has two passports and any kind of publicity will do. The older he gets the sicker he gets to get into the picture.




To Nick, Richie and Frank: How extremely stupid to call Placido Domingo sick because he flies to South Africa to watch a bit of football. And if he wanted to, there could have been much publicity. Try to search for him on Google News or a similar news search engine and you will find one or two references to his visit to South Africa.

Do you also consider Mick Jagger, Bill Clinton (who was also photographed with his national team), Morgan Freeman, Nadal etc sick?

puck swami

The Queen of Spain is in there too, next to Saint Iker.

El Cajon

I don't see Torres or Bosque in the photo. Were they off to the side?

Re: the Dutch players, the knew they could get away with the roughhousing because they weren't going to get tossed early in the match. A British columnist wrote yesterday that if the game had been properly officiated, The Netherlands would have been down two players fairly early on.

There was a lot of bad officiating throughout the World Cup; Kaka's being tossed, goals that weren't counted, etc.; many egregious calls by the refs. The final was yet another example.

I'm so glad Diego Forlan won The Golden Ball; his free-flowing style and spirited presence were a real highlight throughout the matches. He is a champ!

The prospect of a Brazil vs. Germany final in 2014 does not make me jump with joy, although these two clubs, who have 14 championship appearances between them (if you count West Germany/Germany as one country), have only previously met once in the finals, in 2002. Brazil won that match and will probably win in 2014.


Good for Spain. And good for don Plácido to enjoy it. And like we say here in Colombia: SE HABLA ESPAÑOL. :)

Linda Ginsburg

Nick -- Your comment is unbelievably rude and ignorant. Domingo is a Spaniard by birth; as was told to me, his parents got on the wrong side of Franco and it was most prudent for them to leave. Mexico was a logical destination.


The anti-Domingo crowd is something to behold. He's Spanish, he's a football fan, and the Spanish team probably wanted him in the picture, he's a rather big deal over there, as he is a lot of places. Why does Placidone's fame and celebrity status get to you guys so much. Get over it. And per someone else's comment, it does rather look like Rafa in the far back left. Wow, that would be something, talk about a tableau of Spanish excellence---the best soccer team in the world, the best tennis player in the world (after Federer of course), and the best tenor in the world. Spain ain't doing too shabby.

@furst, really good comments, I tend to agree. Spain did deserve to win, they were the best team---just the way they shut out Germany shows how excellent they are. But they're not particularly exciting to watch play, and they're striking offense is rather anemic, they couldn't make more than one goal per match, and in general were less than dazzling as spectacle. And I also have this hunch it's going to be Germany-Brazil in the 2014 Final.

@el cajon, you're right that it would have left a bad taste if the Netherlands had pulled it off, they played with a marked degree of low class and deserved to lose. It was not a pretty or exemplary final.

Sharon D

Placido Domingo has been at every World Cup Final since 1970 (except for 1978). If it gives him joy to go why should anyone have a say? Rafael Nadal was there as well.
Why not? They are both Spanish and they have every right to support the Spanish team.
Perhaps the uninformed comments about Domingo are just sour grapes. Thus the
comment: Get over it.

Ida Lopes

Enhorabuena, España, and welcome to the 'World Champions Club'!

Queen Sofia (what a lady! a 'savoir-faire' queen), Prince Felipe and his wife, Pricess Letizia, are in the photo, too.

Thank God the World Cup is over! I love soccer but I hate vuvuzelas...


@Nick...what a silly comment!
Plácido Domingo was born in Spain and went for professionel reasons of his parents to Mexico when he was eight years old. He was raised in Mexico and surely feels a deep love for this beautiful country, but he IS a Spaniard and a great football-fan. It's the first time in history that Spain qualified for the final of the World-Cup...he had to be there...like many, many other FANS from Spain!!!


Yes that is Rafa in the picture, 2nd from the left, last row. He comes from a family of football players. As for tennis, although Fed has been great, Rafa is currently #1.


I agree that Placido is publicity driven - where is Jose Carreras? Isn't HE Spanish, and Placido Mexican?
The Dutch did 'cage fighting' and lost.
Good for them.
Bravo! Espana!
A great team indeed!

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