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KELLER'S WWE RAW RESULTS 9/20: Ongoing coverage of fallout from Night of Champions PPV, Hell in a Cell hype

Sep 20, 2010 - 10:20:09 PM

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

SEPTEMBER 20, 2010


-After the Raw opening, Randy Orton was introduced as the new WWE Champion. When he walked out, the announcers noted they rarely have seen him smile like this. The screen said "Live" even though this was airing on tape delay. As Orton entered the ring and held up his title belt, Sheamus's music replaced Orton's (what a spoil-sport the guy is running the sound board). Sheamus said Orton doesn't deserve this moment. He said he's been WWE Champion twice and on both occasions he's had the title stolen from him - first at the Elimination Chamber and last night at the Six-Pack Challenge. He accused the fans of discriminating against him. He said as far as he is concerned, it's pathetic that Orton calls himself champion. Some fans chanted "RKO, RKO."

Orton said considering he won the title in a Fatal Four-way that Nexus interfered in, and the last time he faced him one-on-one he got himself DQ'd, and the fact that he has never defeated him, "the only thing pathetic is you." He said he was right about one thing - he is entitled to a rematch. He suggested he do it soon because if he continues to stand in the ring and get in his face, it won't be a rematch he receives, but rather a punt in the skull. Sheamus asked if he thinks he's scared with those faces he makes and that crazed look in his eye where he thinks he's a real snake or when he has one of those temper tantrums. Sheamus: "Fella, I'll kick your head off." Orton: "I dare you to try." As the staredown got intense, the G.M. chime interrupted.

Michael Cole stood up and said he has received an email from the G.M. He said Orton and Sheamus will have their one-on-one championship match and when it's over there will be no doubt who is champion because their match will have no DQs, no countouts, no escape, and no excuses. They showed the laptop over Cole's shoulder and he was reading off of a sheet of paper on the keyboard. He said they'll face each other at Hell in a Cell.

Sheamus said he welcomes that chance. He asked him for one more thing before he left the ring: "Give me my gold." Sheamus said it's his. Orton looked puzzled. Sheamus said he didn't beat him one-on-one. He said if he thinks he can beat him in HIAC, he'll give it back. He said if he's an honorable man, he'll hand it over. Orton said his first mistake is that he's not an honorable man. Orton said he's hospitalized many people. "Some deserved it, some didn't. Some were just in my way. I would RKO my own grandmother if it meant keeping my title, and then I'd RKO your grandmother just to see the look on her face.

Orton said he's the only man who carries the WWE Championship Title belt. He said if he wants it that bad, go ahead and take it. He tossed it to Sheamus. Sheamus caught it. Orton gave him an immediate RKO and took it back. Sheamus cringed on the mat as Orton took his belt back and held it in the air. His music played as he went back to standing on the middle rope in the corner before Sheamus interrupted him. Orton left the ring, but then "slithered" back in and went for a punt kick. Sheamus rolled out of the ring just in time to avoid the boot to the head.

REAX: Good opening segment with main event level performances in all aspects - words, intensity, body language, pacing. They're two pros, and it's clearer all the time why Vince McMahon and Triple H endorsed the relatively rapid ascension of Sheamus to the top tier so quickly. [c]



The Hart Dynasty (Tyson Kidd & David Hart Smith) joined Cole and Jerry Lawler at ringside. Cole asked them how they dealt with their loss, such as cry in their hotel rooms while listening to Cylon Deon. Where did that come from? Kidd took exception and said he might make a pretty good comedian, certainly better than his wrestling announcing. That exchange was a little awkward, and this heelish Cole just doesn't make sense unless it's leading somewhere specific.

Cody & Drew made their ring entrance to Drew's music. Interesting. I wonder if that will be the case for every entrance. Cole asked the Dynasty if they think they were shafted the way the match was laid out with them having to go through four different teams. Kidd said they're the victim of circumstances and then seemed to lose his train of thought. Cole said it sounds like he's making excuses, even though Kidd just accepted the scenario Cole presented. Cole said Kidd should perhaps take Cody's grooming tips regarding his haircut. Kidd said Cody should start with Drew's haircut. Lawler apologized for Cole, saying he's in some kind of mood tonight.

