Success stories

Emma Harrison, A4e

Emma HarrisonEmma set up her company A4e in 1991 initially to provide skills and employment training for workers made unemployed by the decline in Sheffield’s steel industry. She has since built A4e into a competitive public services company that delivers a range of services to, amongst others, the financially excluded and long-term unemployed. Today A4E turns over in excess of £100 million.

The company’s vision is to ‘Improve peoples lives’ and it does so globally, having touched the lives of over 1 million people in the last 15 years. Emma’s start in life was not the easiest and she knows only too well how damaging a tough start can be. This drives her to help wherever she can. She mentors young girls who are disengaged from education with a mission to get them through to GCSE and works closely with the NSPC. Emma lives her life by her motto - ‘doing well by doing good’.

“I’ve enjoyed the full horror and the full fun of being an entrepreneur. I started with nothing – I did not know how I would pay the mortgage - and now I have a business with a multi million pound turnover.”

Emma won the NatWest everywoman Award 2007 and was a finalist for the everywoman Athena Award in 2007

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