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Last Function Doc Update: 07/29/09
Last Executable Update: 07/29/09
Last Blake Stone Update: 07/29/09

Doom Legacy Developer:
I've added a few Fraggle Script functions, initial Chex Quest 1 support and a fixed a few bugs.

Doom Legacy : New function documentation : My Legacy Exe

Blake Stone Aliens of Gold TC for Doom Legacy:
I've been working on this TC for some time. It's a total conversion of the Apogee game by the same title. It uses a new palette and everything.

Download Latest Work

GoldenEye Doom 2:
Derek started this project a few years ago from what I gathered and it's a damn good TC. If you're wondering what I did, I constructed the Depot level. Not much, but worth mentioning.

Goldeneye Doom 2

Star Portal Crisis: A Doom single player replacement for Episode 1. I've completed two levels, but I'm not sure if the project is still alive. Project headed by Stitches.

Screenshot of E1M3