Cole asked if DHS speaks. DHS did a Drew impersonation. Cole told him to keep his day job because it sounded like Stu Hart. Cole made a crack about DHS getting a ticket for driving too slow on commentary. He called them boring. Kidd asked if he thinks he can run the show now that he's reading statements from the G.M.

In the actual match, Cody dominated Santino early and then tagged in Drew. Drew sent Santino over to tag in Vlad. At 3:00 Cody and Drew isolated Santino and tagged in and out. Vlad tagged back in and nailed Drew with battering rams and then a powerslam. Cody broke up the pin. Vlad kicked an interfering Cody in the chest, sending him out of the ring. Drew surprised Vlad with a Future Shock for the win.

WINNERS: Cody & Drew in 4:00.

STAR RATING: 1/2* -- Not a lot to it.

REAX: DHS, who lacks any evidence of a personality, finally gets mic time on Raw and merely imitates Drew. He otherwise seemed bored. Kidd was awkward on the mic, too, but I'll take DHS and Kidd being lousy on the mic and getting mic time over them not getting mic time at all. If they're on the roster, give viewers a chance to get to know them, and if they're clumsy sounding, so be it. The match itself was fine, although what I'm looking for is an idea of what brought Cody & Drew together initially and what their team dynamic is going to be given their personalities and individual aspirations. They can't get over as just an oddball team tossed together because they had nothing else going on.

-They cut to John Morrison doing push-ups while clapping in the air during each rise. [c]

-Edge and Zach Ryder were hanging out backstage yet again. Zach asked if Edge wanted to hang out and go dancing at the club. He made obnoxious noises that sounded like John Cena a couple months back, although Cena was oblivious to his dorkiness for real and not playing a character. Edge asked when he's going to get it through his thick skull that they're not friends. Edge said he should be WWE Champion right now. He said the Raw G.M. isn't going to give him a title shot anytime soon. He said he's screwed. Daniel Bryan walked into the picture and nicely asked them to keep it down; he had a book in hand. The crowd popped. Edge said he lucked his way into the U.S. Title and now he thinks he can tell him what to do. Zach told Edge they interrupted his reading time. He said, "Read this!" He held the "L" hand sign against his forehead. He looked for a high-five from Edge, but Edge didn't return it. Edge said if Bryan had any guts, he'd face him later. Bryan said it sounds good to him. Edge then told Ryder he's got the "L" backwards.

REAX: The Edge-Zach dynamic is pretty fun. Edge is good playing off of Ryder, and Ryder does deserve this TV time as he's a comedy figure who's both over-the-top and realistic in certain club scenes. [c]



Jericho walked out to his entrance music. Cole said he must be in shock over what happened last night. Cole said Morrison felt he was on a roll and was on the verge of beating Sheamus to earn Jericho's spot in the Six-Pack Challenge last week, but Jericho cost him the win. Lawler said he was looking for retribution. Cole talked more about Morrison's hardcore training using an art of movement, which he said guys weren't doing 10-15 years ago. Morrison dominated Jericho early and dove onto him at ringside. Lawler said he's not sure if it's Morrison on a roll or Jericho out of it. They cut to a break at 1:00 as Jericho recovered at ringside. [c]

Jericho took control after the break by catching Morrison with a punch as the ref was talking to him. He followed up with an enzuigiri. Lawler again said Jericho's seemed off his game in recent weeks. Cole said Jericho is competing tonight because he denies he ever said he'd leave WWE if he didn't walk out of Night of Champions with the title belt. That's it, huh? Jericho knocked Morrison off the ring apron and then dropped him over the ringside barrier. Morrison made a comeback at 8:00 with a flying forearm, clothesline, and dropkick. Jericho came back with a running bulldog and then a Lionsault attempt. Morrison moved, but Jericho landed on his feet. When Morrison went for a dropkick, Jericho caught his legs (well, they mistimed it, but that was the attempt) and the rolled him into a Walls of Jericho. Morrison powered his way to the bottom rope to force a break. There was a mix of cheers and boos. Cole sad part of the hardcore training Morrison does it adapting to the environment he's in, and Morrison did there by reaching the ropes. They exchanged leverage near falls. Jericho went for another Walls, but Morrison powered out and then gave Jericho a shining wizard followed by the Starship Pain for the win. Cole said Jericho's "downward spiral continues."

WINNER: Morrison in 11:00.

