Native Syndicate: Prison Gang Profile

The organization was probably formed in Saskatchewan Penitentiary and Regina Correctional Centre in the 1980s or early 1990s. Native Syndicate are allegedly based out of Regina, but reach throughout the entire province of Saskatchewan. Correctional Services Canada reportedly transferred them to Manitoba and Alberta, where they have now set up chapters as well. As of 2000, there were 35 active and 19 inactive members in the Winnipeg police department's gang unit database. According to some reports, about 200 active members currently operate in Northern Manitoba, with roughly 60 of those members women.

According to First Nations Drum (Winter 2000), the Native Syndicate mimics Godfather-style mafioso structure, with a boss, an underboss and a consigliere.

They have been reported in:


  • Edmonton

Manitoba and Northern Manitoba (some membership in Manitoba has been due to prison transfers):

  • Cross Lake
  • Gods Lake
  • Leaf Rapids
  • Lynn Lake
  • Moose Lake
  • Nelson House
  • Norway House
  • Pukatawagan
  • Shamattawa
  • Thompson
  • Winnipeg


  • Regina - based out of
  • Regina Correctional Centre - based out of
  • Saskatchewan Penitentiary
  • Saskatoon

Reported rivals have included:

  • Death do Us Part
  • Deuce
  • Guerillas of Death
  • Indian Posse
  • Native Syndicate Killas (NSK)
  • Redd Alert
  • Saskatchewan Warriors - users have reported Native Syndicate have had constant wars with the Saskatchewan Warriors over the drug trade in both the Saskatchewan Penitentiary's medium and maximum security facilities, as well as in Regina Correctional Centre

According to users, Native Syndicate are primarily identified by the colour black, with Northern Manitoba members wearing the colours of the Raiders. Native Syndicate in Winnipeg are represented by the white flag.


  • "Once in, in for life"
  • "T.T.O.O." - this thing of ours
  • "N.D.J.M." - never die just multiply
  • "N.M.N.S." - Northern Manitoba Native Syndicate

Signs and Tattoos

  • NS stamp on the hand
  • Two feathers, tomohawk and spears



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