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Opera Software ASA


Telsey, a leading manufacturer of IP set-top boxes, uses the Opera browser to provide full-featured Internet browsing on the company's WAVES set-top boxes. Opera first partnered with Telsey Telecommunications in 2004 to deliver Opera 7 to the WAVES product family. Due to the success of the WAVES boxes, Telsey has renewed its commitment to integrate the Opera browser to power full Web surfing and dynamic Web applications on their devices.


Pirelli Broadband Solutions, the broadband access and photonics company within the Pirelli Group, uses the Opera browser for its family of set-top boxes (STB). With the Opera browser to its multimedia solutions, Pirelli strengthens its home entertainment package with full Internet functionality. Subscribers who use Pirelli's STBs can check their e-mail, read the news or even update their blogs from the comfort of their living room via the Opera browser.

Nokia N800

Opera delivers the Web to the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet, successor to the Nokia 770. This device boasts a true Internet experience complete with a high-resolution widescreen display. Users of the N800 are also able to conduct video conferences on-the-go using Internet calling and the integrated webcam. The N800 also features a new slimmed down design that makes Web browsing more portable and convenient than ever.

Nintendo Wii

Opera delivers its full Web browser to Nintendo's new game console, Wii(TM). Users of the Wii console will browse the Internet using their consoles. Navigating via the revolutionary new Wii Remote controller, users can visit Web sites in between gaming sessions. Nintendo Wii promises to deliver an entirely new gaming experience to the market in late 2006.

Nintendo DS

Opera enables the full Internet from the Nintendo DS. Nintendo DS revolutionizes the way games are played. With dual screens and touch-screen technology, wireless communication and built-in PictoChat software you have the power to draw, write and send messages wirelessly. With impressive 3D rendered graphics, Nintendo DS delivers cutting-edge portable games for fans of any genre. Plus, users can play all their favorite Game Boy Advance games in a single-player mode.

Sony Mylo

Opera brings full Web browsing to Sony's mylo personal communication device. The mylo communicator serves as an entertainment and communication device for those who live in Wi-Fi enabled environments. With the Opera browser, mylo communicator users can surf all their favorite Web sites, including popular webmail services such as Yahoo! Mail and Gmail.

Mood Box™

Mood Box

Opera empowers Mood Box™ users with superior access to all Web pages, advanced rendering speed, and feature- rich functionality. Opera's superior standards support allows the browser to extend its usability to display the STB's UI and EPG. The Mood Box™'s EPG presents programming schedules in an easily searchable format.

Sharp Zaurus

Sharp Zaurus

Opera enables the full Internet on the Sharp Zaurus, a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) available in Asia. The Korean version of the Sharp Zaurus is the first worldwide to include Opera 6 for PDAs on Linux, with the American and European versions including Opera 5 for PDAs on Linux. Korean users therefore exclusively benefit from additions like: Flash-support, full-screen mode, possibility of having multiple windows open, full bookmark support and support for MIME-types.

Amino AmiNET 110, 125, 130 and 125i

Opera is integrated into the AmiNET 110, 125, 130 and 125i, and used to power IPTV services and portals. The AmiNET 110, 125, 130 and 125i are compact and elegant premium set-top boxes for IPTV and video-on-demand applications.

With an Ethernet input and flexible audio/video output, together with S/P-DIF and an RF Modulator output, the AmiNET set-top boxes provide a powerful means of delivering sophisticated interactive digital television including multicast and on demand video along with Internet access.


IntAct, an Amino Technologies public limited company, sub-licenses Opera's Web browser technology as a part of its software stack. This pre-integration enables IntAct-licensed set-top box (STB) manufacturers and operators to integrate the Opera browser into their products more rapidly and efficiently. IntAct offers Opera- specific IP STB Software Development Kits (SDKs), allowing the Interactive TV development community to write a number of Interactive TV applications that leverage the benefits of the IntAct software stack with the Opera browser.

Archos 604 WiFi

The new ARCHOS Portable Media Player with WiFi, called ARCHOS 604 WiFi, uses Opera 8.5 for full Internet browsing. With Opera, the surfing experience on the ARCHOS 604 WiFi is further enhanced by Opera's Medium Screen Rendering (MSR) technology to intuitively render the page to suit the device's four inch screen. ARCHOS has popular use of the Opera browser on consumer electronic devices that can also extend to the creation of Web applications.

Nokia 770

Opera enables the full Internet experience in the Nokia 770 Internet tablet. With the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet you can browse your favorite sites and catch up on your email. Whether you're relaxing on the sofa or hanging out at your favorite café, all you need is broadband access over WI-FI and the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet gives you instant wireless access to the Web. You can also stream files, tune in to Internet radio, access news readers, or play your favorite videos and music.

NDS MediaHighway Advanced (Pilottime)

Using Opera, NDS MediaHighway Advanced can render walled-garden content with the ability to surf the open Internet. Opera for Devices supports industry broadcasting and coding standards including DVB-MHP and OCAP. MediaHighway™ middleware solutions power more than 26 million STBs on every type of digital TV platform—cable, satellite, broadband and digital terrestrial networks.

Archos PMA400

The Opera browser is included on ARCHOS' WiFi-enabled Pocket Media Assistant PMA400.

The Pocket Media Assistant is the first Linux®-based 30GB portable video player and recorder, which allows consumers to record directly from the TV, listen to music, browse the Internet and stay connected, for entertainment or productivity anytime, anywhere. With integration of the Opera browser, users can enjoy full Internet access while on the move, making the PMA400 the most versatile portable video player and recorder on the market.

Thales TopSeries In-Flight Entertainment

The Opera Web browser is integrated into TopSeries, the Thales in-flight entertainment system. Airline passengers will now enjoy the added benefit of a full and fast Internet experience from Opera, in addition to the entertainment offerings also available using the Thales TopSeries System. The TopSeries system is offerable on nearly all Boeing and Airbus single and twin aisle aircrafts.



Psion chose Opera for Symbian OS as the default browser on their Series7, netBook and Revo range of products. The British computing pioneer's product range is ideal for the mobile workforce of today. In choosing Opera, Psion especially emphasized the advanced security technology and speed inherent in the browser, enabling their customers to conduct banking transactions or shop effortlessly while on the move.

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