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Welcome to the homepage of the Presiding Officer,
Rt Hon Alex Fergusson MSP

Presiding Officer, Alex Fergusson

This webpage tells you a little about me, Alex Fergusson,and about my role as Presiding Officer of the Scottish Parliament.

In May 2007, I was elected as the Scottish Parliament's third Presiding Officer and I consider it an immense honour and privilege to represent the Scottish Parliament in this way.

Rt Hon Alex Fergusson MSP
Presiding Officer with Deputy Presiding Officers  

As Presiding Officer, I remain politically impartial in everything that I do, taking the interests of all Members equally into account and acting on their behalf. I have various responsibilities, the most obvious being the chairing of proceedings in the parliamentary chamber. My other specific duties include the selection of questions to the First Minister, as well as the selection of supplementary questions and amendments.

In addition to this, I have three clear roles of chairing the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body, chairing the Parliamentary Bureau, and representing the Scottish Parliament at home and abroad.

As Presiding Officer, I am also conscious that I do not work alone but am privileged to be supported by two excellent Deputy Presiding Officers, Alasdair Morgan MSP and Trish Godman MSP, and you can learn a little about both of them following on from this message.

I hope that you will find these pages both interesting and informative, and as Presiding Officer, I would encourage you to continue to engage with the Scottish Parliament - your Parliament.

Kind regards

Alex Fergusson singnature

Presiding Officer

Presiding Officer with Deputy Presiding Officers  
Parliamentary Bureau  
Members of the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body  
Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body  
The Presiding Officer representing the Scottish Parliament at home and abroad  
Representing the Parliament
at home and abroad