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LiquidHD™ Technology

What is LiquidHD™ technology?
LiquidHD technology provides the intelligence to CE, mobile and PC devices to discover one another, securely stream high-definition video, audio and photos and to send applications and user interfaces from one device to another.  In addition, LiquidHD technology enables devices to send control commands over the home network.

How will consumers benefit from LiquidHD technology?
LiquidHD technology facilitates consumers’ access and control of content throughout their home regardless of device location. LiquidHD technology can connect devices in the home entertainment center to any other LiquidHD-enabled device over an HDMI 1.4 compliant cable or other wired solution as well as wireless links in the home network.

How is LiquidHD technology implemented in CE devices?
LiquidHD technology is a suite of light-weight protocols that includes device discovery, secure media streaming, device control and remote user interface. These protocols are specifically designed for easy integration into semiconductor devices and consumer electronic products—combining digital audio and video, control and user interface over any IP capable network.