STAR RATING: ** -- A solid ten minute TV match, although the botched spot with the dropkick into the Lion Tamer attempt was a sloppy.

REAX: Has any top star endured this many high profile clean losses in a two month period as Jericho has? With announcers drawing attention to it, they must have something in mind that could be a transitional chapter in his WWE career. He might have to hit rock bottom before he changes whatever is causing his losing streak. Jericho is playing his role really well.

-They stayed with Jericho after Morrison's music played itself out. He made a slow silent exit of the ring, looking introspectively disturbed with his career course lately. Lawler said Jericho isn't accustomed to this kind of losing streak.

[Q4] [c]

-Josh Matthews asked John Cena for his reaction to failing to win the Six-Pack Challenge last night. Cena said there's a lot for him to be happy about. He said his fantasy football team did great, the economic bureau says the recession is over, and Orton is the new WWE Champion. Cena said he had to admit that it was fun seeing Orton RKO Barrett. Cena said the Nexus is falling apart one member at a time, and tonight he has a chance to take out the leader. He said the rest of the Nexus will fall to pieces without their leader. He said the winds of change stops tonight.

REAX: That's the type of promo where Cena is at his best. Not trying too hard to be funny, but still showing personality. The downside is nobody should be that nonchalant about failing to win the WWE Title. He needed to sell the disappointment a little more, and then say he's coping with the disappointment by focusing on those other things, including that if anyone but him won, he'd want it to be Orton. I think that's where he was going, but it ended up seeming like not winning the title was no big deal.

-The Miz walked out and said he had a tender MCL going into the match. He said the doctor's begged him not to compete, but despite the medical risks and being the champion all of the fans know him to be, he competed. Who does he think he is, Tito Ortiz? He said unfortunately during the match, his injury became so aggravated he had to save himself from potential surgery. He said if any of the fans understand anything at all, understand that he can and he will regain his U.S. Title. He closed with: "I am the Miz and I did not tap out." He got good heel heat. They cut to a break. [c]


Cole was giddy at the presence of Miz at the commentary title. Bryan dropped generic heavy metal music to "nerdy sci-fi music" ("Ride of the Valkyries" by composer Richard Wagner). Cole cackled. Miz said he looks like his plumber. He said he's an embarrassment. He told him to act like a Superstar. He said he's acting like an average fan. He said fans dream of being Miz, not Daniel. He said it used to be a prestigious title, but who would want it now that Bryan has it. Lawler asked if he wants it again. Miz told Lawler to keep quiet. Edge stomped away at Bryan at the start of the match. Miz said he's not the type to complain about referees, but it was clear he was pounding on Bryan when the ref ordered him off of him. He said that opened Bryan to apply his submission. Edge threw Bryan into the ringside barrier.


Edge threw Bryan back into the ring at 1:00. Lawler said he doesn't mind Miz making fun of Bryan, but he can't stand hearing Cole trash-talk Bryan. Cole said he doesn't even own a TV. He said he's in the entertainment business and is on TV, he should own a TV. Miz said he has just signed Alex Riley to a "personal services contract." That's hilarious. He said A-Rye will be at ringside with him at all times. Lawler asked what that contract entails. Miz said he'll help him whenever he needs help, doing whatever he asks him to do. When Daniel Bryan went for a Lebell Lock, Riley ran out and distracted the ref. Bryan released the hold. Miz yanked Bryan over the top rope. Edge got up and speared Bryan for the win. Cole announced that the G.M. was reversing the decision due to Miz's interference. It pained Cole to say that.

WINNER: Bryan via DQ.


REAX: I like that they're billing Bryan as the anti-Superstar because, well, he kind of is in a world of Zach Ryders and Big Shows and Sheamuses. It's the type of gimmick that's different enough to actually get fans behind him.

-Edge complained afterward. He said he's sick of what's happening to his career. He and Jericho. Lawler said his bad relationship with the G.M. was his fault from the start.

-Afterward Miz and Riley attacked Bryan. The crowd chanted, "You tapped out!" Miz kicked Bryan in the head and then threw off his jacket. Riley held Bryan as Miz kicked and punched him. Miz paint brushed Miz's face repeatedly and tried to humiliate him. He grabbed him by his hair and yanked on it as he verbally trashed him for being a lousy champion who embarrassed him. He gave Bryan the Skull Crushing Finale. Lawler said that was going too far and he hopes Miz is never U.S. Champion again. "There's no excuse for this," he said.

