PHEREC Technical Memorandum # 14

DRAFT protocol for the dilution of DUET for the Bottle Bioassay

According to the manufacturer’s label, DUET contains 2 active ingredients (AI) plus a synergist, piperonyl butoxide.  We are going to treat the “off-the-shelf” product as if it contained only 1AI, Sumithrin

DUET contains 0.37 pounds of Technical Sumithrin / gallon

CONVERT pounds/gallon to grams/Liter

0.37 lbs/1 gal X 1 gal/3.78 L X 454 grams/pound = 44.44 grams / L

1 ml of DUET contains .044 grams Sumithrin   [rounding off the last 2 decimal places]

1.  Take 1 ml of DUET put it into a 100 ml volumetric flask.  Add 99 ml A.C.S. acetone.  This is the STOCK solution.

.044 grams/ml X 1/100 = .00044 grams/ml

The STOCK solution contains .00044 grams/ml

CONVERT grams/ml to mg/ml

.00044grams/ml X 1000 mg/ 1 gram = .44 mg/ml

.00044 grams/ml is equivalent to .44 mg/ml

2.  Take 5 ml of the STOCK and put it into a 100 ml volumetric flask.  Add 95 ml A.C.S.acetone.  This is the TEST solution.

5 ml X .44 mg/ml .022 mg/ml

The TEST solution contains .022 mg/ml

CONVERT mg to micrograms

.022 mg/ml is equivalent to 22 micrograms /ml

The diagnostic dose of Sumithrin  is 22 micrograms/ml

Use 1 ml of the TEST solution in each 250 ml Wheaton bottle.

Follow the standard protocol given at


Edited June 1, 2007  jlp