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The /newstuff Chronicles #372
st.alfonzo on Infernal Venice: "Now I've been to Venice before, I have, and to this day I remember it in all of its wondrous detail as though it were only yesterday [...] But if there's something about Venice that I remember wholly above everything else, something that pries upon my mind utterly, compulsively, and without breadth of mercy, it's got to be the mother fudging pigeons. [...] Lorenzo's Infernal Venice, however, has no pigeons. None at all. Not a flock. And for that we can be most, most grateful." (more)

DeePsea 12.15 and R3Dedit 1.6.37

After years of being idle, there are new versions of DeePsea and R3Dedit out. A flurry of updates between July and now have added Strife support, Heretic and Hexen IWAD texture editing support, extended Thing and dynamic light support, jump commands for the 3D editor, and more. A more complete changelog can be found here on the news page. From there, you can also download the program, buy the full version, and those who registered DeepSea 12.13 are entitled to a free upgrade.

Freedoom 0.7-rc1 Released

Freedoom has a new release candidate. More maps, more sounds, more sprites, and Final Doom support. A Spider Mastermind and Cyberdemon are finally added! Lots of map testing in all skill levels, coop, and DM is all that is left for a final 0.7 release. Download it here.

Doom Builder released

Barely two weeks after the release of Doom Builder 2.1.0, CodeImp has put up a new version, bringing it to revision 1356. The highlights of this version include:

  • Updated ZDBSP to fix some critical nodebuilding issues (which you noticed only in-game when testing)
  • Fixed crash that occurred when sectors had insane amount of sidedefs
  • Fixed some DECORATE support issues
  • Added a bunch of features for plugins
  • Proper compiler and syntax highlighting for Vanilla Hexen scripts
  • Some minor Game Configuration updates
As always, you can get the new version at the downloads page, and a full list of changes can be viewed on the version changed page.

Intl. Doom League Summer 2010 Title Game Broadcast

The International Doom League and TastySpleen TastyCast will close out the 8th IDL season with MasterBowl VIII as the IDC's Electric Bills face off against the WDC's Berserker Packers. This game marks the first time that both conference leaders were eliminated from Championship contention as both #1 seeds were dealt upsets. This is the first time in league history that both conference leaders failed to progress to the championship game.

IDL's MasterBowl VIII kicks off at 11:59pm EDT on Monday, August 30th, 2010. Pre-game coverage featuring league commissioner Ralphis, IDL Head of the Board Ladna, and Tastyspleen's staple broadcaster Jehar will begin at 11:45pm EDT on TastySpleen.TV.

The Cyberdemon in Gamespot's "All Time Greatest Game Villain" Battle

The Cyberdemon is currently duking it out on Gamespot with 63 other video game baddies for the title of All Time Greatest Game Villain.

You can show him some love directly by voting for him at this link.