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I wrote this for Doom's Birthday back in August. Yeah, it sucks, but I forgot to write something better.

Added something new to the FS Archive.

Evidently Mozilla browsers were having a problem with the page. So I changed the layout a bit. Hopefully it works now.

I've also added my local copy of Legacy under Projects.

Back at Slipgate, yay!

Redesign is done for the most part. I need to redo the screenshots of maps and crap, but other than that it's done. The Blake page doesn't exist anymore. I'm still going to work on it, but you can download it from the Projects section.

You'll also notice the tutorials are gone. I don't have time to write them anymore. My FS experiments are in the FS Archive section though and are still available for download.

Added Legacy Tag to the maps page.

I'm back! Sort of...

Temporary page. Slipgate is down again. =(

Blake Stone TC page updated.

I've added a new wad. This is a single player wad which pits you against waves of monsters. Via Fraggle Script, your score is kept.

There's a new tutorial. It isn't much, but should help those looking to use FS loops in multiplayer Legacy levels.

I've added a new map and dehacked patch to the "Maps" section.

As you may have noticed on the left, there's a screen shot of what appears to be a pong game in Doom. Well I've uploaded it to the Tutorials section under "Files with no Tutorial." The game doesn't work very well, so that's why it's released as an example.

The Blake Stone TC was actually updated. Check that section for more detail.

As you may have noticed I've dropped DWDB for the moment. VB is a crappy language for distribution and many people couldn't run the program. With all the dependencies the program needed the distribution would have been about 4 mb. So that's on hold for a long while.

I do have something new for you though. I've added many of the test maps I've made to the tutorial section so you can look at them. There are many FS examples.

I've been working on a little something in the background, a database! Not just any database, but one for Doom wads. It's no where near completion, but you can download the work in progress in the DWDB section.

I haven't done much with this site or Blake because I got into this New Doom Community Project. But for you restless Doomers I've added a tutorial that explains how you can make void maps and pits without scripting. As the picture to the left illustrates it works pretty well.

A couple of weekends ago I took a little trip to Sanibel Island. Anyway, while I was there, I did a bit of editing and came up with a map design. I didn't finish it until today due to the usual procrastination. Anyway, look for Wheat Thin Fortress in the Maps section.

Behold! Two updates this close to each other; the moon must be blue tonight.

Blake Stone TC updated, please check out that section for more info.

Okay here's another tutorial, I posted something New Doom's Forums about a Corona Trail that followed the player around and someone asked for the code. So instead of just a copy and paste job, I made a tutorial.

Today I've added a tutorial section with 1 tutorial on Legacy coronae. No Blake updates today, but I'm still working on it.

I've added a few links, which I'm sure you know already. But what the hell? Also fixed the problem with the tables being fixed widths.

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