PHEREC Technical Memorandum # 10


During July 2005, Kevin Shoemaker, Assistant Manager of Benton County Mosquito Control District, West Richland, Washington, requested assistance in evaluating the efficacy of ANVIL 2+2 as a mosquito adulticide.  This brief technical memorandum reports the procedure for dilution of “off-the-shelf” product for the bottle bioassay as described in the Florida Mosquito Control Handbook.


IMPORTANT MESSAGE:  These technical notes are intended as a provisional report of on-going collaborative work.  The conclusions contained in this memorandum may be modified in the future, based on additional laboratory or field experiences.  Please go to the PHEREC Web site for updates http://pherec.org   Direct inquiries and/or comments to: Dr. Jack Petersen, drjack3@hotmail.com


OBJECTIVE:  Dilute ANVIL 2+2 in ACS acetone for the bottle bioassay.


  1. START with the LABEL.  ANVIL 2+2 contains 0.1496 pounds of Technical d-phenothrin per gallon.
  2. 0.1496 lbs/gal. X 1 gal./3.785 liters X 453.6 grams/ 1 lb = 17.9 grams/liter
  3. 17.9 grams/liter X 1 liter/1000 ml = 0.0179 grams/ml.
  4. There are 0.0179 grams of d-phenothrin in each ml of ANVIL 2+2 from the tank.
  5. Convert grams to milligrams.  0.0179 g/ml X 1000 mg/gram = 17.9 mg/ml
  6. PREPARE the STOCK solution by pipetting 1 ml of ANVIL 2+2 into a 100 ml volumetric flask and filling to the 100 ml mark with ACS acetone.
  7. The STOCK solution contains 0.179 mg d-phenothrin/ 1 ml.
  8. Convert milligrams to micrograms. 0.179 mg/ml X 1000 ug/1 mg = 179 ug/ml
  9. To prepare TEST solution, take 12.5 ml  of the STOCK solution and place it in a 100 ml volumetric flask.  Fill to 100 ml with ACS acetone.  This is the TEST solution.





The TEST solution contains 22.375 micrograms of AI per ml.


Use 1 ml of the TEST solution in each 250 ml Wheaton bottle for the bioassay.


These preliminary results suggest that a dose of 22 ug of d-phenothrin is a diagnostic dosage for the bottle bioassay.



Abbreviations used in this document:

lbs = pounds

g = gram

mg = milligram

ug = microgram

l = liter

gal = gallon


1 gram (g) = 1000 milligrams (mg)

1 milligram (mg) = 1000 micrograms (ug)


ACS = American Chemical Society.  ACS refers to a grade of chemical purity for analytical research.


12 August 2005  Revised 16 August 2005