-Lawler hyped Cena vs. Barrett.

-A commercial aired for Cena's box office flop of a movie. This could fuel a Cena heel turn down the line, blaming the fans for rejecting him at the box office while they embraced The Rock. It comes out on DVD next week already exclusively at Wal-Mart. Those fans who drove a hundred miles to find a theater showing it will be mad to find out it'll be at Wal-Mart next week. [c]


4 -- LAYLA vs. MELINA -- Women's Diva's Title Rematch

Michelle McCool joined Cole and Lawler at ringside. McCool bragged that Vickie Guerrero wrote into their contracts that they can be co-holders of the unified Women's Title. Melina clotheslined Layla at ringside and then leaped over the announce table to try to get at McCool. McCool retreated thorugh the crowd. Layla jumped Melina from behind. Melina shoved Layla into the ring apron, then avoided a clothesline in the ring with a Matrix. He kicked Layla in the face and the beat her in the corner. Layla finished Melina with a move off the top rope that was one of those where you had no idea who was doing what to whom and which of the two was supposed to be hurt by it.

WINNER: Layla in 3:00 to retain the Unified Divas Championship.

-A commercial aired touting WWE's charity work and interaction with fans outside of the ring. "World Wrestling Entertainment: In Your Corner" was the catch-phrase at the end. [c]

-Did You Know?'s video highlights of Raw, NXT, Superstars, and Smackdown was watched over 10 million times every month.

-Backstage the Nexus members all gathered as Wade Barrett spoke to them.

-Josh Matthews interviewed a snarling Jericho. He held up his DVD case and said it's three discs of the greatest career in the history of WWE. He said it's 20 years of excellence encapsulated proving he is the best at what he does. He said the set should be in the Smithsonian. He said he didn't bring this up to just shill DVDs. He said as great as he's been in the past, he'll begin to get better. He told the G.M. he got the IP address of Michael Cole's computer and he's inching closer to exposing who he is. He said he'll blackmail and extort him to the best of his abilities and sabotage the show. He said he'll demand he get a title match against the winner of Orton vs. Sheamus and there's nothing he can do to sop him. Orton walked up to Jericho and said he has a better idea. He suggested that next week they face each other one-on-one and if he beats him, he can have his title shot whenever he wants. Jericho asked him what the catch is. Orton said the catch is he's sick of hearing his voice and hearing him talk. He said next week he'll see to it he won't have to see his face around for a long time. Jericho said he's made a career out of beating and embarrassing guys like him who made the mistake of underestimating him. He said he'll see him next week.

REAX: Nobody's believing Jericho has a chance to beat Orton. It's looking like yet another loss. The lack of question from Matthews regarding Jericho's denial he promised to leave WWE If he didn't win at Night of Champions made him look bad. Jericho's good at what he does, but is his character cocky and confident or dismayed and discouraged?

-Truth sang his new song on his way to the ring. It's about time he got a new song. Eve danced her way to the ring as Truth sang. [c]



At 2:00 DiBiase yanked Eve off of Maryse when she went for a pin. Truth then sling-shot himself onto DiBiase at ringside. Eve finished Maryse with a neckbreaker for the win seconds later.

WINNERS: Truth & Eve in 3:00.

-Afterward DiBiase and Maryse exchanged more heated words. Then "sexy music" played as the big screen showed the words "I will love you." They paused, then returned to arguing and walked to the back.

REAX: This qualifies as the WWE storyline I care the least about this year. It's an attempt to throw that nugget to women who watch this show, but this whole thing with Maryse and DiBiase just doesn't seem to work since there's no chemistry. At least they're playing off of that lack of chemistry now, but they weren't together long enough to have this feel important. [c]

-They showed members of the Indianapolis Colts at ringside including one with a replica spinning WWE Title belt.

-Cole and Lawler hyped Jericho vs. Orton "for the first time ever on Raw."

