1. Stephen Colbert’s Testimony Will Further Blur Political Reality

    Stephen Colbert’s appearance Friday before a U.S. House committee immigration subcommittee is supposed to be no joke, even though he will be testifying in character. The faux newsman, whose name boasts two sometimes-indistinguishable Wikipedia entries, is peerless when it comes to blurring the line between political reality and hyper-reality. He’s used both his real moral character [...]

    09.24.10 From Underwire
  2. Army Reveals Afghan Biometric ID Plan; Millions Scanned, Carded by May

    Scanning prisoners’ irises is just Step 1. In Afghanistan, local and NATO forces are amassing biometric dossiers on hundreds of thousands of cops, crooks, soldiers, insurgents and ordinary citizens. And now, with NATO’s backing, the Kabul government is putting together a plan to issue biometrically backed identification cards to 1.65 million Afghans by next May. The [...]

    09.24.10 From Danger Room
  3. Time-Warping Occurs in Daily Life

    Exploring the peculiar effects of Einstein???s relativity is no longer rocket science. Tabletop experiments at a lab in Colorado have illustrated the odd behavior of time, a strangeness typically probed with space travel and jet planes. Using superprecise atomic clocks, scientists have witnessed time dilation ??? the bizarre speeding up or slowing down of time described [...]

    09.23.10 From Wired Science
  4. Kuiper Belt Dust Could Tell Aliens We’re Here

    A hole in the dust disk surrounding our solar system would tell alien observers there are planets here, a new simulation shows. The new model, which tracks thousands of tiny particles beyond the orbit of Neptune, could help astronomers work out the properties of planets in other stars’ dust disks. “We’re trying to create a new [...]

    09.23.10 From Wired Science
  5. ‘Ladies of Sci-Fi’ Burlesque Show Turns Space Badasses Into Strippers

    What is it with sci-fi and burlesque lately? Los Angeles dance troupe Devils Playground recently put on a “Ladies of Sci-Fi” strip show featuring performers dressed up (and then undressed) as Ellen Ripley from Alien, Pris from Blade Runner, space bimbo Barbarella and other familiar females from science fiction. “I love her costume,” says Lux Lacroix, whose [...]

    09.23.10 From Underwire
  6. New Fringe Season Hops on Doppelganger Express

    Addressing the issue of brainwashed mind over matter — or maybe it’s the other way around — Fringe digs deep into identity crisis mode for its Season 3 premiere. In Thursday’s “Over There” episode, blonde, humorless FBI agent Olivia Dunham, portrayed with steely intent by Anna Torv, finds herself trapped in an alternate universe that would [...]

    09.23.10 From Underwire
  7. Video: Two Full Days of Saturn’s Aurora

    Saturn’s aurora shimmers and shines over the course of two full days in a new movie and images from Cassini orbiter. In an ongoing study compiling thousands of these images, scientists are beginning to decipher what drives the celestial light show. Much like Earth’s northern and southern lights, Saturn’s aurora is triggered when charged particles from [...]

    09.23.10 From Wired Science
  8. How T9 Predictive Text Input Changed Mobile Phones

    Before smartphones took away keyboards and replaced them with slick touchscreens, T9 was the king of software on mobile devices. The predictive text entry method changed how people composed messages and allowed us to type faster than ever on tiny keyboards. It gave us a glimpse into a world where phones would not just help people [...]

    09.23.10 From Gadget Lab
  9. The Library of Congress Acquires Working Photog’s Prints

    Photographers are finding many unconventional homes for their work these days, but Brian Frank was especially surprised when the Library of Congress wanted to purchase some of his photos that other media outlets had passed on. “One of the first things I thought about was that I’d be part of a collection with the great FSA [...]

    09.23.10 From Raw File
  10. Texas Tail Saves Florida Panthers, for Now

    In a rare story of conservation success, a last-ditch effort to save the Florida panther has slowed, if not reversed, the marvelous animal’s decline. Fifteen years ago, America’s last eastern panther population had shrunk to several dozen individuals, riddled with genetic defects and too inbred to survive much longer. Conservationists introduced eight female panthers trapped in Texas. [...]

    09.23.10 From Wired Science
  1. Community’s ‘Twittersode’ Just Might Work

    By Leor Galil, guest blogger Before Community’s Season 2 premiere Thursday night, the people behind the TV show will dish out laughs in 140-character bursts during a “Twittersode.” That’s a Twitter episode. No, the creators of the comedy, which follows disbarred lawyer Jeff Winger and his interactions with students when he starts attending community college, won’t be [...]

    09.23.10 From Underwire
  2. Verizon CEO Throws Wet Blanket on iPhone Rumors

    By??Chris Foresman Though rumors about the possibility of Apple launching a CDMA-compatible iPhone on Verizon have been picking up steam lately???our own sources have told us that an LTE-capable iPhone has??been in testing in Boston for several months???Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg suggested Thursday that it??might not be coming in January as many had hoped. Speaking at a [...]

