In-House Salary Range Breakdown: A Bad Time to Be the Big Cheese

Do you have envious eyes on the boss' paycheck? Well, 2010 gave you a reason to fume a little bit less: Our survey shows that chief legal officers reported an almost 4 percent drop in total cash compensation this year. And their right-hand men fared only a little better ... | 2010 GC COMP SURVEY | INTERACTIVE: THE BIG CHART | WANT THE SALARY RANGE FOR IN-HOUSE LAWYERS? HERE YOU GO

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Take the ACC/TAL Survey: How Are In-House and Outside Counsel Changing Their Ways?

As debate rages over the death of the billable hour and the rise of the alternative fee, there is a serious shortage of data. To remedy that, the Association of Corporate Counsel and The American Lawyer launched this survey.

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Patent Litigation Weekly: Skyhook Takes a Shot at Google

Corporate Counsel

This week: The search giant faces a new kind of patent lawsuit — one brought by (imagine!) an actual competitor in an increasingly important space — smartphones.

When Is a Sale Not a Sale? When Software Changes Hands ...

Corporate Counsel

One thing's for sure — you don't own what you think you own (and you certainly can't resell it). California software company Autodesk demolishes a broad challenge to software licensing at the Ninth Circuit.

From the Experts

How Will It Affect YOU?

What lawyers need to know after the EU's highest court limits attorney-client privilege for in-house counsel.

Employers Take Heed

Discrimination laws are NOT the same everywhere: Corporate counsel have to know how to avoid fatal assumptions.

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Protecting Your Social Media Profile Against Text Spam

On April 29, 2010, I stated why the Social Media Privacy Protection Act is needed. I reiterated my position again on July 25, 2010. I did not wake up thinking about privacy issues. However, when I logged into my Google account this morning, I received the message, 'What would happen if you lost access to your Google Account tomorrow?'
- Shear on Social Media Law

Work Hard for Pomodoros — With an Egg Timer — to Fight Against the Indulgence to Procrastinate

In-house staff like to put off undesirable tasks. Everyone does. So a simple technique described in Law Practice, Sept./Oct. 2010 at 12, appeals to me, 'Set a wind-up egg timer to ring at 25 minutes: a chunk of time called a pomodoro.' While it ticks away work on one and only one task. When saved by the bell, reward yourself with a three-minute break, then start another pomodoro push.
- Law Department Management

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Have We Learned From It Yet? Lessons From Lehman's Crash

The bank's former in-house lawyers finally talk about the 2008 collapse that still provokes passionate debate — here's a point-by-point breakdown of what went wrong, and what they learned.

Who Represents America's Biggest Companies 2010: Making the Cut

Big firms predominate, jockeying for position, in Corporate Counsel's annual report on the outside law firms that corporate America turns to — for both bet-the-company litigation and everyday business. | CHART | GC COMP SURVEY | CHART | THE IN-HOUSE SALARY RANGE

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Lawyers and Clients: Is There a Smarter Way?

Lawyers and Clients: Is There a Smarter Way?

Trevor Faure, the global general counsel of Ernst & Young Global, thinks so. In his view, the business landscape has irrevocably changed. To keep pace, law firms need to serve their clients with methods that can be measured and analyzed and ultimately lead to structural improvements.

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