What is IgoLocal?

Igolocal.net is a Local social networking and community building tool, specifically for Go players. More than this, it is a Go server for the physical world.

Its stated goal: to support existing local Go communities and create ones where none now exist.

Our premise: that for each Go player you know in your home town, there are 5 more that you don't know about.

Our mission: to connect Go players locally, get them off the computer and out into the sunshine.

Igolocal's Objectives
  • Let Go players easily find one another in their local communities
    • Map interface allows each user to tag his location
    • Data points show player ratings, to quickly find well-matched Go partners
    • Instantly message any player from the map
    • Challenge any player to a private game from the map
    • Language localization
  • Allow Go players to create real local games as easily as on an internet Go server.
    • Tag a location on the map and name the time you're free to play
    • Easily search for Games and Go events in your area
    • Receive an email notification when your game is accepted
    • Igolocal provides directions to the game, if needed
    • Igolocal remembers popular locations for the entire community to re-use
  • Go Club (Dojo) Tools:
    • Club Contact info
    • Repeatable Meetings and Events
    • Custom bulletin board forums for use by Club members
    • Member list lets you see who is a member
    • See who and how many members will be at any meeting
    • Meetings show up on the Games & Events search

Privacy & Safety

Although Go players appear to be located on the map, these locations are not the true locations of the users on the system. For safety, users are encouraged to place their markers in the general area of their neighborhoods, but never directly on their homes.

Since Igolocal helps Go players meet for face-to-face games, children are not allowed on the site. In order to register, you must affirm that you are a legal adult in your country.

Igolocal will never share your e-mail address with any third party.

[Site admin] Chuck Thomas admin (at) igolocal dot net