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Within the Puntland Government, the Ministry of Education is responsible for developing educational and science policies and international cooperation in these fields. The Ministry creates favourable conditions for education, know-how, lifelong learning, creativity, civic participation, and well-being.


Pursuant of these broad national goals, the goals of education in Puntland are to:

  • Contribute to the development of a society committed to the preservation and enrichment of the cultural values and traditions based on genuine Islamic principles.
  • Encourage acquisition of literacy and numeracy as well as mastery and application of scientific, technological and managerial knowledge and skills.
  • Encourage the acquisition of key life skills for full self development and actualization of the individual's potential and for the purpose of state development and participation in the global economy.
  • Foster ability for logical thought, critical judgment, self expression and self reliance.
  • Promote learners' growth into strong, healthy, mature, useful and well adjusted members of society with positive attitudes to gender and other family life issues.
  • Open the doors of opportunity and growth to all irrespective of gender, region or religion
  • Cultivate national consciousness and unity in the minds of the children at an early age and enhance a spirit of patriotism for Somalia in general and Puntland in particular as well as a desire for its sustained integration, stability and prosperity.
  • Inculcate knowledge, skills and attitudes which will enable Somalis protect and improve the environment so as to pass it on as a safer and better heritage to future generations.
  • Promote the acquisition of attitudes and skills in Somalis in such a way as to make Somalia an active and effective member of the international community, which contributes to human progress and development.
  • Inculcate skills and attitude which foster the growth of a sense of social justice, responsibility and the value and virtues of peace.
  • Inculcate an appreciation and respect for the dignity of labour in the context of the region's socio-economic and environmental needs.


Develop competent citizens keeping with the global trends through innovative and modern approaches to education leading to efficiency, equity and high quality in performance ensuring stakeholder satisfaction.




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