-John Cena's ring entrance took place. Then Wade Barrett walked out to his music and stood on the announcer table. The rest of Nexus stood on the entrance stage. Barrett announced "a slight change of plans." He said he heard him say he wants to pick off Nexus one by one. He said if he's a man of his word, he'll be happy to take on the rest of Nexus in a gantlet match. He said if he can beat the other four, he can then get his hands on him. The crowd chanted "Cena! Cena!" Barrett told the fans they can't help him. He said the other alternative is they all get in the ring and kick his teeth down his throat as a collective. Cena agreed to it and waved Heath Slater to the ring.


6 -- JOHN CENA vs. THE NEXUS -- Gantlet Match

Cole said Cena knows his odds against all five at once isn't good, so one at a time is better. Lawler said you have to be careful what you say in WWE, and he remembers Cena saying he wanted to take on all of Nexus. Cena scored a pin after an Attitude Adjustment in 3:00. He executed the finisher by rolling through on a Slater crossbody block and then lifting Slater over his head and onto his shoulders before executing the AttAdj. Lawler said, "That was as impressive as anything I've ever seen." As David Otunga walked to the ring, they cut to a break. [c]

Barrett continued to watch while standing on the announce table. Otunga set up a suplex, but Cena turned it into a small package for the win. Cole called it a "small package," a term they almost never use for some reason. Michael Tarver entered next. Cole said Tarver is "one bad dude" and always in a bitter mood. Tarver was favoring his hamstring, it appeared, as his thigh was wrapped and he limped pretty badly. Cena absorbed a beating in the corner at first and then kicked him to the mat and applied the STF for a quick tapout.

Gabriel came out next and took Cena down with a spin wheel kick for a two count. He followed up with a jump reverse sidekick to the face for another two count. Cena battled back with punches and then hit a standing dropkick. Cole made a big deal out of Cena adding a dropkick to his repertoire. It was better than last night's debut on PPV. Lawler said he was impressed. When Cena climbed to the top rope, Gabriel knocked him off balance and executed a superplex at 9:00 overall. Gabriel followed up with a springboard moonsault for a near fall. Cena came back by reversing a suplex. Cena crawled onto Gabriel for a near fall.

They stood and exchanged punches mid-ring. Gabriel took Cena down with a sweep and scored a near fall. Gabriel splashed Cena in the corner of the ring, then held up his arm and springboarded toward him. Cena ducked and hit him with two shoulder tackles and a one-armed slam. Lawler said Cena reached down deep. Cena eyed Barrett, then hit a Five Knuckle Shuffle. Tarver, Otunga, and Slater jumped Cena. Cole said you could feel this coming. Cena grabbed a chair to clear the ring. Nexus fled the scene as Cena seethed in the ring.

WINNER: Cena via DQ in 12:00.



Lawler said Nexus was totally frustrated. Cena grabbed a mic and said the way he sees it, Barrett owes him. He said they should end it right now. Barrett said while that's quite the offer, he doesn't have anything to gain by "laying you to waste once more." He said if he's going to face him, he needs something to sweeten the deal. Cena said whatever he wants, just name it. Barrett said Cena often says he'll do anything for the WWE Universe. He told him to put himself on the line. He said he's tried to recruit him in the past, but he threw it back in his face. He said he's going to take the choice out of his hands. He said he'll fight him one-on-one in two weeks at Hell in a Cell. He said, though, if he beats Cena, he becomes a part of Nexus, "no ifs, no buts, no maybes, no excuses, and certainly no escape clauses." Cena said he's on; he won't back down from a fight with him.

Cena interrupted as Barrett began to gloat about his offer being accepted. "If we're going to make this big, let's make it big." He channeled Steve Austin with an "eh eh eh eh eh." He said if he wins, Nexus is done. He said Tarver goes back to selling women's fragrances at Macy's, Gabriel goes back to working at the Twinkie factory, Otunga goes back to mooching off his wife, and Slater goes back to working at Wendy's " the chick from Wendy's." He said Barrett will go down as the winner of season one of NXT who flushed it down the toilet. Cena asked Barrett if those stakes were too high. Barrett said, "You're on, Cena!" Cena smiled as the show ended.

REAX: If you're going to do a fast turnaround building a PPV, putting Cena's membership in Nexus up against Nexus going away is a pretty big stip to build around, along with the Orton-Sheamus title match. Nexus seems to have run its course as is, so something needs to change (Cena joining) or they go away. Good hook to get people talking and make the PPV match seem like something bigger than a TV match.