    09.23.10 From Gadget Lab
  3. Facebook Goes Down, Gallows Humor Ensues on Twitter – Updated

    Facebook went down Thursday, impeding access to the web site from browsers as well as third-party apps. “We???re currently experiencing some site issues causing Facebook to be slow or unavailable for some users,” a spokeswoman told Wired.com in an e-mail. “We are working to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.” The outage was met [...]

    09.23.10 From Epicenter
  4. Has Sony Ericsson Botched its Android Strategy?

    Sony Ericsson’s Xperia Android phone owners are in for some bad news. The company has delayed the rollout of the upgrade to Android 2.1?? version of the operating system for Xperia phones in the U.S. Instead of updating existing devices–the Xperia X10, Xperia X10 mini and Xperia X10 mini pro–to Android 2.1 at the end of [...]

    09.23.10 From Gadget Lab
  5. Blockbuster Worm Aimed for Infrastructure, But No Proof Iran Nukes Were Target

    An exceptionally sophisticated piece of malware designed to attack programs used in critical infrastructure and other facilities garnered extensive attention among computer security experts this week as new details about its design and capabilities emerge, along with speculation it was aimed at disrupting Iran’s nuclear program. “It’s the most complex piece of malware we’ve seen in [...]

    09.23.10 From Threat Level
  6. Japanese Teen Creams North Korean Soccer Team

    The future of women’s soccer in Japan looks bright, if this performance from Kumi Yokoyama is any indicator. Facing off against North Korea on Tuesday in the semis of the Under-17 Women’s World Cup, Yokoyama threaded the North Korean defense like a master tailor and scored the winning goal to send her team to Saturday’s championship [...]

    09.23.10 From Playbook
  7. Mini Woos Trendy Urban Hipsters With E-Scooter

    Mini, for whatever reason, is rolling into the Paris Motor Show with an electric scooter it says “meets the needs of the young urban generation,” because “it’s spontaneous, flexible and CO2-free.” British model Agyness Deyn yanked the sheets off three versions of the E-Scooter Concept in London on Wednesday night, and she sounded more excited than [...]

    09.23.10 From Autopia
  8. Video: DeathSpank Rides Again in Thongs of Virtue

    runMobileCompatibilityScript('myExperience615446796001', 'anId'); brightcove.createExperiences(); DeathSpank is back, and he’s after your unmentionables. Electronic Arts released DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue for Xbox Live on Tuesday and PlayStation Network on Monday. The action-RPG is the follow-up to DeathSpank, which was released this July. I loved the first game: It was a fun and breezy Diablo-like diversion with excellent writing [...]

    09.23.10 From GameLife
  9. Startup Plans Pocketable Dual-Screen E-Reader

    Just seven months after unveiling the Entourage eDGe, a device that somewhat awkwardly combined an e-reader and a LCD screen, Entourage is gearing up to launch a pocket-sized version. The original dual-screen eDGe has a 9.7-inch E Ink screen on the left half and a 10-inch touchscreen LCD on the right. That means you could [...]

    09.23.10 From Gadget Lab
  10. Apple, Startup Go to Trial Over Pod Trademark

    Apple is scheduled to go to trial with a startup to fight over a three-letter word: Pod. The trademark battle centers on independent entrepreneur Daniel Kokin (right), founder of startup Sector Labs, and his in-development video projector called Video Pod.??Apple had previously filed oppositions against Kokin’s usage of “Pod,” alleging that it would cause customers to [...]

    09.23.10 From Gadget Lab
  1. Ancient Fossil Flower Is Father of Sunflower Family

    A 45 million-year-old fossil flower found in northern Argentina has uncovered the evolutionary roots of Earth’s most populous plant family. Called Asteraceae, the family includes dozens of domesticated species — from sunflowers, daisies and chrysanthemums to lettuce, artichoke and tarragon — and some 23,000 undomesticated plants. But despite its ubiquity, Asteraceae’s fossil legacy is sparse, containing [...]

    09.23.10 From Wired Science
  2. Netflix Lies to Canadians, Insults Americans, Still Looks Good

    Oh, Netflix. We can’t stay mad at you. Even though you clearly think we’re all a bunch of idiots. Netflix just launched Watch Instantly in Canada with a big press event. Unfortunately, apparently they were also (for reasons unknown) simultaneously, at the same location, shooting a corporate video with hired extras who (according to Netflix’s official [...]

    09.23.10 From Gadget Lab
  3. New Deathly Hallows Pics Present Penultimate Potter (Update: New Trailer Added)

    Images courtesy Warner Bros. runMobileCompatibilityScript('myExperience616287040001', 'anId'); brightcove.createExperiences(); See Also: Trailer: Harry Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Photos: Blood, Struggles Mark Final Harry Potter Flicks

    09.23.10 From Underwire
  4. Deus Ex 3 Trailer Channels Blade Runner, Watchmen

    runMobileCompatibilityScript('myExperience615487069001', 'anId'); brightcove.createExperiences(); Watch the opening moments of the newest trailer for Deus Ex: Human Revolution and you’ll see nods to Blade Runner and Watchmen. Sit tight, though, and you’ll find that the game owes its biggest debt to Metal Gear Solid — at least when it comes to its action-packed cut scenes. Deus Ex: [...]

