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According to some users, Redd Alert originated in the mid-1990's in Edmonton, Alberta. Others say that Redd Alert began in Regina, Saskatchewan In 2000, but didn't really take launch until 2005. They are now very active in Regina.

Dennis Sinclair AKA Crewboss was a former President of RA in Edmonton. Sinclair was savagely beaten in May of 2006 inside Edmonton Remand Centre, by fellow Redd Alert members Louis Paquette, Craig Drynan and Ronald Crane, who each pleaded guilty in October to aggravated assault. As of October of 2006, the court was told that Sinclair was unable to feed himself and possessed minimal verbal skills (31 October 2006, Edmonton Journal). According to the Edmonton Sun Sinclair used a telephone before getting into an argument with another prisoner. He was later jumped by several others, beaten, and sent to the Royal Alexandra Hospital. Critics have blamed prison overcrowding, citing the nearly double occupancy that existed at the time of the attack.

Latest News...

Jail time for school assault
A 20-year-old man will spend a short time in jail for his role in a gang-related assault at a Regina high school.

Man jailed over attack at school
A man who walked into a Regina high school and assaulted a student is going to jail.

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Redd Alert has been reported in Edmonton Institution, Bowden Institution in Alberta, and in several prisons in Winnipeg. According to users, R.A has controlled Drumheller Institution primarily, but have membership in all Prairie prisons.

On the street, they have been reported in:

  • Calgary, Alberta
  • Denver, Colorado, according to user sources
  • Edmonton, Alberta (base of operations)
  • Fort McMurray, Alberta
  • Hobbema Reserve (Alberta)
    • According to users, Ermineskin Reserve is the main turf in Hobbema for Redd Alert members, while Samson Reserve and Louis Bull Reserve is the main turf for Indian Posse members.
  • Houston, Texas, according to users
  • Kamloops, BC
  • North Battleford, Saskatchewan
  • Regina, Saskatchewan
  • San Francisco, California, according to users
  • Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  • Vallejo, California, according to users
  • Vancouver and much of Lower Mainland, BC
  • Winnipeg, Manitoba


Colors, Symbols, Labels

  • Redd Alert are identified by the colour red.


  • 100% Redd 200% Alert forever doin dirt! Redd till we're dead!


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