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CALDWELL'S WWE RAW RESULTS 9/20: Complete "virtual time" coverage of Raw following Night of Champions PPV
PARKS' WWE SMACKDOWN REPORT 9/17: Ongoing "virtual time" coverage of the show, including Kane responds to the Undertaker
CALDWELL'S TNA REACTION TV REPORT 9/16: Complete "virtual time" coverage of show following Impact
KELLER'S TNA IMPACT REPORT 9/16: Ongoing "virtual time" coverage of Spike TV show with Jeff Hardy vs. Kurt Angle
CALDWELL'S WWE SUPERSTARS RESULTS 9/16: Complete coverage of MVP vs. Luke Gallows, Khali squash, Night of Champions hype
CALDWELL'S WWE NXT RESULTS 9/14: Ongoing "virtual time" coverage of NXT Season 3, Week 2
CALDWELL'S WWE RAW RESULTS 9/13: Complete "virtual time" coverage of live "season premiere" Raw - Cena vs. Orton
QUESTION OF THE DAY 9/24: Should the EV2 angle continue after the TNA Bound for Glory PPV?
CALDWELL'S BLOG: Examining numerous reasons for WWE Raw's alarming ratings decline on Monday night
Question of the Day Reax: Poll results on who should win the TNA World Title at Bound for Glory, Readers explain their picks
QUESTION OF THE DAY 9/23: Who should become new TNA World champion at Bound for Glory? (w/Poll)
RADICAN'S VIP BLOG: ROH "Salvation" DVD from July 24 features two must-see matches, including TNA tag team
Question of the Day/NXT Reax #2: More reader feedback on who should be the Raw GM, more reviews of Tuesday's NXT delivered by C.M. Punk
KELLER'S TAKE: Ten key suggested rules for wrestling promoters to follow in 2010 and beyond
Question of the Day Reax #1: Torch readers offer potential Raw GM candidates - Cole, Hunter, HBK, Austin, Goldberg, Hart?
WWE NXT Reax #1: Reader feedback on the duo of Punk & Cole, Is NXT actually watchable now?, the latest competitions, plus more Raw Reax
QUESTION OF THE DAY 9/22: Who's your pick for the Anonymous Raw GM at this point?
WWE Raw Reax/QOTD Reax: More reader feedback on last night's Raw, the Mystery GM, whether Cena should join Nexus
Question of the Day Reax #2: More reader feedback on Cena & Barrett running Nexus or Nexus disbands
9/21 WWE NXT Hits & Misses: A Look at this Perplexing Show with CM Punk at the Announce Table, Talk the Talk Challenge
ABSURDITY OF IT ALL - Raw Review: Special "JBL Edition," Jericho's The Best At Losing, Don't Be A Colehole, Daniel Bryan Is A Nerd, Harts Get Screwed Again
HITS & MISSES - ROH TV on HDNet 9/20: Steel cage match, Embassy (and Necro Butcher) finally a "Hit," Cabana comedy, Del Rey
9/20 WWE Raw Hits & Misses: Orton - Sheamus, Jericho vs. Morrison, Miz - Bryan, Cena vs. Nexus
HITS & MISSES - WWE NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS PPV 9/19: Mid-card title matches - Dolph vs. Kofi, Miz vs. Bryan; Six-Pack hype and match; Jericho's elimination; Turmoil; HIAC PPV look-ahead
9/17 WWE Smackdown Hits & Misses: Kofi vs. Swagger, Peep Show, PPV hype, Del Rio, Hornswoggle, Kaval
VALENTINO'S MAGIC, MEMORIES, AND MANIA: Top 10 Moments in the WrestleMania Era - McMahon, Hogan, Austin, Rock, Flair, Michaels, Hart, Benoit & Guerrero
NEWTH: How former WWE CEO Linda McMahon has creeped up near the lead in the Connecticut Senate race
ABSURDITY OF IT ALL - In Pictures: Gong Show, Hogan Get Well Cards, Total No Contest, Season 17 Of WWE Raw, Serious Content Starring Triple H, Cena vs. Rock
9/14 WWE NXT Hits & Misses: Vickie Guerrero, contests over matches, potential chaos, Michael Cole's gong & walk-off, Overall show