    09.23.10 From GameLife
  5. Elvira Returns With Night of the Living Dead

    Campy vamp Elvira returns to television this weekend, screening vintage horror films on her revived show, Elvira’s Movie Macabre. The weekly series kicks off with a movie that’s a cut above the usual schlock-and-awe cinema favored by the Mistress of the Dark during the ’80s incarnation of the show: George A. Romero’s groundbreaking 1968 zombie flick, [...]

    09.23.10 From Underwire
  6. Venus’ Polar Vortex Is Surprisingly Wild

    The long-sought double hurricane at Venus’ south pole has disappeared. New images from ESA’s Venus Express spacecraft show that the so-called polar vortex, which was thought to swirl steadily around the planet’s poles at all times, is actually a chaotic maelstrom. A gigantic hurricane with two calm, dark eyes was discovered at Venus’ north pole by [...]

    09.23.10 From Wired Science
  7. Chrome Frame Leaves Beta, All Set to Hijack an IE Near You

    Google’s controversial Chrome Frame browser plug-in is now out of beta and ready for prime time. Chrome Frame is an Internet Explorer plug-in that replaces the default IE rendering engine, which is lacking in support for web standards, with the more modern and capable engine that powers Google’s Chrome browser. It essentially embeds Google’s browser inside [...]

    09.23.10 From Epicenter
  8. Chrome Frame Leaves Beta, All Set to Hijack an IE Near You

    Google’s controversial Chrome Frame browser plug-in is now out of beta and ready for prime time. Chrome Frame is an Internet Explorer plug-in that replaces the default IE rendering engine, which is lacking in support for web standards, with the more modern and capable engine that powers Google’s Chrome browser. It essentially embeds Google’s browser inside [...]

    09.23.10 From Webmonkey
  9. Ain’t No Party Like a Blackwater Party, ‘Cause a Blackwater Party Got Coke, ‘Roids, and AKs

    Your favorite ballplayers had former bat boy Kirk Radomski get them their steroids. While in Iraq, Blackwater had a Texas businessman named Howard Lowry, who bought steroids “by the case” for juicing security contractors. And Lowry didn’t just help Blackwater’s guards get jacked. He helped them get deadly as well, buying over 100 AK-47s and ammunition [...]

    09.23.10 From Danger Room
  10. The Future of Autonomous Mars Rovers

    By Emmet Cole, Wired UK Researchers from across Europe — with a little help from experts at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory — are working on a new, robotic exploration system that could enable future Mars rovers to independently explore the planet’s surface, identifying geological and biological samples and performing their own terrain hazard [...]

    09.23.10 From Wired Science
  1. How You Can Help Stop Shark Finning

    Humanity’s appetites threaten many shark species with extinction, and a taste for their fins ensures that the animals die in the most gruesome way possible ??? caught, relieved of their fins, dumped writhing back into the water. It’s an ecological and moral catastrophe, but one that people can end. Earlier this year, Hawaii outlawed the [...]

    09.23.10 From Wired Science
  2. How to Root Your Nook and Run Android Apps

    Oh, you thought we were just all up in Amazon’s Kindle on the tweed beat here at Gadget Lab? NOT TRUE. The newest iteration of Barnes & Noble’s Nook offered Wi-Fi only before Kindle, dropped its prices before Kindle — and yes, it was jailbroken and rooted a long time ago. Major advantage to rooting [...]

    09.23.10 From Gadget Lab
  3. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg To Give $100 Million to Newark, NY, Schools

    NEW YORK (Reuters) – Facebook founder and chief executive Mark Zuckerberg plans to announce he will donate $100 million to help improve public schools in Newark, New Jersey, according to U.S. media reports. The announcement due on Friday would coincide with the premiere of “The Social Network,” a Hollywood movie by David [...]

    09.23.10 From Epicenter
  4. CIA Snitches Are Pakistan Drone-Spotters

    How the CIA managed to expand its drone war so far and so fast has been a bit of a mystery. Now we have part of the answer: a network of Pashtun snitches, operating out of eastern Afghanistan, that infiltrate militant networks across the border. The information they collect helps direct the drones. Sometimes the [...]

    09.23.10 From Danger Room
  5. I Find Your Lack Of Votes Disturbing

    GameSpot’s All-Time Greatest Game Villain tournament is wrapping up tonight. After weeks of voting and head-to-head battles, it’s down to two: from the Starcraft series, Queen of Blades and leader of the Swarm, Sarah Kerrigan, doing battle against the Dark Lord of the Sith from The Force Unleashed. With just hours remaining, Kerrigan is leading [...]

    09.23.10 From GeekDad
  6. DIY, Battery-Powered Coil-Gun Destroys All Toys

    You’re a kid, and therefore you like to shoot things. But what if the catapult and the air-rifle just aren’t cutting it anymore? Then you, like Jason (aka Larsplatoon) make your own coil-gun. The styling is straight out of a video-game, but inside the engineering is very real, and very lethal. A coil-gun uses a magnetic [...]

