First line
10. Martin Thörnberg
18. Jesper Fasth
39. Jukka Voutilainen
21. Pasi Puistola
11. Juuso Hietanen

Second line
23. Fredrik Bremberg
16. Kris Beech
26. Kamil Piros
4. Adam Almqvist
28. Daniel Rahimi

Third line
13. Oscar Sundh
17. Andreas Falk
40. André Petersson
9. Oscar Fantenberg
47. Lance Ward

Fourth line
79. Johan Lindström
88. Simon Önerud
20. Linnander Johan
27. Jesper Williamsson
37. Jesper Thörnberg

1. Daniel Larsson
(35. Andreas Andersson)

HV71  3 - 5  Eisbären Berlin

Period 3
20:00 We thank everyone who followed us on our games from the Red Bulls Salute! We close from here in Salzburg and will look forward to hopefully another great tournament next season !

20:00 Now the Eisbären get the Cup ;-)

20:00 Best forward: #40 Andre Petterson

20:00 Best defender: #3 Jimmy Sharrow

20:00 Best goaltender is voted on #72 Rob Zepp from the Eisbären Berlin of the whole tournament.

20:00 European Trophy 3 stars
1st star: #39 Jeff Friesen
2nd star: #24 Andre Rankel
3rd star: #4 Adam Almqvist

20:00 It was a well deserved win in a great final. Also HV71 tried everything to get back into the game but fell short this time.

20:00 The Eisbären celebrate with their fans the 1st championship in the European Trophy!

20:00 And the champion of the Red Bulls Salute 2010 and the European Trophy is Berlin!!!

19:06 The empty netter scored by #14 Stefan Ustorf seals the game probably

17:58 HV71 on the attack again deep in Berlin terretory and they pull #35 Andersson for the extra attacker.

15:54 Big chance from Andre Rankel but Andersson denies him with a great blocker save.

15:44 Berlin again on full strength.

13:44 EBB penalty to #17 Walser for hooking. 5 on 4 HV71 powerplay.

13:00 HV71 pressures and again Rob Zepp with the saves to keep Berlin in the lead

10:16 #26 Busch with a shot and again Andersson with the save.

09:14 Derrick Walser with a wrap around but #35 Andreas Andersson with a great pad save.

06:14 The game is now with fast paced end to end action.

05:14 Shot from #40 Andre Pettersson but Zepp with the save.

02:14 HV71 on the counter attack with a chance down low for #37 Jesper Thörnberg

00:14 And Berlin starts on the attack. Pederson with a miss on the short side.

00:00 3rd period is about to commence in a few seconds. Will HV71 be able to tie the game ?
Period 2
20:00 It was a high scoring period its a very good Final with lots of scoring opportunities and also physical game play.

18:52 Berlin now with a 5 on 4 man advantage.

18:49 HV71 penalty to #88 Önerud for hooking.

15:40 Another penalty to EBB #11 Felski 2 min for slashing. Next chance for HV71 now to ty the game.

15:21 And HV71 scores !! Goal scored by #23 Frederik Bremberg assisted by #26 Piros.

14:15 Next chance for the surging HV71 powerplay. 5 on 4

14:15 EBB poenalty for #90 Braun Constantin 2 min for tripping.

13:00 Andre Pettersson had 2 great chances from in close, but Rob Zepp with 2 quick pad saves.

13:00 It's really an intense game as HV71 is trying to climb back into this game.

09:49 5 on 4 chance for Berlin.

09:49 HV71 penalty to #16 Kris Beech 2 min for interference.

09:15 Its now a very fast game and with great scoring chances, finally we have HV71 back in the game ;-)

07:06 And Berlin answers right back with a goal from #3 Jimmy Sharrow assisted by 60 Christensen and 11 Felski.

07:00 Goal scored by #27 Jesper Williamsson.

06:13 Powerplay goal for HV71 goal scored by #18 Jesper Fasth assisted by #21 Puistola and #39 Voutilainen.

05:24 EBB penalty to #26 Busch 2 min for interference.

04:54 Still only Berlin on attack deep in the HV71 defensive zone.

01:54 Strong play from Berlin so far in this final. Can they seal the fate of the swedish champion?

01:54 Powerplay goal for Berlin scored on a 5 on 3 #39 Jeff Friesen assisted by #24 Andre Rankel and #17 Walser.

01:12 HV71 receives a penalty for #21 Puistola 2 min for hooking. 5 on 3 powerplay for Berlin.

01:00 Berlin with the 1st shot from Pederson who misses high.

00:00 2nd period has started with 4 on 4 play.
Period 1
20:00 1st period has ended.
Shots on goal 9:14 in favor of Berlin.

19:56 HV71 penalty for #13 Oscar Sundh 5 + gamemisconduct for slashing.

19:18 Huge heap infront of the Berlin goal and #72 Rob Zepp with a sprawling save to keep HV71 off the board.

18:18 Again a 5 on 4 powerplay chance for the desperate HV71 in search for their 1st goal.

18:18 EBB penalty to #49 Regehr Richie 2 min for kneeing.

15:45 HV71 now on attack to cut the Berlin lead on a 5 on 4 man advantage.

15:25 EBB penalty to #28 Patrick Pohl for hooking.

14:18 A very fast game is really picking up in hits and Berlin with two fast goals leads this one.

12:05 Another fast goal by the Eisbären Berlin scored by #39 Jeff Friesen assisted by #24 Andre Rankel.

11:49 Goal for Eisbären Berlin goal scored after a nice feed by #20 Denis Pederson scored by #12 Laurin Braun.

10:52 Huge hit from #26 Piros on #26 from Berlin.

10:52 Both teams are very evenly matched so far.

10:25 A great hit by number #27 Williamson on Jeff Friesen in the corner.

06:25 HV71 now on the powerplay cycling the puck searching for the best opportunity.

05:24 HV71 receives 1st penalty of the game #28 Rahimi Daniel 2 min for interference

03:02 A fast furios opening attack from Berlin with a lot of chances in the early stages.

00:00 The opening face-off is committed and the first European Trophy is on its way.

00:00 The game will begin in a few minutes with the opening face-off.

00:00 Welcome to the Final of the Red Bulls Salute 2010 / Salzburg where HV71 will face the Eisbären Berlin.

First line
26. Florian Busch
12. Laurin Braun
20. Denis pederson
11. Sven Felski
3. Jimmy Sharrow

Second line
39. Jeff Friesen
24. André Rankel
60. Mads Christensen
17. Derrick Walser
29. Jens Baxmann

Third line
14. Stefan Ustorf
62. Tyson Mulock
43. Alexander Weiß
49. Richie Regehr
90. Constantin Braun

Fourth line
10. Chris Hahn
28. Patrick Pohl
57. Daniel Weiß
21. Dominik Bielke

1. Sebastian Albrecht
(72. Rob Zepp)
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