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Pixetell is on-demand screen recorder software that enables you to quickly add voice, screen recordings and webcam views to email and electronic documents. Pixetell is unique as an all-in-one product that supports both visual communication and collaboration. For many applications Pixetell is simply the quickest and easiest way to communicate.

Filling the Communications Gap
You need to clearly communicate something visual or detailed to a customer, colleague or supplier. It could be highlights of a product you are selling, showing a customer how to use your product, or pointing to the modifications of a new design. You need to do it now.

So you start an email. But after typing a paragraph and not getting your point across, you decide to schedule a web conference. It takes time to arrange, and then schedules don’t align for another three days, putting you into next week. Time lost is opportunity lost--the opportunity to win a new customer, to support and retain an existing customer, or to keep a project on schedule.

Perhaps you’re trying to collaborate with team members in different countries. Whose turn is it to stay up late for the phone call or web conference? All you really want to do is communicate your message in a personal, efficient and effective manner. Perhaps what you need is an all-in-one screen recorder.

Increase Speed and Clarity

Pixetell is a powerful screen recorder that brings smart, efficient communication to your organization whether it is a large enterprise, small business or government agency. Use messages that allow you to combine voice, screen recordings and webcam delivered through a URL in your email. Transform basic messaging tools into a fast and accurate means of sharing complex business information.


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The result is clarity. Your message is understood the first time enabling you to avoid phone calls, email exchanges, meetings and delays.

Fast Screen Recording

Ultrafast Message Creation and Sharing
With Pixetell’s screen recorder software, just click, point and talk about whatever is on your computer screen, including spreadsheets, CAD drawings, PowerPoint presentations, website pages and photos. In just a few clicks your message is created and uploaded to our secure servers, then shared via your standard email program.


Works Like Email
Send messages when it is convenient for you. Recipients can play your messages when convenient for them. Include attachments to enhance  your screen recorder capabilities. Send messages to one person, a dozen channel partners, or to thousands of customers.

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Download and Use Immediately
Pixetell is on-demand software that you download to your desktop or laptop and use to record what is on your computer screen immediately. There is no software to install on your servers. Create and send your first Pixetell in minutes.

With Pixetell Pro screen recorder software, you can enable people who receive your message to respond within that message using the same rich media features. The result is a “conversation” carried out independent of schedules.

Business Collaboration Software
Pixetell All-in-one Communication Software

All-In-One Screen Recorder Capabilities
Pixetell enables the novice to become productive immediately with our easy-to-use screen recorder software. It also has a range of editing capabilities and features that will meet the needs of advanced users for years to come. Start by adding your comments to a screen recording. Advance to using the voice card to provide a more personal introduction at the front of your message or a call to action at the conclusion. When appropriate, users with webcams can include a message where they are front and center as part of the Pixetell.

Secure Online Storage
Pixetell utilizes state-of‐the-art cloud‐based storage and servers (SAS70 Type II certified). Pixetell messages can be locked with a password for secure access. You can also store Pixetell messages on your desktop.

Dozens of Applications
Pixetell screen recorder software is used in applications across every department in an organization. Sales reps use it to deliver product information and make sales. Engineers use it to precisely communicate with industrial designers and avoid schedule delays. Physicians use it to expedite information transfer improving patient outcomes. Click here to see Pixetell in action.

Flexible pricing ranges from $9 to $19 per month. Start with a  free version here. See www.pixetell.com/buy for details.

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