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Michael Jensen

Best. Gay. Week. Ever! Check Out the First Pic of Cheyenne Jackson on "Glee!"

I thought I'd start of this week's column with some fun new pics I found recently! 

First, I've got the exclusive first look at Cheyenne Jackson's first appearance on Glee as Will Schuester's new rival Dustin Goulsby.

Don't you love a man in black!

Adam Rose/Fox

In case you don't remember, last month Glee creator Ryan Murphy told me that Jackson " going to sing. He is going to dance, of course. He is the new coach of Vocal Adrenaline. He’s a complete villain. He wears all black. He’s a handsome, villain who will become very intertwined in Will’s life."

And we can't wait for Cheyenne's appearance on Tuesday's ep!

Speaking of things I can't wait for is new Torchwood miniseries (Ha! Whoever threw the rotten cabbage at me missed!) so to tide us over are two new pics I spotted of John Barrowman. The first is with partner Scott.

And the second is John with Bruno Tonioli at the Season 8 launch of Strictly Come Dancing

Onljy JB could get away with that shirt.

Up next, is a very curly haired T.R. Knight!

And here is Tim Gunn taking New York by storm with his new book. The megaphone is probably to call for help when Anna Wintour comes after Tim for dissing her. 

And since we started with Cheyenne, let's finish with him along with Alan Cumming and Eric Balfour at a fashion show during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

It's your three basic food groups — straight, bi and gay!

Next page! Out? Not out? Oy vey...

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