Being lost was never more fun!

The Jamboree proudly presents its feature program!

The Mysterium Compass is an original live adventure, created only for this jamboree by the Order of the Arrow’s highly acclaimed national shows team. It’s a one- of-a-kind experience that cannot be had anywhere else. It follows these previous jamboree productions: Odyssey of the Law (1997), Scoutopia (2001) and Twelve Cubed (2005). But The Mysterium Compass is not a show. It is an “augmented reality” experience, an interactive action adventure combining elements of video gaming with theme-park style immersion, actors, and theatrical settings. We’re on the map. Find us at the Mahone Camp (within view of Trading Post A, near Technology Quest). It’s the biggest tent at jambo. Air conditioning and water slides - the best fun at A.P. Hill.

OA provides direction to steer Compass production

The Order of the Arrow (OA) is Scouting’s National Honor Society and is recognized for its unmatched creativity and talent in delivering Scouting’s message to young people. The OA has created, written and staffed The Mysterium Compass with over 300 experienced Arrowmen forming the crew and cast.

The Compass Ticketing System

Upon arrival at the jamboree, your subcamp program scheduler will distribute preassigned tickets to the Scoutmaster. Tickets will list a specific day and time. For example, your packet of printed tickets might say:

Your scheduled adventure is Tuesday, July 27 at 12:20 pm

This is important, because every place for every adventure is ticketed in advance, and you cannot exchange your tickets for a different day or time. There are no extra tickets for any time. If a Scout misses his scheduled performance, he will have missed his chance to participate (or he will have to wait in a standby line). Ticket holders must show up in a timely fashion for the scheduled performance to take advantage of this opportunity.