    09.23.10 From Gadget Lab
  7. How to Do Everything on Your Kindle, Pt. 2: Jailbreak Edition!

    The Kindle 3 is a deceptively capable device, but Amazon doesn’t, by default, give you access to a lot of what’s going on under the hood. (The “Settings” menu only has three choices.) This is why some users pop that hood using jailbreaking tools — tools that work on the Kindle 3. I haven’t taken this [...]

    09.23.10 From Gadget Lab
  8. Military’s Cyber Commander Swears: “No Role” in Civilian Networks

    If your business gets hacked, don’t bother calling the U.S. military’s new Cyber Command. Sure, the unit has some of the government’s top geeks — and is oh-so-conveniently co-located with the network infiltration experts at the National Security Agency. But Cyber Command is too busy trying to shore up the Pentagon’s digital defenses. Plus, they’re [...]

    09.23.10 From Danger Room
  9. Wooden Notebook Case: High-Class or Shop-Class?

    Over at Gizmodo, Kat Hannaford has this to say about the kind of person who might by this wooden notebook case: You know that eccentric uncle, who sits surrounded by leather-bound books in his study, drinking whisky? That’s how I imagine these laptop cases smell.. When I read this, my hair prickled on my neck. I am [...]

    09.23.10 From Gadget Lab
  10. Get Creative With Art & Max

    I first discovered David Wiesner in college, when I came across Tuesday, his mostly-wordless picture book featuring frogs flying on lily pads. His watercolor illustrations were amazingly detailed and just the right mix of realism and cartoony. (Side note: My then-girlfriend bought it for me for Christmas. I ended up marrying her.) Tuesday won Wiesner [...]

    09.23.10 From GeekDad
  1. mSpot’s Streaming Cloud Music is Hot – On Android

    Streaming music is turning out to be popular for Android users, as the mSpot music service is reporting Thursday that its mobile music streaming app for Android has been downloaded over half a million times since it launched in early summer. Users have been limited to 2GB of free storage – a not-miserly 1600 songs, but [...]

    09.23.10 From Epicenter
  2. Please, Don’t Over-Engineer My Toast!

    This post is about user interface design, but it’s going to take me a while to get there. Please be patient. When I got married in 1993, my wife and I received three presents that really went above and beyond the usual wedding fare: Cousin Skipper gave us a porcelain umbrella stand that was a thoughtful and [...]

    09.23.10 From GeekDad
  3. Solar Roads Fix The Grid And Crumbling Pavement

    A revolutionary idea that converts existing roadways into a national solar power grid is up for a major cash prize. Scott Brusaw (shown above) is working on a project to encapsulate solar panels in high-strength glass capable of standing up to thousands of cars and trucks passing by each day. He estimates that a single parking [...]

    09.23.10 From Autopia
  4. Review: Brave the Dungeon to Capture the Thunderstone

    Overview: Thunderstone, along with the expansion Wrath of the Elements, is a deck-building game. Each player starts with a few basic cards, which they use to collect new weapons, spells, villagers and heroes. Once they’re sufficiently armed they attempt to defeat the monsters in the dungeon in an attempt to capture the powerful Thunderstone. Players: 2 [...]

    09.23.10 From GeekDad
  5. Great Geek Debates: Dragon*Con vs. PAX

    For the past three years, convention-going geeks have had to choose: Dragon*Con or PAX. Two conventions on opposite ends of the United States, each with its own unique programming, occurring during the same Labor Day weekend. What’s a geek to do? Dragon*Con (D*C) began as a get-together for users of a local Atlanta bulletin board system [...]

    09.23.10 From GeekDad
  6. Story Patch: A New Storytelling iPad App for Fun, Education and Sharing

    I recently had the opportunity to meet with Matt Wymore, the creator of Story Patch, a new storytelling app for the iPad. Story Patch allows kids to create their own stories, either guided by the program or all on their own. After talking with Matt and using the app for over two hours, I came [...]

    09.23.10 From GeekDad
  7. This Week in The Clone Wars: Going Back to Ryloth

    In this week’s episode, “Supply Lines,” Star Wars: The Clone Wars goes back to Ryloth to explain why Yoda was there in the season premiere two years ago. While this may seem a little meta, my seven-year-old shrieked “Ryloth!” with delight as soon as he saw the first few frames of the clip. Ryloth is [...]

    09.23.10 From GeekDad
  8. 75 Years of Cool Cats

    09.23.10 From Autopia
  9. Sept. 23, 1889: Success Is in the Cards for Nintendo

    1889: Fusajiro Yamauchi founds Nintendo Koppai in Kyoto, Japan, to manufacture hanafuda, Japanese playing cards. Western-style playing cards originally came to Japan in the 16th century with Portuguese traders, but over the ensuing three centuries a variety of different card games were created in Japan. The most popular in the late 1800s were hanafuda, cards printed [...]

