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wayfarer_200-3.jpgWayfarer 200

 Global Ticketing Solutions
  • Modular and upgradable
  • Adapted to different ticketing needs
  • User-friendly and simple
  • Open to hosting third-party system    

A new range of ticket sales consoles for public transport
The Wayfarer 200 is an open platform mobile computer configured with an Electronic Ticket Machine application that has been designed to meet the varied requirements of modern fare collection systems.
Its intuitive and colour graphical user interface is suitable for drivers of a public service vehicle.
The Wayfarer 200 is used to issue tickets to cash paying customers and also to handle Smart Card transactions via an integrated or separate Smart Card Validator (SCV).
This console records all transactions and other events for post event analysis by the software suite of back office computer systems. It also provides an interface to other peripheral devices.
The Wayfarer 200 can be used in mobile applications on buses, trams or trains, and can also be used in fixed point of sale locations. Data transfer to and from the unit can be achieved either by a wireless local area network or an existing wide area network for fixed applications.
Download Wayfarer 200 Wayfarer 200 technical leaflet