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Autogas – the third fuel of choice for motorists

Inigo Palacio Prada, GAIN Chairman, discusses GAIN and WLPGA in an interview for the September 2009 edition of Automotive Industries, the world's oldest trade magazine covering the global automotive industry.

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GM driving Autogas in Australia and Europe

General Motors Holden is to build the popular Cruze medium sized sedan in Australia next year and expects to offer an LPG version.

This will complement the LPG Holden Commodore and an LPG HSV currently under testing.

Overseas, GM is launching an LPG version of the Cruze, starting in Italy before Christmas.

This is part of GM’s strategy in Europe to offer Autogas versions for its entire product line-up. The company says it has been very successful with LPG in Italy - two thirds of the cars they sold there in 2008 were LPG-capable.

 European vehicle tax is related to CO2 output and automakers are seeking a variety of solutions to pollution and high fuel costs - and increasingly turning to LPG.

Later this year the new Fiat Punto will come with an LPG option and Volkswagen’s new LPG Golf MK-VI has hit European showrooms.

There are more than 10 million LPG Autogas powered vehicles on the road in Europe - including 2.6 million in Poland - and more than 20,000 LPG fuel stations. In Germany alone there are more than 4,700 filling stations. Australia has 3,200.

LPG vehicles using the latest technology deliver a CO2 reduction of approximately 10 per cent compared to petrol. In the medium term, it is extremely difficult for any other vehicle fuel alternative to match these emissions savings on existing vehicles.

In 2008, more than 125,000 vehicles were fitted with LPG in Australia,   resulting in an estimated 104,000 fewer tonnes of CO2 being released into the atmosphere. The total fleet is about 700,000 vehicles and Autogas consumption is the third highest in the world per capita.


European Industry Roadmap for Autogas



News from Spain


Car manufacturers are taking the Autogas “route” in several European Countries


Since mid-March 2009, you can see the following advertisement on French TV promoting Dacia Sandero LPG . The Sandero 1.4 MPI 75hp LPG is available in Italy since early 2008.

Please have a look at the following press release dated 2nd Feb. 2009 on the new Dacia Sandero 1.4 on LPG in addition to the Logan 1.6.


Inigo Palacio Prada

Inigo Palacio Prada, GAIN Chairman,

discusses his vision in ARGUS, please click here to read the article


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