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About a year ago (tomorrow is 50 weeks to the day) I wrote a post Accessing the Visual Studio ASP.NET Development Server from iPhone that talked about debugging ASP.NET content targeting iPhone (and other mobile devices) using the old Microsoft Soap Toolkit 3.0 Trace Utility  ... a utility so old that it was "retired" in April 2005.

I liked using that Trace Utility ... it was easy, lightweight, and it worked.

Well a day I have long been dreading has finally occurred...

Over this past weekend I swapped the hard-drive outta my laptop and replaced it with a solid state drive (SSD) ... I then installed Windows 7...

   ...  Under Windows 7, the Soap Toolkit Trace Utility just doesn't seem to work. No errors ... but all connection attempts to the port the Trace Utility is listening on fail.

But all is not lost...

I searched around for another port forwarding solution. Although I found several for-pay solutions, I didn't want to go with a for-pay solution unless I had to because they tend to offer much more than I really need ... just needing simple port forwarding, I was pretty sure that a free solution was out there.

And then finally, I found "SPI Port Forward" ...

   ...  I've only been using it for a few days but so far it's perfect. The utility is free, it just works, the program is small (~1mb download) and the resource consumption appears to be pretty low.

Using the same example as in the original post, to use SPI Port Forward to accept the device connections do the following

  • Set  "Local port" to the port number the device will connect on, I usually use 8080 out of habit
  • Set  "Remote host" to localhost 
  • Set "Remote port" to the ASP.NET Dev Server Port
    • Note: The picture below should show port 3804 (not 4937)  for consistency with the original post
  • Click the "Activate" button to start accepting connections

Spider Port Forward image

So far, the SPI Port Forward utility is working perfectly ... I hope your experience is the same

BTW: Just like in the original post, this solution is not limited to connecting from iPhone; connections from Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Windows Mobile, or pretty much any other computer  will work as well.

Posted Aug 18 2010, 04:52 PM by jim-wilson

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