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Douglas Laboratories

To order Douglas Laboratories products, please use the login box to the right. If you are ordering for the first time click 'Sign-Up Now'. The Marino Center's Fulfillment Number is 2072542. If you would like to order by phone, please call 877-666-6408.

Emerson Ecologics

Top quality Specialty brands of supplements and herbs can be ordered through this page.

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1) Please enter the word 'marino' (no quotes) as the access code and hit submit. Once this information is entered, you will see directions on what you should do next.

2) Upon your first purchase, you will need to register as a new customer. Once this is complete, you will have access to thousands of different vitamins which Emerson Ecologic carries.

3) Emerson is a “physician-recommended-only” company, which is why the passwords are necessary. Some of the companies they carry include Douglas Labs, American Biologics, Nature's Way, Nordic Naturals, Designs for Health, Allergy Research Group, and many more.

4) Ordering vitamins and supplements on-line is quick, easy, safe, and dependable. Prices are usually excellent. Orders are shipped promptly, and should arrive at your home within a few days. Shipping charges (usually under $10) may apply – order supplies in bulk to minimize these charges.

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