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Thank you for visiting my site.  I hope to provide you with enough information about myself and my ideas so you can make an informed decision about whether I will be your choice on Election day.  

As an unknown applying for a job, I have provided you with my resume and a narrative of why I am running and why I could be your choice for Governor. 

On pages 2 through 4, I have written my ideas to help alleviate many of Rhode Island's woes.  The 5th page is a section that will be blank until I get ideas I like from you. If you should choose to contact me, my email address is  If you have additional source information, please provide it with your idea, so we can all be better informed.  Thank you once again for taking time out of your busy day to consider myself and my ideas.

Some people have asked me why I want to run for office.  The truth is I have wanted to run for office since I was watching the Clinton, Bush, Perot  debate in 1992.  I still remember being energized at the beginning of this event.  But in the debate I felt the tough issues weren't tackled or with enough detail. 

It is the problem with politics on the whole.  Politicians when running for office are afraid of details.  Look we all want better jobs, lower taxes, pristine roads, and well educated kids.  The problem is without infinite resources government can't fix infinite problems or perceived problems.  Our political leaders need the conviction to tell us how they will increase the revenues and/or decrease the spending in the state.   

Living with a small pool of resources,  like most of us, I and my wife have had to make many difficult decisions as to allocation of my wages so that our future will be better than today.  Even if it means sacrificing a want of today for a need of tomorrow.

This is one of the reasons I believe I can be your choice for Governor.  I am a frugal person.  I spend within my means and pay those who I owe on time or early.

In this web site you will see my ideas/plans on how to fix "some" of our problems.  My sincerest hope is that even if you have already picked another candidate to vote for, that if you see any ideas or have any of your own that your candidate is not speaking about or glossing over, please bring it to their attention.  We all have something to contribute to this process.  Each of us has some knowledge and insight about the challenges that confront us.

I know my chances of winning this office are microscopic.  I don't have a war chest.  I am not accepting money from any organization other than the state if I qualify for any matching funds.  I am not taking private donations from anyone but myself.  I have only my wife and kids as my organization. 

As I work from 3-11:30pm  Monday - Friday at the hospital I will not be able to attend many functions where I would get to meet face to face with you. (note: I am free in the am and on weekends if any groups are interested.)

Westerly Hospital    2007 – Present

Pharmacy Technician II


-   Accountable for prompt and accurate delivery of medications to the Pyxis med station units

-   Engages in the preparation and delivery of IV admixtures to units in hospital.

-   Positively impacts reduction of dispensing errors through the deployment of bulk medications

-   Interacts with discharged patients managing outpatient charges for non-pyxis medications used in treatment/testing as well as crediting inpatients for unopened/unused medications.

-   Understands criticality and executes medication area inspections as well as performs narcotic audits.

-   Partners with nursing staff to resolve medication discrepancies on Pyxis terminals.

-   Pro-actively recovers mechanical failures of Pyxis med stations.

-   Purchases medications and maintains detailed documentation of such transactions.

-   Technology experience includes: Pyxis 2000, Pyxis 3500, Cerner, and Quadramed Affinity

-   Certified by Pharmacy Technician Certification Board on 3/24/08.



Westerly Hospital    2004 – Present

Certified Nurses Aide


-   Works in partnership with nursing staff to provide care of in-patients in a variety of hospital floor settings.

-   Duties include but are not limited to: take and record vital signs, record patient fluid intake and output, and assist patients with activities of daily living (bathing, oral hygiene, ambulation, and feeding as necessary).

-   Engage in relationship building role with patients, patient families, nurses, doctors and others associated with patient care.



Westerly Health Center     2002 - 2006

Certified Nurses Aide


-   Partnered with nursing staff to provide care of in-patients in long term and sub acute setting.

-   Duties included but not limited to: took and recorded vital signs, recorded patient fluid intake and output, and assisted patients with activities of daily living (bathing, oral hygiene, ambulation, and feeding as necessary).

-   Collaborated with peers and medical staff in needed tasks, setting priorities for each shift as well as accommodating shift changes.


D'Angelos Sandwich Shops   2000 - 2002



-   Managed and coached employees to meet product quality, service, and cleanliness goals

-   Prepared, interviewed and provided critical feedback for General Manager selection

-   Provided effective on-boarding of new employees including training new employees.

-   Maintained FIFO inventory controls for food and hard goods



Citizens' Bank   1999 - 2000

Banker I


-   Pro-actively learned and marketed bank products to new and existing customers via direct mailing, telemarketing, and face-to-face discussion

-   Resolved customer concerns and conflicts by responding to questions concerning their respective accounts.

-   Partnered with peers in prioritizing day opening and  closing tasks.  Always pitched in where needed to quicken a process for the sake of the team.



Fleet Mortgage    1997 - 1999
Senior Mortgage Loan Processor

- Analyzed and verified documentation, including financial and credit data.

- Assisted underwriters and sales staff provide appropriate financing options.

- Partnered with clients and outside vendors to ensure completed documentation.

- Facilitated processing and closing of transaction.



Bradford Dyeing Association    1995 - 1997     

Warehouse & Shipping Clerk


- Organized goods for storage and shipping.

- Supervised, reorganization of warehouse to facilitate storing and shipping.

- Supported other departments as necessary to maintain high production levels.



Lifeworks Inc.          1993 - 1995  



- Provided Counseling services for developmentally disabled residents of group homes.

- Taught domestic skills to developmentally disabled adults.

- Facilitated interaction between residents and community at large.


 Stop & Shop               1991
Grocery Clerk/ Cashier

- Restocked products while using fifo inventory controls.
- Cashed out customer purchases in efficient manner.

Pleasant View Inn     1989 - 1994     

Purchasing and Receiving Agent


- Purchased and kept inventory of goods from various vendors.

- Received and sorted daily deliveries.

- Assisted other kitchen and maintenance staff as needed to provide excellent service.






University of Rhode Island, Kingston RI 
Bachelor of Science, Business Administration, Management
Public Defender State of Rhode Island,  Providence and South Kingstown, RI


Harvard University, Cambridge, MA 
2 classes at the extention school

Community College of Rhode Island,  Warwick, RI 
Took 22 credits of classwork in various sciences to gain entrance to either Physician Assistants training or Nursing School,     2003-2004


Three Rivers Community College, Norwich, CT
 Attended nursing school  withdrew from program


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