    09.23.10 From This Day In Tech
  10. Artists Grab 5,000 Web Images for 1 Massive Collage

    To produce the dense, hypersaturated art pieces seen in their new exhibition, two artists googled the web, scoured fan forums and browsed Flickr accounts to round up 5,000 images for a single collage. The duo, who work under the moniker Simmons & Burke, then assembled their visual plunder into the eye-popping print, pictured above. “We [...]

    09.23.10 From Underwire
  1. Animated Avengers Takes Flight With Iron Man’s Birth

    “Iron Man is Born!” proclaims the first micro-episode of new animated series The Avengers: Earth???s Mightiest Heroes, previewed Wednesday on Marvel’s official site and at right. The show premieres Oct. 20 on Disney XD, one of many networks owned by Marvel Comics‘ new corporate parent. In the lead up to the series premiere, new online micro-episodes [...]

    09.22.10 From Underwire
  2. Nyet! Russia Now Won’t Sell Badass Missile to Iran

    Less than a week ago, Defense Secretary Robert Gates shared a meal with his Russian counterpart aboard a riverboat on the Potomac. Today, Russia made an abrupt about-face on a big U.S. priority. Moscow is not going to sell Iran a highly advanced anti-aircraft missile system. The turnaround means Tehran is both more vulnerable to [...]

    09.22.10 From Danger Room
  3. Claustrophobia Cinema: Buried Stars 1 Actor, 1 Coffin, 1 Cellphone

    For 17 days last summer, movie star Ryan Reynolds’ routine went something like this: 1. Show up at soundstage in Barcelona, Spain. 2. Get inside coffin. 3. Act. Buried, which opens in limited release Friday following its Fantastic Fest premiere Thursday, takes place entirely inside a wooden box 2 feet beneath the ground. For 94 minutes, Reynolds’ character, [...]

    09.22.10 From Underwire
  4. T-Mobile Claims Right to Censor Text Messages

    T-Mobile told a federal judge Wednesday it may pick and choose which text messages to deliver on its network in a case weighing whether wireless carriers have the same “must carry” obligations as wire-line telephone providers. The Bellevue, Washington-based wireless service is being sued by a texting service claiming T-Mobile stopped servicing its “short code” clients [...]

    09.22.10 From Threat Level
  5. Good Old Games ‘Death’ Was Publicity Stunt, New Website Incoming

    Contrary to an unpopular hoax, the purveyors of Good Old Games said Wednesday that their site was not going under. Good Old Games is an online videogame retailer that specializes in selling downloadable versions of PC gaming classics free of copy protection. Fans were shocked and disappointed on Sunday when the Good Old Games website appeared to [...]

    09.22.10 From GameLife
  6. FanVision Brings More Football to Fans at the Game

    When New England Patriots receiver Randy Moss made a sensational touchdown catch last Sunday, most of the 78,535 fans at New Meadowlands Stadium in New Jersey could only look to one of the stadium’s four, high-def video boards to relive the play. But a small number of people had a more convenient way to watch [...]

    09.22.10 From Playbook
  7. Backyard Sports: Rookie Rush — GeekDad Video Exclusive

    Rock the field with Backyard Sports: Rookie Rush, coming October 26, 2010 from Atari for the XBox 360 and the Nintendo Wii! The game will include several mini-games and will be playable by up to four people at a time. While you’re waiting for it to appear on store shelves, enjoy this exclusive-to-GeekDad video:

    09.22.10 From GeekDad
  8. Open Data’s Access Problem, and How to Solve it

    The recent Gov 2.0 summit in Washington D.C. saw several promising new announcements which will help government agencies share code and best practices for making public data available to developers. The idea behind new projects like Challenge.gov, the FCC’s new developer tools and the Civic Commons is that by giving developers access to data previously stored [...]

    09.22.10 From Webmonkey
  9. New Aurora Webcam Captures Spectacular Videos, Images

    The return of winter darkness and sub-zero temperatures comes with at least one bright side for residents of Northern Canada — the return of aurora borealis displays. Luckily for those of us living in southern latitudes, we too can now watch the show from the relative comfort of warmer climates. The live webcam, called AuroraMax, was [...]

    09.22.10 From Wired Science
  10. Play 8-Bit Glee Interactive

    Staple of the American chiptune scene and HipTrax regular Doctor Octoroc has once again partnered with famed YouTubers The Station to create another phenomenal 8-bit interactive game. This one is based on popular Fox musical dramedy Glee and, like its predecessors 8-Bit Twilight and the 8-Bit Doctor Horrible series, it’s already proving to be the [...]

    09.22.10 From GeekDad
  1. Hands-On: Pac-Man Goes Cannibal in Battle Royale

    TOKYO — After three decades spent munching ghosts, Pac-Man has become bored with his diet and gone cannibal. While the characters and maze look familiar in Pac-Man Battle Royale, Namco Bandai’s latest iteration of its most popular videogame franchise, the potential for multiplayer competition makes the game sizzle. Up to four gamers can go head-to-head, and [...]

    09.22.10 From GameLife
  2. Report: Christopher Nolan Wants Inception Videogame

    Inception director Christopher Nolan hopes to create a videogame based on his cerebral sci-fi film, Variety reported Tuesday. “(What) we are looking at doing is developing a videogame based on the world of the film, which has all kinds of ideas that you can’t fit into a feature film,” he said during a press conference in [...]

