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Global Ticketing solutions

• Innovative design
• Open platform
• Wide connectivity

The Axio validator is part of the latest generation Parkeon e-Bus series of devices that share a common hardware and software operating system.

Axio provides validation of contactless smart cards involving the minimum of passenger interaction other than presentation of the smart card where possible.

Thanks to this technology, the opportunities for fraud are drastically reduced as well as the use of cash within a transport organisation.

It speeds up passenger boarding times by allowing the customers to validate smartcards without outside intervention.

Axio benefits from a user-friendly interface which will have the added advantage of minimising errors.

This new validator provides the operator with the ability to introduce new and more flexible ticketing products in the future.

As an option, it can be configured as an ‘Information Point’ allowing passengers to interrogate their smart cards to check such items as their validity, balance and recent transaction records; in this mode the optional keyboard is recommended.  

Download Axio Axio technical leaflet