HITS & MISSES - ROH TV on HDNet 9/13: Daniels vs. Titus, Aries vs. Delirious, Davey Richards sit-down interview (w/VIDEO), PPV follow-up
ABSURDITY OF IT ALL - WWE Raw: Song & Dance vs. ESPN's MNF, Ochocinco a "Legendary" Letdown, If Regal Were In TNA, Taker Playing Eastwood
RADICAN'S VIP BLOG: ROH "Salvation" DVD from July 24 features two must-see matches, including TNA tag team
MITCHELL RAW FLASHBACK (6 Yrs Ago): Mojo Mitchell's Raw Stream Of Dead Baby Teases, Old Bischoff Ideas, Too Sweet to Be Sour...
WWE RAW 9/20: Place Your Bets on tonight's Raw - Week 5 of current PYB season with Cena vs. Barrett
WWE RAW 9/13: "Place your Bets" Scoreboard after Week 4 - Review last week's scores before today's contest
RADICAN'S ROH DVD REVIEW SERIES: 3/27 Phoenix Rising - Aries-Strong, Cabana & Generico-American Wolves
WWE SMACKDOWN FLASHBACK - FIVE YEARS AGO (09-16-05): Early evaluation of Mr. Kennedy/Anderson, Orton vs. Undertaker, JBL vs. Rey
TNA News: Five Yrs. Ago Flashback - Impact set to debut on Spike TV, who were the top stars in 2005?, also TV ratings comparison from 2005 to 2010
TNA IMPACT FLASHBACK - FIVE YEARS AGO (09-09-05): Impact set to launch on Spike TV, Waltman & Shelley win Candido Cup, Raven & Sabu vs. Rhino & Abyss
WWE RAW 9/13: Place Your Bets on tonight's Raw - Week 4 of current PYB season with Cena vs. Orton
WWE RAW 9/6: "Place your Bets" Scoreboard after Week 3 - Review last week's scores before today's contest
WWE RAW 9/6: Place Your Bets on tonight's Raw - Week 3 of current PYB season
WWE RAW 8/30: "Place your Bets" Scoreboard after Week 2 - Review last week's scores before today's contest
WWE STATS REVIEW: Wrestler Rankings for number of matches in first-half 2010; how many matches are top stars on pace for the full year?
5/16 TNA Stats in Review: Current champions, 2010 Win/Loss Records, TV & PPV & house show results
5/3 TNA Stats in Review: Current champions, 2010 Win/Loss Records, TV & PPV & house show results
SPECIALIST: List of Deceased Wrestlers for 1999 - Muchnick, Rick Rude, Owen Hart, Renegade...
SPECIALIST: List of Deceased Wrestlers for 2000 - Solie, Albright, Duncum, Tsuruta, Blue Demon, Al Costello
SPECIALIST: List of Deceased Wrestlers for 2001: Johnny Valentine, Terry Gordy, Chris Adams, Bertha Faye, Helen Hart
SPECIALIST: List of Deceased Wrestlers for 2002 (Wahoo, Thesz, Rocco, Mr. Wrestling)
SPECIALIST: List of Deceased Wrestlers for 2002 (Wahoo, Thesz, Rocco, Mr. Wrestling)
SPECIALIST: List of Deceased Wrestlers for 2003 (Hawk, Hennig, Blassie, Liz)
SPECIALIST: List of Deceased Wrestlers for 2004
SPECIALIST: List of Deceased Wrestlers for 2005
SPECIALIST: List of Deceased Wrestlers for 2006
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VIP - 9/21 Wade Keller Hotline - The News: Matt Hardy, Raw Ratings Sink, Matt Morgan talks pill addiction, how to make Randy Orton's WWE Title really mean something, more (16 min.)
VIP - New PWTorch Newsletter #1169: Keller on Orton's Title Win with an idea to make it historical, Mitchell's Open Letter to Dixie Carter, Powell's Page 2 Buzz scoops, Night of Champions Report & Roundtable (19 pgs.)
VIP - 9/21 PWTorch Livecast & VIP Aftershow: Keller & Powell discuss alarming Raw ratings drop, Night of Champions, who should be TNA Champ, Michael Cole as heel announcer, mystery G.M., RVD's shameful promo (83 min.)
VIP - 9/20 Wade Keller Hotline - Raw Review: Thoughts on follow up to Night of Champions and quick turnaround into hyping Hell in a Cell including big Cena-Barrett PPV stip (28 min.)
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