= 710 Series

1973 Datsun Violet 2 door coupe profile Datsun Violet 2 door coupe profile
This model replaced the 1600/510/Bluebird body and was also known as 140J or 160J (depending on engine size) or 710.

These were rallied in Australia but never sold to the public - perhaps they hoped the similar styling to the larger series would fool people?

None of these photos were taken by me; please visit Japanese Automobile History where many of these come from.


1973 Datsun Violet 4 door sedan front Datsun Violet 2 and 4 door sedans

1973 Datsun Violet 2 door sedan front

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Datsun 160J coupe front quarter Datsun 160J coupe front quarter

Note variation in grilles and headlight surrounds between sedans and coupes. This is a UK car, owned by Eddie of www.ratdat.com, with chrome tabs on front fenders to cover holes for the wing-mounted mirrors required in Japan (see them also on Oz 180Bs and first series 200Bs).


1977 US Datsun 710 wagon front US Datsun 710 wagon front quarter
I suspect the wagon was a later addition as all the articles I have read on the Violet's release refer only to the sedans and coupe.

This model has the US 5mph bumpers, and minor lights under main grille. This may have been the 1975 facelift model or perhaps the design to cater for the US bumpers? If the latter this is probably where the concept also used in the 1975 US 610 model came from that drove the 810/Bluebird/200B nose design?

Note also the front fender chrome tabs are not fitted to this model?

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Second Series Datsun 140J sedan rear quarter Datsun 140J sedan rear quarter
Apparently there was considerable criticism of the first Violet's lack of rear headroom due to its extreme fastback roofline. A radical redesign improved this at the risk of producing a less sporty looking sedan. It is possible the 2 door sedan was either not changed or was dropped at this time.
I never knew this revised model existed!

This car is also owned by Eddie of www.ratdat.com and so is a UK car.
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