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Growth Confirmed for 2010 in France

By Sabine Gibier, Communications Manager, CFBP (French LP Gas Association)

The first half of 2010 has seen a spurt of growth for autogas in France. At the end of May, there were more than 36,000 new autogas vehicles registered here indicating a 3.7% rise in market share. It is expected that by the end of 2010, there will be +62,500 vehicles registered.

Reasons for this are:

- The consumer’s growing awareness of fuel cost and price volatility
- An increase in communications on autogas run vehicles and their advantages in terms of price

>> Chevrolet spark and Aveo
>> Citroen C3
>> Dacia Logan and Sandero
>> Lada
>> Opel Corsa and Meriva
>> Renault Clio Campus and Clio 3

- Ecological transport allowance from the state of:
>> €2000 bonus for end-users purchasing brand new cars running on LPG with CO2 emissions below 136 gr/km (131 g in 2012)

>> €2000 bonus for transformation of gasoline cars to autogas, based on CO2 emissions of the car on gasoline mode : for 2010 – 2011, CO2 emissions must not exceed 155 gr/km; and for 2012, 150 gr/km

>> Bonus of €700 (this will be further reduced this summer) when buying a new vehicle (only possible when exchanging a vehicle that is at least 10 years old)

>> Tax measures at regional level in terms of motor vehicle registration or car title - virtually all the regions grant total or 50% exoneration for motor vehicle registration for LPG vehicles (OEM or retrofit)

- Specific fiscal advantages for company vehicles:
>> Refunding of full VAT on LPG fuel for light-duty vehicles and particular vehicles used for professional reasons.
>> Exoneration of Tax on Company cars: 50% for LPG bi-fuel and 100% for LPG monofuel. Granted for the first two years of use of a company car

- In public transport fleets:
>> The Law on Air Quality from 1996 proposed that the renewal of public vehicles should include 20 % “clean vehicles” (including LPG)

>> In cities associated with the “Association des voitures écologiques” (environmentally friendly cars association), a green disc for clean vehicles (such as LPG-powered cars) gives 1h30 hour free parking.

>> Reduced car parking fees (underway) and extended delivery working hours in the city center (in Paris)

- Some Insurance companies grant lower prices for an LPG car

Of the 15 million petrol run vehicles in France, 1.3 of these are eligible for an ecological bonus if converted into autogas.

The French LP Gas Association is raising the awareness of these messages to worldwide vehicle manufacturers at key motor shows in France like RIVE 2010 (International Conference for Ecological Cars) that takes place from 7-8 July and The Paris Motor Show from 2-17 October.

Check out the following websites for more information on CFBP initiatives:

Or contact Sabine Gibier on

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