General Information 

 :: Location

Arignar Anna Zoological Park is  situated at Vandalur which is 32 Km away  from the metropolitan city of Chennai on  the GST Road. On the Eastern side of the  road is the zoo over a sprawling area of  602 ha.

 :: Vegetation

The vegetation of the zoological park is dry evergreen forests. The existing vegetation was scrub forests invaded by weeds and gradually due to sustained efforts it has been enriched by planting dry evergreen species. In some places there are some cashew and Eucalyptus trees. About 138 plant species are found in the area. It was so planned in early stages that the natural vegetation of the area was to be kept intact except where the enclosures, roads and structures had to be constructed. Further, this entire campus has been protected by construction of compound wall. Therefore, there was absolutely no biotic interference in this area, which has boosted the growth of the vegetation and eventually presented an aesthetic look of a natural forest.

The Zoo maintains a viable population of threatened and endangered species of the Western and the Eastern Ghats. It has many threatened exotic species also. The Zoo plays the role of Species Bank and Gene Bank for a wide variety of flora and fauna. It is an Educational Centre and offers tremendous scope for Eco-awareness and conservation education to the public. It serves as a site for basic and applied research on many aspects like animal behaviour, nutrition, ecology, biology,diseases and contributes significantly in conservation of Bio-diversity. The Zoo has the scientific and technical facilities for propagation and introduction of endangered species to its original habitat.

 :: Visitation
The zoo is open through out the year.
The zoo is closed on Tuesday.
Annually about 6-7 lakhs people visit the zoological park. The peak time is during Pongal and weekend holidays.
Year Adult Children Total Visitors Total Collection
(Rs. in Lakhs)
1996-97 4,66,000 1,75,000 6,41,000 33.16
1997-98 5,12,589 1,75,686 6,88,275 38.09
1998-99 5,59,189 1,66,335 7,25,524 40.96
1999-00 5,73,551 1,50,942 7,24,493 46.33
2000-01 6,42,695 1,56,858 7,99,553 50.64
2001-02 4,74,867 1,48,454 6,23,321 38.22
2002-03 5,16,297 1,95,297 7,11,589 82.80
2003-04 5,06,668 1,87,924 6,94,592 98.13
2004-05 5,36,010 1,68,049 7,04,059 111.36