    09.22.10 From GameLife
  3. Storyboard: How to Watch TV in the 21st Century

    Television is supposed to be easy — there’s a reason it’s called the “idiot box.” It used to be you sat down, grabbed your remote and a beverage, and slouched on the couch in an Al Bundy repose to enjoy hours of easy entertainment. Not anymore. TV’s new moniker should be the WTF? box. These days, [...]

    09.22.10 From Magazine
  4. Terminator 1984 Comic Reboots Cameron’s Sci-Fi Classic

    Writer Zack Whedon and artist Andy MacDonald re-imagine James Cameron’s sci-fi movie The Terminator in a new comic. On shelves Sept. 29, The Terminator 1984’s first issue finds future hero Kyle Reese traveling back in time to a Los Angeles terrorized by the merciless T-800 made instantly famous by Arnold Schwarzenegger. This time, Reese has a [...]

    09.22.10 From Underwire
  5. Video: Behold the Glory of 750 Horsepower

    Aston Martin had a simple goal when it set out to build the One-77: Build the best. Period. The super exotic supercar — so named because just 77 will be built when production begins next year — is to be “the ultimate expression of design, engineering and craftsmanship” for the British automaker. As the car nears [...]

    09.22.10 From Autopia
  6. Awesome Fantastic Fest Posters Illuminate Texas Genre Blowout

    Powerful new posters for Fantastic Fest, the annual genre film festival held in Austin, Texas, transport movie advertising back to a time when it relied on striking artwork rather than 3-D gimmickry.

    09.22.10 From Underwire
  7. Swirls and Whorls Shine in a Stellar Lagoon

    Dust clouds in the luminous Lagoon Nebula swirl in harsh stellar winds in this new image from Hubble’s Advanced Camera for Surveys. The nebula’s tranquil name contrasts starkly with the violent activity that sculpted it. Located 4 to 5 thousand light-years away in the constellation Sagittarius, the Lagoon Nebula is a vast stellar nursery 100 light-years [...]

    09.22.10 From Wired Science
  8. Solar Plane Flies Around Switzerland

    The Solar Impulse team continues to expand the capabilities of their airplane, HB-SIA, with a tour of Switzerland this week. The flights are aimed at making multiple takeoffs and landings in one day and have the airplane fly in the same airspace as other aircraft. Yesterday pilot Andr?? Borschberg flew from the home base in Payerne [...]

    09.22.10 From Autopia
  9. Video: One EV, One Electric Superbike, One Track

    runMobileCompatibilityScript('myExperience614711912001', 'anId'); brightcove.createExperiences(); You just knew someone would do this eventually, and so they have: lined up an electric sports car alongside and electric sportbike and dropped the flag to see what would happen. One one side we had the Citroen Survolt, an electric concept driven by Vanina Ickx, whose father happens to be famed driver [...]

    09.22.10 From Autopia
  10. Zaphod Gives JavaScript Developers Two-Headed Power

    What’s become so complicated you need two heads to figure it out? JavaScript of course. Mozilla Labs recently launched a new project dubbed Zaphod, named for the two-headed President of the Galaxy in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Zaphod is a Firefox add-on that has two “heads” of its own. Zaphod’s primary head, in this [...]

    09.22.10 From Webmonkey
  1. Happy Hobbit Day! Seven Geeky Ways to Celebrate Frodo and Bilbo’s Birthday With Your Kids

    Image via Wikipedia Today is September 22nd, otherwise known as Frodo and Bilbo’s birthday for those of us more hobbit-minded. What, you don’t have anything planned yet? Well, no worries. While not (yet) a nationally recognized holiday, here are seven easy ways to celebrate the day with your kids! Cook some hobbity food. This is easy! [...]

    09.22.10 From GeekDad
  2. CIA’s Afghan Kill Teams Expand U.S. War in Pakistan [Updated]

    Let there be no doubt that the U.S. is at war in Pakistan. It’s not just the drone strikes. According to insider journalist Bob Woodward’s new book, the CIA manages a large and lethal band of Afghan fighters to infiltrate into Pakistan and attack al-Qaeda’s bases. What could possibly go wrong? Woodward’s not-yet-available Obama’s Wars, excerpted [...]

    09.22.10 From Danger Room
  3. Hold Onto Your Beret: Peugeot EV Sets 6 Acceleration Records

    In celebration of the 200th anniversary of the Peugeot brand, the French automaker has unveiled the EX1, an electric supercar that accelerates faster than a cork popped from a bottle of Veuve Cliquot. Their birthday present makes its official debut at the 2010 Par??s Motor Show and then proceed to impress a burgeoning automotive market by [...]

    09.22.10 From Autopia
  4. Green Marines Phase Out Fuel, Take Solar Generators to War

    The greenest Marine company ever is going to war, as they prep to deploy with a new collection of solar-powered equipment that could reduce their fuel consumption in Afghanistan by 30 to 50 percent. India Company of the 3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, based at Camp Pendleton, California, will be the first to make a concerted [...]

