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IronClad (TM)

Today's mobile workforce has two top concerns: security and portability. Lockheed Martin and IronKey introduce an innovative new solution for the employee on the go - IronClad™, a secure "PC on a stick" that houses your operating system, applications and data on a trusted, self-contained USB flash drive.

IronClad shrinks your hard drive onto a three-inch flash drive, portable and small enough to fit in your pocket or attach to your keychain.

Plug an IronClad drive into just about any laptop or PC, and it turns into your own computer. IronClad drives bypass the hard drive of the host computer and run your desktop, files, and applications directly from the flash drive.

Ideal for large organizations or government agencies, IronClad drives are:

  • Secure: Tamper-proof, hardware encrypted and protected by advanced security features, IronClad drives keep your sensitive data secure.
  • Mobile: Connect confidently to your company’s network from virtually anywhere, with full access to your desktop, files and apps.
  • Tough: Wrapped in a solid metal casing, IronClad stands up to heat, cold, sand, and shocks.

Contact us for more information:
1-888-9-IRONCLAD (947-6625)

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IronClad Video

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