Doctor Who: The Adventure Games: An Insider's Update

The Doctor and Amy in London

Doctor Who: The Adventure Games: An Insider's Update

16th Apr 2010

Welcome to the first of our updates following the development of Doctor Who: The Adventure Games.

Charles Cecil is a leading figure in the world of video gaming and is one of the Executive Producers of Doctor Who: The Adventure Games. He'll be updating us on the adventures' progress on the run-up to the release of the first one, on this site on June 5.

We caught up with Charles earlier this week and he gave us his first update, also outlining his involvement with the adventures and letting us know how close they are to completion...

'I was first contacted to work on the Doctor Who game in early 2009 by Iain Tweedale, Editor of Interactive at BBC Wales. As a life-long fan of the good Doctor, I was thrilled at the prospect of creating a video game in which you actually control him and his companion, and guide him to solve puzzles, rather than simply watching him. We then teamed up with the developer, Sumo Digital, who have been developing the game at their studio in Sheffield.

Charles continued, 'Working on this project has given me the privilege to work closely with the series' production team at BBC Wales. From the start Steven Moffat, a video game fan himself, was hugely supportive. The set design team included elements in the TARDIS that we needed for the game, and were very happy for us to create the artwork that defines the look of Skaro, planet of the Daleks.

He concluded, 'The first episode is at 'alpha', meaning that it can be played right through, and that the graphics are close to the final quality. There is a lot of work going on to take it to beta, due at the end of April, at which point the game will be effectively finished with only minor issues remaining to be fixed. We are very excited that the game will be unveiled on Wednesday at the development studio in Sheffield.'

The first of The Adventure Games, City of the Daleks, can be downloaded now, and is available free in the UK.

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