    09.22.10 From Danger Room
  5. For Wingsuit Proximity Fliers, Every Leap is Faithful

    More than skydiving or traditional BASE jumping, wingsuit proximity flying takes that larger-than-life, Imax-theater feeling of falling to your certain death to new heights. If you’re not familiar, let’s break it down because each of those words are ever so crucial to defining this sport’s palm-sweating awesomeness. Flying: Well, that’s self-explanatory. You’re flying (by way of [...]

    09.22.10 From Playbook
  6. Lotus Promises a Sharp Hybrid in 2014

    Lotus is rolling into the Paris auto show with a sharp new model called the Elite, a V-8–powered touring car with a folding hard top and — get this — an optional hybrid powertrain. Lotus has long been dabbling in green(er) motoring, building everything from engines that run on almost anything to an eco-chic Elise made [...]

    09.22.10 From Autopia
  7. Shatner’s Brain Works Its Sexy Magic on Sh*t My Dad Says

    Justin Halpern struck gold by quoting his foul-mouthed father’s observations on Twitter. After @shitmydadsays took off, Halpern turned the Twitter phenomenon into a New York Times best-seller, Sh*t My Dad Says. Next comes $#*! My Dad Says, the new sitcom he’s producing that stars William Shatner as the proverbial shit-talking Dad. In a Wired.com exclusive, Halpern [...]

    09.22.10 From Underwire
  8. Sept. 22, 1791: Faraday Enters a World He Will Change

    1791: Michael Faraday is born. In his 76 years on the planet, the chemist-physicist will make fundamental contributions to our understanding of electricity and magnetism, advise governments and establish lasting institutions of scientific education. Faraday came from a working-class family and had to go to work after rudimentary schooling in reading, writing and arithmetic. But genius [...]

    09.22.10 From This Day In Tech
  9. Doc of the Day: Feds’ Guide To Snitching on Your Terrorist Neighbor

    That dude next door, man — I used to think he was an OK guy, but now all the bags of fertilizer from Home Depot piled up in his garage are starting to worry me. And what’s with that beard? He’s not a — you don’t think – For today’s Doc of the Day, here’s a [...]

    09.22.10 From Danger Room
  10. Death-Wish Jobs: Smokejumpers Meld Sky Diving, Firefighting

    09.22.10 From Raw File
  1. Video: Making a Spartan: Behind the Scenes of 300

    How did the Spartans of 300 become "perfect killing machines"? Director Zack Snyder gives a little back story in this clip, taken from the bonus content accompanying the movie's iTunes release.

    09.21.10 From Underwire
  2. Interview with Mystery Guest 2010 Creator Heather Owings

    Jane Doh conducted the following email interview with Heather Owens about her experience creating an alternate reality game for students at the Finksburg Library in Carroll County, Maryland. This is the second alternate reality game Owens created for the library, and she discusses the lessons learned from both experiences. By Jane Doh, originally posted at ARGNet This [...]

    09.21.10 From Magazine
  3. Trailer: Slam Like Michael Jordan in NBA 2K11

    See Andre Iguodala, Josh Smith and Russell Westbrook show off their skills using a virtual Michael Jordan, one of the playable characters in the upcoming basketball game.

    09.21.10 From GameLife
  4. Supreme Court Eyeing RIAA ‘Innocent Infringer’ Case

    The U.S. Supreme Court is weighing into the first RIAA file sharing case to reach its docket, requesting that the music labels’ litigation arm respond to a case testing the so-called “innocent infringer” defense to copyright infringement. The case pending before the justices concerns a federal appeals court’s February decision ordering a university student to pay [...]

    09.21.10 From Threat Level
  5. Michael Jackson Inspires Planet Michael MMO

    A Michael Jackson-themed massively multiplayer game will welcome players into a virtual world inspired by the late singer’s lyrics. Planet Michael, due to launch in 2011, will draw from the King of Pop’s many philanthropic interests, which will serve as a basis for the game’s social elements. An in-game economy will allow players, in certain circumstances, [...]

    09.21.10 From GameLife
  6. New Wave of Spanish-Language Sci-Fi Films Tackle Alien Incursions

    Spanish-language sci-fi thrived in the 1960s, when Mexican filmmakers churned out dozens of outrageous B movies like Santo the Silver Mask vs. The Martian Invasion. Now, a wave of more-sophisticated films hover on the horizon. The latest to pop onto the radar is Extraterrestre, by Spanish director Nacho Vigalondo. The Spanish writer-director, who made 2007’s time-travel [...]

    09.21.10 From Underwire
  7. Sex! Hackers! Embellishment! The Inside Story of the Facebook Movie

    Mark Zuckerberg will become the first tech nerd to be granted Hollywood celebrity when the movie based on his college exploits and Silicon Valley conquests hits screens this fall.

