One Africa Television

From small beginnings with a broadcast footprint covering Windhoek, Rehoboth and Okahandja, One Africa Television, with a high level of support from local, regional and global brands, has grown to become Namibia’s most popular commercial free-to-air TV station, with 28 transmitters across Namibia. One Africa Television provides a free-to-air analogue broadcast, requiring only a standard television set and antenna for access, and relies only on advertising income, as it receives no state subsidies, licence fees or subscription fees. During 2007, One Africa Television completed a major expansion of its coverage, ensuring its position as the most effective advertising medium in Namibia. Based on available census figures and current broadcast footprint, One Africa Television provides access to more than 90% of television viewers in Namibia. Expansion will continue during 2008, extending the reach of the station to viewers in smaller centres and villages with grid electricity ensuring maximum penetration of the television-viewing public.

Continuing growth

With the inauguration of its satellite earth station, first broadcasts to the Namibian towns of Outjo, Swakopmund and Walvis Bay began in July 2005. Since then the station has grown with leaps and bounds. Today One Africa Television is Namibia’s largest private broadcaster, and has the widest reach. The station broadcasts are watched in the majority of Namibian towns and at high levels of retail activity, where it makes sense for marketers to advertise. High demand of the broadcasts is a further factor that increases their spread and growth of viewer numbers. The station’s estimated reach is more than 500 000 viewers, with an average viewing time of between three to four hours per night, across the full range of LSMs (Living Standard Measurements) that represent a large percentage of Namibia’s viewing public. The spread of One Africa has been matched by the growth of advertising revenue and the amount of advertising broadcast on the station. In 2007, One Africa Television reached an agreement with the South African company, Telkom Media. Telkom Media acquired a 49% stake in the company, while the remaining 51% shareholding remains in Namibian hands. Local shareholders include two well-known Namibian BEE investment companies, Aantu Investments and Consulting (Pty) Ltd and Stimulus Investments, and One Africa’s senior management. This strategic partnership will enable One Africa Television to realise its dream of expanding into the rest of Africa.

Viewer popularity

Beyond growth in reach and viewer numbers, the station has grown in terms of its broadcast offering, increasing its popularity with viewers. With the introduction of News on One, a half-hour local news bulletin, and the establishment of a well-equipped newsroom, One Africa has ensured that it provides relevant programming, attracting even larger audiences. Following the success of the 2006 FIFA World Cup championship broadcasts, One Africa remained committed to providing the best possible access to football, Namibia’s most watched sport. One Africa once again secured the rights to the highly popular UEFA Cup Champions League. Major match series are supported by regular magazine shows from the African continent and other countries, and the popular locally produced live-football talk show, Offside. Leading entertainment, reality and talk shows are obtained from across the world, based on their popularity. Ongoing soap operas ensure repeat viewers, particularly in the highly influential female market, with highlights such as the hugely popular telenovela, Second Chance. Acknowledging the need for high-quality local content, One Africa has established two fully equipped production studios, a fully equipped multi-camera Outside Broadcast vehicle, and the most advanced post-production facilities in the country. Local productions prove that local content combined with proven international formats and excellent production values are feasible locally, and One Africa intends introducing a number of additional local shows during the course of 2008.

Production and marketing support

One Africa's advertisers are as varied as its viewers. The client portfolio ranges from major Namibian, regional and international brands to smaller local enterprises. In order to facilitate local advertising production, a facility that has proved to be highly successful has been put in place to assist advertisers and/or their agencies. To ensure correct and effective placement of advertisements, the marketing function assists with and develops media schedules that take shows currently broadcast into account, and particular audiences for the shows in relation to the advertisers' products. With a combination of excellent coverage, economically active viewers, high-value programming and excellent human and technological resources, One Africa has become Namibia’s largest private mass-market medium, known for its effectiveness.