    09.21.10 From Magazine
  8. At This Price, Coda’s EV Faces a Tough Climb

    As an upstart automaker, Coda Automotive always faced an uphill fight against electric cars like the Nissan Leaf. Slapping a $44,900 price tag on its forthcoming EV has made the road ahead that much steeper. The Southern California startup finally announced the price of the four-door, five-passenger Coda Sedan it begins selling throughout California in December, [...]

    09.21.10 From Autopia
  9. Steven Tyler Croons for Space Battleship Yamato

    Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler has recorded a space ballad for upcoming Japanese sci-fi movie, Space Battleship Yamato. You can hear a bit of “Love Lives” in the awesomely captioned film trailer above. The live-action movie is based on the Space Battleship Yamato anime series, which was released as Star Blazers in North America and Australia. The [...]

    09.21.10 From Underwire
  10. Pentagon Bomb Squad Backs Super Snipers, Mini-Bots, Secret Spy Tech

    “Devil Pup” robots. Super sniper scopes. Secret signals intelligence sensors. Flying spies to find buried threats. Campaigns to influence the media behind the scenes. Those are just a few of the tools the Pentagon has turned to, as part of its $17 billion, five-year effort to stop makeshift bombs. Improvised explosive devices, or IEDs, remain the [...]

    09.21.10 From Danger Room
  1. Memorialize Bill Hicks, Win Essential Box Set

    The late, great Bill Hicks carpet-bombed comedy convention before prematurely succumbing to cancer in 1991 at the age of 32. But his alternately hilarious and controversial legacy is compiled at last in Bill Hicks: The Essential Collection, out now from Ryko. Enter now to win a copy as part of Wired.com's Bill Hicks prize package.

    09.21.10 From Underwire
  2. Giant Robot Mag Packs Free Indie Game Return of the Quack

    Videogame magazines aimed at the enthusiast crowd have been bundling game demos with their print editions for years. But now long-running pop-culture magazine Giant Robot will be giving away an entire indie game with the purchase of their publication. Erik Nakamura, publisher of Giant Robot, announced Monday that Issue 67 of his magazine would come with [...]

    09.21.10 From GameLife
  3. Feds: Privacy Does Not Exist in ‘Public Places’

    The Obama administration has urged a federal appeals court to allow the government, without a court warrant, to affix GPS devices on suspects’ vehicles to track their every move. The Justice Department is demanding a federal appeals court rehear a case in which it reversed the conviction and life sentence of a cocaine dealer whose vehicle [...]

    09.21.10 From Threat Level
  4. How to Slice an Hour Out of a Ridley Scott Film

    Hacking a feature film down to size can be a daunting task. Oscar-winning film editor Pietro Scalia tells about his experience whittling away at Robin Hood with the director by his side. Plus: Enter to win a Blu-ray copy of Robin Hood and a PlayStation3 to watch it on.

    09.21.10 From Underwire
  5. Baseball Quashes Expanded Instant Replay for Playoffs

    As in all things baseball, Commissioner Bud rules over all. During last night’s game between the New York Yankees and Tampa Bay Rays, Bud Selig declared that Major League Baseball will not see expanded use of instant replay during the 2010 playoffs. “I brought the subject up, as I always do with everybody,” Selig told the [...]

    09.21.10 From Playbook
  6. Schools and Libraries Can Rent Fiber with Fed Funds, FCC Says

    Schools and libraries around the country are now free to turn themselves into internet speed-demons and share the broadband wealth with their neighbors, thanks to a Tuesday policy change by the FCC intended to put competitive pressure on the nation’s telecoms. The FCC announced Tuesday that it will allow schools to use federal technology funds known [...]

    09.21.10 From Epicenter
  7. Get a Closer Look at Bioshock Infinite’s Prohibition-Era World

    New screenshots from Bioshock Infinite take us deeper into the upcoming game’s twisted, Prohibition-era world. The sequel, which marks creator Ken Levine’s return to the series after he skipped Bioshock 2, takes place in Columbia, a sky city with imperialist overtones and, undoubtedly, no shortage of moral dilemmas. Follow us on Twitter: @lewiswallace and @GameLife. See Also: Bioshock [...]

    09.21.10 From GameLife
  8. Senators, Fixated on Gays, Ignore Marines’ Future

    General James Amos, the first-ever aviator nominated to be Commandant of the Marine Corps, appeared this morning before the Senate Armed Services Committee to discuss how he’ll lead the nation’s Marines. It’s a big subject, because so much is in flux for the Corps: the Marine future in Afghanistan; how the Marines return post-Afghanistan to [...]

    09.21.10 From Danger Room
  9. Porsche Unveils 4th-Gen Speedster

    Porsche’s latest iteration of its iconic Speedster will be unveiled next month at the Paris Motor Show. Built on the current 911, the newest Speedster will be limited to just 356 cars, an homage to the original. Like the original 356 Speedster introduced in 1953, the new 911 Speedster offers just two seats, a raked back [...]

    09.21.10 From Autopia
  10. Sincerely Ours: Glee’s Success Cements Age of Geeky ‘New Sincerity’

    We all could use a break from jaded irony. Luckily, sincerity is on the rise -- just turn on your TV.

    09.21.10 From Underwire
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